Me, Live

I'm going to be LIVE on TV tomorrow! I've been invited to join a group discussion.

Topic: Have cyberbullying and invasion of privacy gone too far? Are the existing laws adequate to deal with the Wild Wild Web?

(Read article here)

Watch it:
19 Oct Tuesday @ 8.15pm-8.30pm online
19 Oct Tuesday @ 8.30pm-9pm on TV Channel Newsasia and online
19 Oct Tuesday @ 9pm-9.15pm online
(These are different segments, not repeat telecast)

Can someone record it on DVD/VCD for me? Please send me an email gal2000 so that I can arrange to collect it from you. Thanks!


~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Wow cool, i wanna catch you on TV! Unfortunately, i have dance class at that timing.. :(

Anyway enjoy the discussion tomorrow! :)

David said...


Great news! It appears that your brutally honest approach to social issues has garnered you some well deserved attention.

If the corporate fire wall does not block the streaming video I will be able to watch your appearance Unfortunately I will not be able to record the show.

Have fun and do share your impressions and thoughts after the group discussion.


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