Save the lizards

I know I can buy sticky tape to trap them (they get stuck to the glue), I can whack them with objects like newspaper or brooms, and my dad shoots them catapult-style with rubber bands, but instead of going through the trouble to kill them, can I just get them to stay them away from me?

I moved in to my new place 3 weeks ago and lizards are already moving in too. I saw a piece of lizard dropping in my kitchen and that evening I saw a little tail-less lizard on a pipe beside the sink. I tried to kill it but it ran.

I had expected to see it again but I was traumatised to find that it had brought along a friend! I know lizards don't go away, they just grow bigger and leave larger pieces of themselves around the house so unfortunately for tail-less and its tailed friend, I started with the tailed friend. I killed it. It lost its tail - which seemed to have a longer life expectancy than its owner - in the process. Then I went for the tail-less one.

Like I said before in [Would you like to come in for some coffee], I hate it when anyone or anything invites themselves over. Come to my kitchen uninvited and they'll be dead meat. Here's proof:

Dead lizard and its tail at middle top

This one tried to camouflage with the broom

Is there any way to ward off lizards so that I won't have to kill them? They do a good job of eating insects.

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Brian said...

Normally i will leave them alone as they did help to keep the place free from insects. Thus they did wat they suppose to do.

Anonymous said...

I think the appropriate term is gecko, not lizard.

You killed it?!! That's not good! Geckoes are not pests!

Do you know that the natural habitat for geckoes are houses. That's why they are sometimes called house gecko.

House gecko helps you to kill mosquitoes and other insects that are much more annoying.

Don't kill geckoes. They (unless they are pests) have the right to live on this planet as much as we do.

Zen said...

Wipe the areas they frequent or sleep in with Dettol. They will avoid those areas. It works in my house but they tend to find new spots elsewhere. Then use Dettol again. It's a vicious cycle. Haha!

I have one that lives under my sofa and it does a pretty good job of picking up all the bits of food dropped. Irks me, but I try to ignore because I don't enjoy picking up dead bodies.


~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Read your entry made me feel so cruel.
i used hot water on 'em (anything crawling) coz i am simply scared!

After that, i asked for forgiveness...

yg said...

yu-kym, don't leave food lying around. clean the dining table, dining area and the kitchen area thoroughly. if there is no food, they may move on to another house.
in those kampong days, we were scared of the wriggling tail because of the old housewife's tale that it could jump into your ear.
however, we used to capture the lizards by using a loop made from the dried leaf-stalk of the coconut leaf. we attached a small piece of cotton wool to lure the lizard. when the lizard got near enough, we would give the stick, to which the loop was attached, a jerk. if the timing was right, the loop would close tightly on the lizard's neck.

Anonymous said...

Lizards like to hide in narrow spaces, eg the gap between the wall and furniture.

As the kitchen is one of the main sources of food for ants, cockroaches, lizards ambush them near your sink's waste bin. They then hide in the gaps between the kitchen cabinets and wall.

Seal gaps with white silicon from hardware store. Good silicon cost around $11 per canister and you also need to buy a metal applicator gun in order to apply the silicon. The good types wont turn yellow unlike the cheap types.

If you do a thorough job, it also ant-proof your kitchen.

Regards, Leo