Pigs and abortions

I have friends who have gone for abortions - some more than once.

Some may feel upset about the abortion. Some might feel nothing at all.

Here's what they tell me the pigs say
ALL of the pigs say the SAME things. Did they learn it from somewhere?

- "I didn't expect that this will happen because I did not ejaculate inside."
What do you mean you didn't expect it? As long as you have sex, you can expect that pregnancy is possible. Duh!

- "I didn't use condoms in the past and this never happened."
I believe this to be complete bullshit! Why? Because the pigs appear calm, knew exactly what to say to convince the women to go for abortions, paid for and accompanied them for the abortion. Some might even know which clinic to take them to. Most would pay for the abortion. The women might think that they are sincere just because they paid for it or accompanied them for the abortion. But you know what? The pigs do it because:
1. they want to ensure that the women have "gotten rid of it", i.e. removed all traces of evidence - especially so if the pig is married or wants to avoid any claim on its estate for child-support.
2. since the women have proven that they would allow the pig to have sex without condoms and willingly go for abortions, and it's difficult to find such a woman, paying for the abortion is a small price to pay for future shots.

Their reasons for not using condoms?
The pig says, "No feeling with condoms. Don't worry, I go for regular check-ups. I have an important job and I can't afford to die."

I've heard this one before. What BS!
1. If pigs have no feeling when using condoms, then
- why are condoms companies making sales?
- how can condoms tear/break if nobody was having any fun?
2. If the pig's so afraid to die, it wouldn't be having casual sex without condoms.
3. The pig obviously sleeps around otherwise why would it need to go for regular check-ups?
Is this the kind of pig a woman should risk her health for?

Perhaps the pigs enjoy getting women pregnant because it's proof of how virile they are.

I think it is foolish for women not to insist on using condoms. They need to take control and be responsible. I do advise friends to use condoms to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy or, worse still, diseases and cervical cancer. Whether or not they do it, or they get pregnant and go for abortions again, they make their own choices. I'm still here for them if they need a friend.

I can't decide whether I'm for or against abortions but it definitely bothers me how lightly some people regard abortions. Ironically, many women who don't want to get pregnant do, and others who want to get pregnant can't.

- I'm not saying all men are pigs.
- Some "accidents" do result in good outcomes.

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Savahn said...


Good post but you are stereotyping unnecessarily.

But yes, we ought to castrate the pigs.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree in some ways. For example, Yes some guys are pig but not all. Some women are bitch too. They just blame the guy when shit happens. So they wont be tagged as a bitch. I think both parties are responsible for unplanned pregnancies.

I'm in a serious relationship but i insist on using condom every time. But what i get in return is "Ohh... you afraid of having a baby with me huh?? that means you don't want me to be your wife la??" Women.... ok, i am stereotyping too.. =)

But one thing i totally agree with you is that some men just BS like wearing a condom will decrease pleasure. I am a man and the differences between wearing and not wearing one is almost unnoticeable.

boh.tak.chek. said...

good post you got there , Yu-Kym.

It's one thing to enjoy sex as consenting adults, but quite another to do so irresponsibly and at his partner's expense.

Can never understand the rationale that condoms make sex less 爽. With today's design and technology, condoms are made to feel non-existant during the sex act

Yu-Kym said...

Savahn, what did I stereotype?

Anon, I didn't say all guys are pigs. I wrote that not all guys are pigs but those who use those lines and excuses are pigs. I did not say only the men are solely responsible but that the women need to take care of themselves by insisting on using condoms and are foolish not to.
Where condoms are concerned, it's a damned if you wear/damned if you don't wear, damned if you bring/damned is you don't bring!

David said...


Very good and informative post!

I agree that males who use the lame exuses you mention are pigs.
But that is being unfair to pigs. Pigs at least are useful and provide us with some good eats.

Lazy males, selfish and self-absorbed males are what you descibe in such immature types. Reality is that such males simply want any women's vagina to be available.

Abortion is infantacide by another name.

Human embryo's have the same DNA as a mature human. An abortion kills another human.

You said 'Some may feel upset about the abortion. Some might feel nothing at all.

More women have post abortion emotional and mental trauma than is reported in the media. If more women knew how quickly they outprocessed from an abortion mill, and what little if any post abortion care is available, (usually none), then abortions would not be popular. BFs and the media make abortions appear as easy as a trip to a dentist.

I have provide you more details in emails previously, so you know my sources for this information.

Thank you for telling these poor excuses for males off!


The Christian has a great advantage over other men, not by being
less fallen than they, nor less doomed to live in a fallen world, but by knowing that he is a fallen man in a fallen world.

-- C. S. Lewis

Anonymous said...
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Ho said...

If these men are pigs, what do you call these women who willingly have sex and unprotect sex with them?

These women should have the brains to know that these men are pigs to have sex with in the first place.

Yu-Kym said...

David, I owe the pigs an apology! The women might have hormonal issues too, e.g. gain lots of weight after the abortion. Some women who have gone for abortions don't even go for pap smear or to the dentist!

Ho, I did say the women are foolish.

Anonymous said...

what are you blaming anybody at pigs or no pigs? it takes 2 to tango!

Anonymous said...

not many bloggers (man or woman) who write about sex like you do. for that i think you're special. since you're a woman, no many is brave enough to share sex (info that is) with men. I browse your writings and i find them very educational. some questions would never be discussed openly but somehow you manage to get people to response to you. i just hope that there are as many females as there are males here. because i could see some naughty remarks made just to see what's your reaction to them. good job.

David said...

October 6, 2010 11:45 AM Anon,

Yes it takes two to make a baby.
However the female carries the child.

The point Yu-Kym is trying to make is that men often disappear when they find out their GF or a ONS is pregnant. Or they pressure the girl to have an abortion, and if the girl chooses to have the child, often the male never offers any support.

Such males are indeed pigs, even though calling them such is unfair to pigs.


Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not.

-- Samuel Johnson

Anonymous said...

Were they raped?

If not it's the woman's responsibility as much as the man's. If you're not ready for a baby, don't even get to that point. When the shit hits the fan it's all too easy to point the blame at someone, anyone, but yourself or your friends.

We're not living in 1930, ladies. Women are not passive creatures anymore. You're allowed to speak in public and allowed to say no. Did you not know that in this day and age?

Why would she not use protection with a ONS?! The sheer idiocy of your statement renders me speechless, let the idiocy speak for itself.

The baby is a shared responsibility. Putting aside moral conventions, the man has a right to decide whether he wants the baby or not. If the woman chooses to barrel through his concerns and do it her way, she's basically making a statement that she'll take care of the baby herself. Hence the lack of support.

You guys are too emotional. All you puny vulnerable damsels. Expecting a hero to swoop in and scoop you out of the shit storm you created in part.


Note: I'm not saying single moms are evil. I'm objectively addressing the overall tone against men, which I find overtly emotional and skewed towards the woman.