Sleep therapy

I wrote that 100plus was the 2nd best thing in life for me. What's the best thing in life? It starts with the letter "S" but it's not what you might be thinking.

Although I love living at my new place, I've not been sleeping well. Perhaps it's because the worst sector of the house for this year is the one that my room is in (I'll have to endure it for a few months), the lock of the main door doesn't work, the temperature in my bedroom, I'm constantly being awakened by noises such as funeral processions, weddings, my father knocking on the door uninvited, noisy neighbours, children screaming, the thought that workers might be coming over, the garang guni men and women (rag and bone man) constantly sounding their horns, etc. I've hardly been able to get an undisturbed, full night's rest and it's making me CRANKY!

Doctors recommend that people get 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day. Some people pride themselves on needing to sleep fewer hours than that. I, on the other hand, require more sleep and I'm neither proud nor embarrassed about it. It's my need; I need to have it.

Thankfully, my elder sister with whom tries to be as quiet as she can in the morning. Not everyone understands my need for an undisturbed rest. My mum used to wake me up to ask me lame questions and my dad was knocking at my door and window early in the morning without an invitation though he knew I was sleeping. I had to wake up and open the door otherwise he would get worried. Most guys would think I'm being ridiculous and selfish when I state that one of my requirements for "living with" or marrying a guy is that I get my own bedroom [I wrote about sharing my bed here]. My response to that? It's the guy who is ridiculous and selfish if he makes it a requirement to sleep in the same room and bed when he keeps me awake with his snoring and rocking of the bed whenever he turns in bed!

Who ever came up with that requirement? Have you ever seen the size of the Chinese emperor's bed in the forbidden city? It's tiny! Not because the people are small but because the emperor didn't share the same bed as the empress or concubines!

Perhaps my alleged sleeping disorder causes me to require more sleep than the average person, or I am still a growing teenager (younger people need more sleep).

I spend more time sleeping than most but when I'm awake, I believe I am more efficient and accomplish more than the average person. I used to be able to complete my Maths examinations in half the allocated time and still score full or close to full marks. I have a good memory (for certain types of things - mainly anything that is visual or I visually imagined). If you place me at the Venice railway station now without a map I think I can remember how to get to St. Mark's Square without a map and without asking for directions. While sleeping, the brain creates synapses that store/file information. I sometimes tell people who pride themselves on surviving on very little sleep that they could have been smarter if they slept more.

I've a friend who had not been sleeping well, skipping sleep for a few days in a row sometimes. Guess what happened? He jumped down 6 storeys. I hope he's getting enough sleep at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) now. He said it's better than a hotel.

Many people fall ill physically and mentally because they've not been getting enough sleep. Just like my friend in IMH, sometimes all they need is sleep therapy. And the cranky me needs just that too.


Anonymous said...

Easy lah. Just plug some cotton wool or the spong ear plugs used by construction workers, and you will sleep soundly!

All those disturbance at night are typical Sillypore ah. Perhaps that is why some Singki like to live further out say Avenue 1 or up Bukit Timar.

Or you can bonk me 6 times a day and you will get a good sleep, natural isn't it!

Anonymous said...

Can't sleep? Not because you are dreaming of the devil!

Don't worry. There is this powerful fengshui in Sillypore called the "3 grave stone with the sacrificial dagger on top pointing right at the heart of the Devil". And there is an incense bowl at he front to catch the devil's blood too!

Do you sleep better now when you think of the protective property it has!

boh.tak.chek. said...

Maybe someday after you get married, buy a flat, live with your spouse, then you have the ample peace and space to sleep all you want(unless your hubby snores loudly lah)

But so long as you live in an hdb estate, u must put up with all the heartland noise-garang guni men, funeral procession, malay wedding, taoist get the drift

GENE said...

Yu Kym,

Sufficient sleep improves cognitive function. Thus, we will be able to have think and remember things more efficiently. No matter how good your diet or nutrition is, or how much you exercise, lack of sleep or frequent interrupted sleeping cycles will have negative impact on our health. Some people have lower melatonin production during the night, and higher cortisol levels during nighttime will make you 'night owl' or inability to fall asleep or have quality sleep. Some people with low cortisol levels will have big problem trying to get out of the bed and higher cortisol people in the morning, will feel tired, even though they woke up and have enough sleeping hours.

Ho said...

The emperor's bed is small is not because he don't want to sleep with another. Its because he don't spent a lot of time sleeping in it. He spent most of his time in other concubine's bed.

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, if I'm into boking 6 times a day with some stranger, I would be able to afford to buy my own place in Bukit Timah.

boh.tak.chek., if I get married and buy a flat, I'll be in the same situation as I am now - living in a flat. I've always been living in HDB flats but some places/ time of the year tend to be noisier. Actually, why doesn't the town council have some rules and regulations around the level of noise of such functions? Is it because the ministers live in private estates so they couldn't care less?

Gene, thanks for the information :) I think mine's caused by stress and lack of mental stimulation during the day. I read a 400+ page novel yesterday and I managed to sleep well.

Ho, have you seen the concubines' beds too? They're tiny.

David said...


You are quite correct in stating how important a goods night rest is to us.

Your friend who jumped, no doubt lost so much sleep, that along with whatever problems were overwhelming him, the lack of sleep exacerbated the problems and pushed his phyche over the edge and his ability to make rational decisions left him.

Have you tried Melatonin?


Sleep enhancement in healthy people:

Multiple human studies have measured the effects of melatonin supplements on sleep in healthy individuals. A wide range of doses has been used often taken by mouth 30 to 60 minutes prior to sleep time. Most trials have been small, brief in duration, and have not been rigorously designed or reported. However, the weight of scientific evidence does suggest that melatonin decreases the time it takes to fall asleep ("sleep latency"), increases the feeling of "sleepiness," and may increase the duration of sleep. Better research is needed in this area.

There are number of things you can do to make your bedroom quieter, however there is little you can do to discourage people from knocking on your window.

I hope you can overcome the loss of sleep soon.


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-- John Ortberg