Why I favour fit and muscular men

I realise that I give special concessions to men who are fit and muscular. (When I say muscular, I don't mean huge but having adequate muscles). I like physically strong men. There's nothing abnormal about it. Nor should I be ashamed to admit it.

Some people think of the fit and muscular as narcissists. Perhaps they are. I don't see anything wrong with a little bit of self-loving. If people take pictures of themselves showing off their bodies (like mine below), does that make them narcissists? Any person who has goals should monitor their progress regularly. Taking measurements, noting the amount of weights one can carry, timing one's speed and taking pictures are way to keep track of progress and also to pat oneself on the back as self-motivate to keep up the good work.

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Being fit and muscular is visible proof of self-discipline, self-love, the ability to endure pain/discomfort, and that there are no short-cuts to success.
If a person doesn't have self-discipline, what can he ever achieve in life?
If a person doesn't love himself, who can love him and how can he love someone else?
To be fit and muscular, they must be able to endure the pain and discomfort of physical exertion and muscle aches.
To be fit and muscular, they must be able to persevere for months and years to see results. They know that quick fixes like crash diets and and short-cuts like diet pills don't give lasting results, if any at all.
These are principles that I believe in. It is natural to favour people who have the same principles.

Sure, there are other proofs of self-discipline but seeing is believing. A person could show me his house, his bank account, his car, etc but it may all be borrowed money! A fit and muscular body most certainly can't be borrowed and the achievement is all fruit of his own effort, perseverance and pain.

While we're on the topic of narcissism, in the name of narcissism I shall say: I think my legs look good on TV! ;)

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David said...


You are right on all counts. You are indeed fit and muscular. You did not achieve such a level of fitness in a few weeks or months.

BTW, you do have nice legs, and it would likely please many of your followers if you could post a photo of you in the same clothing with a full legnth shot, so your lovely legs can be better seen.

As an older male, I can tell all the youngsters here, (that includes Yu-Kym), that becoming fit and muscular requires much greater effort the older one gets.

If one works at moderate level throughout their 30s, 40s and 50s, then on can still look younger than their years for quite a while.

As a warm blooded male, I will tell Yu-Kym that she is very fit looking and attractive!


Love begins when the needs of someone else become more important than your own.

-- Lao Wei

Anonymous said...

Funny though, muscular man may not be able to "stand" much longer, in fact, they may be "shorter" than normal because of the body building substance they take, shrinking their body part of interest to sub-normal size! They may "shoot off" far too quickly than you prefer!

Anonymous said...

Taking photos of oneself's fit and luscious looking body isn't narcissistic.Showing it to the rest of the world is.

But I'm not complaining; so please, post more of such photos! =)

And you do have gorgeous looking legs - made all the more beautiful when they are beside that gawd-awful looking pair of legs in shorts and red shoes.If that bloke looked anything like Brad Pitt, he could have gone on TV in slippers. But if you look like a single-celled living organism, a proper shirt and long pants would have have certainly made him far more palatable.

Eugene, KL

Anonymous said...

Yu Kym, yes! My ex-lady boss used to tell her staff that if one has a pretty face, say thank you to one's parents. But if one has a good figure, thank thyself!

I am glad that after following your abs guide and a couple of other forumers, I myself can see some upper abs lines! =))) Super happy, and thankful for all the advice.

Can see that you are really getting busy in a positive way. Busy, but happy. Look forward to your book too!


Zhen said...

Wow babe, U look gre8t! Love your flat stomach :P

I have to work verrry hard against the late supper haha

Yu-Kym said...

Thanks David :) It's true that one can still look good in their 30's, 40's and 50's if they exercise, eat and sleep well!

Anon, there are skinny and fat guys who are not be able to "stand" longer. People who take drugs of any kind, not only muscle-growth drugs, may have problems with maintain or having erections. Not all body-builders take drugs. Those who take drugs end up looking rather disgusting! And I'm not referring only to body-builders here.

Eugene, thanks for the compliment :)
I think you just cyber-bullied the poor boy!

MX, it's good to hear from you :) Good also to know that you're getting the desired results. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your abs! ;)

Zhen, thanks! It's actually not supper itself that affects your body fat % but your overall food intake.

CharlieTT said...

Hi Yu-Kym

You have a great and perfect body, must be envied by many. Just curious what is your fitness regime like.

Yes, agree with you that keeping fit is a matter of discipline. And to share with your readers -keeping fit is easy unlike training for a competitive sport. One just needs to spare 20 minutes a day to slow jog/brisk walk with weights on both hands 5 days/week. Recommended weight for women - 200 grams/hand, 500 grams/hand for guys (plus/minus if you are fitter/not so fit). Do note to be effective you need to work your heart rate to 70 - 75% (meaning - you are panting but still capable to speak a complete sentence). This is enough to put you in good shape - physical look and health. BTW, this is how our PM keeps himself in good shape - I read this in papers.

For me, I used to run 7 to 10 km, 3 times a week. Other days I would concentrate on upper body training like weights, push ups, sit ups & etc for about 30 minutes. Mind you I am in great shape too.

BTW, Yu-Kym, I am looking forward to a leisure 10km run with you. Let me know if you are interested.

Yu-Kym said...

Thanks CharlieTT :) My fitness routine differs according to my goals for the year. Last year it was running speed so I ran 2 to 4 times a week, either 2.4km track, 6km trail, sprints or climbed stairs 4x28 storeys. This year, my goal was muscle strengthening so I run 2.4km track, sprint or do 15 mins of Pilates at home. I hardly ever run 10km. It's unnecessary stress on the joints especially if it's on hard ground/pavement. 6x400m sprints (not jog) at the stadium is far more effective for improving muscle strength, speed and weight-loss.

Anonymous said...

One of the best reward for building a great body is compliment from lady like u.

True, our body don't need bigger muscles to operate a daily lifestyle . So whenever a bodybuilder lack of slp, nutrition or fall sick , those hard earn muscles will shrink.
To build bigger muscles is hard n to maintain it is harder but there r some short cuts to create bigger muscle n lower fats, but it dont last. Like u don't see muscular guys easily in Singapore or any other countries, so ladies n gentleman pls respect n love bb more...