Rich guys, poor guys

In secondary school, I had this amazing gal friend who knew exactly which guys had rich dads. I don't know how she found out but her sources were accurate. Perhaps she simply had the guts to ask them point blank what their fathers worked as. Once she identified her targets, she would she would constantly seek them out and flirt with them. I'm not saying that she only flirted with the rich guys; she also flirted with the poor guys but only if they were good-looking. The man of her dreams was both rich and good-looking.

Some gals might dislike the use of such "tactics" to marry a rich guy. However, almost everyone who isn't born rich would like to marry someone rich for instant wealth, all other things remaining equal. If a gal doesn't have the right tactics to go about getting a rich guy, then all she can do it gossip and detest the gal who can.

Although we're not friends anymore (we fell out over a gal), I would rate her as a highly successful woman for marrying that rich and good-looking guy whom she targeted since secondary school.


David said...


Movies, gossip, TV shows and reality shows have been built around women going after rich men. Even a few regarding average or poor men trying to score a rich women.

The bottom line is that if one is only after riches, then marrying into a wealthy marriage may or may not be fullfilling.

You rate your former friend as highly successufl. Do we take this to mean that her marriage is happy and loving, along with the comofort her husband's wealth has let her enjoy?


If I didn't have spiritual faith, I would be a pessimist. But I'm an optimist. I've read the last page in the Bible. It's all going to turn out all right.

-- Billy Graham

Anonymous said...

"(we fell out over a gal)" - are u lesbian?

Was her marriage happy?

Anonymous said...

very professional and dedicated to her ambition but I would rate prostitutes higher because of their willingness to serve

hope the government can launch a pension campaign for whores, or more aptly, professional sex workers, they deserve more protection from society that they serve

Anonymous said...


Humans being humans, our greed for something more never stops.

Your friend thinks that having a wealthy and rich guy would satisfy her. If she were wealthy to begin with, being with another wealthy person would not be her priority.

Now that she have a rich and good looking husband, she would definitely be wanting something more..

Funny how you can buy a "life" with money..


Anonymous said...

i'm in an retail line catering to the rich & sophisticated. I've seen too many rich tai-tais getting the life they deserve but are not happy. the thg is tt, men r not stupid too. u think they will not know tt u're marrying them bcos of their $?....they will tie u down with the $ and let u down on other aspects. : | sad but true. but some women's tolerance level are just higher so the $ matters more to them as a sign of comfort/security.

Fabby said...

Haiz.. there goes our (low-to-average income guys) chance...

Anonymous said...

kudos!! to tht girl!!