Your parents having sex: Neutral, yikes or LOL?

Your parents having sex: Neutral, yikes or LOL?

A year ago, a Singaporean Christian teenager condemned me for writing about sex because she thought of sex as disgusting. When I asked her, "How were you made? Your parents must have had sex to have you unless they opted for in-vitro fertilisation?" she replied, "I am made by God." In Hollywood movies, whenever teenagers see or think about their parents having sex, it's yikes. Maybe that's where that teenager got that attitude.

My friend accidentally saw his parents having sex and he quickly called his girlfriend to take a look. They were both laughing about it.

When I think of my parents having sex, I'm neutral. It's like, what do I expect? Of course they had to have sex to have me. There's nothing disgusting about it. And nothing about it warrants a LOL from me unless they were sustain some strange but harmless injury from sex and try to cover it up with lies!

How do you feel about your parents having sex?


Anonymous said...

made by God? I would've shot her and said, so you popped into this world magically? Interesting.

David said...


The teen you talked is correct in stating that God created her. That young women, along me, you and all humans, in accordance with mainstream Christian belief, were created when He created our immortal soul. The soul is what makes humans unique. Non-Christians have different ideas on this topic.

No doubt the teen you talked with is familiar with the biology involved with Pro-creation.

That fact that children often look upon parents having sex, or even talking about sex has something to do with normal families avoiding incestous behaviors.

Please accept my humble opinion.


Experience makes us see an enormous difference between piety and

-- Blaise Pascal

Anonymous said...

natural...otherwise where the FUCK did I CUM for that christian girl who felt disgusted, she better not have sex or masturbate.

her ignorance insult her religion as there are also teachings in christians pertaining to sex in marriage


Anonymous said...

'she replied, "I am made by God."'

Pay attention cc. The above is typical Sillyporean with nothing between the shoulders!

Anonymous said...

haha.. if they dont have sex... than something is very, very, very wrong liao...
Everyone needs sex, people even have sex with their own.... sex (gay and les).
Well, maybe they are too young to realise how beautiful sex is... front, back, top and bottom... in whichever way you like it. Agreed?

Anonymous said...

why are you bringing this up? kind of weird talking about two people who we love so much about sex!

Anonymous said...

It's only natural. I'm all for it. No yikes, No Lol, and not even neutral.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on "silliporeans"

you pay attention instead to what she said. To those who believe in God, HE made all of us!

So you think u have "what" between your shoulders? lol Who do you think is the idiot who spoke too soon? lol


Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous who condemns citizens of Singapore as "silliporeans" who have "nothing between their shoulders",

So you think you have "something" between your shoulders and that "silliporean" girl who thought out of the box and said that "God created her" had nothing between hers? You assume that just because she didnt give an obvious answer she is therefore "brainless"?

So what have you achieved so far that tells us that you have "something" between your shoulders?

You have a "brain" for free speech to ridicule citizens of another country? Is that it? So which "free this free that" country with "non stinki government" do "smart you" come from which I have been trying in vain to discover and which you have so far decline to reveal!

curious cat

Anonymous said...


When my kids were very young, they used to sit near our bedroom door, listening when they thought mum & dad were doing "it".

We never imagine those rascals could be that bold until they reached their teens and they reveal what they heard (they found it hilarious!).

My wife was mortified!

I told them that human beings ARE sexual creatures. When you are hungry, you eat food. When you have a need for intimacy, you make love! The two younger kids still giggle about it but the eldest daughter has accept it as normal adult matter.

They were told not to evesdrop as it was a grave intrusion into others privacy.

Anyway, my wife and I book into a hotel for a "quickie" nowadays. We are not interupted by phone calls or the kids yelling at each other!

Regards, Leo