Local Christian ex-actress had pre-marital sex?

Not that I condemn pre-marital sex but I thought that Singaporean Chinese and Christians are supposed to?

A report on MSN's website (http://entertainment.xin.msn.com/en/celebrity/buzz/asia/article.aspx?cp-documentid=4389826) stated:

"35-year-old Jacelyn Tay and 42-year-old Brian Wong officially tied the knot yesterday, 10.10.10... The couple has been working hard in "procreating" in hopes of becoming parents in the near future."

Jacelyn Tay is a Christian.

Perhaps it was incorrectly translated from Chinese to English but the phrase "has been working hard" could mislead people (like me) into thinking that the couple had been having pre-marital sex although it could just mean they'd been having sex since after their wedding to the time of the interview.

What do you think?


David said...


Not all branches of Christianity strongly oppose pre-marital sex. Some merely recommend it be avoided, others are silent on approval or disapproval.

The Roman Catholic church is firmly against pre-marital, however, as you well know many Catholic's indulge in pre-marital sex.

Self-control when young and pressured by peers is easily lost. That and the increasing drumbeat by many the sex is merely for pleasure. One can look at abortion rates and the number of children born from single mothers and the result of pre-marital sex is seen on all continents.


Kindness is the oil that takes friction out of life.

-- Author Unknown

Alvin said...

Woah so romantic and lovely to be able to get married on 10.10.10 hahas. Well i think u are right about that their "has been working hard" means that they have been having pre-marital sex lol. By the way do remember to reply my email =)

boh.tak.chek. said...

Christians also human wat, got urge. How to control ?

Hannah said...

Agree with david ! =)
Most christians cant resist the temptation. LOL.

Ho said...

You seriously believed the Christians don't do pre-marital sex?

cfm said...

i think the news report is lame la...

Anonymous said...

Christians are sinners too...the only difference is that we are saved. Your entries also seem to exhibit biasness towards Christianity. Many people tend to find fault with Christians.. they seem to assume Christians to be flawless and faultless. But bear in mind, we are all humans.

And whats the deal with Singaporean Chinese having pre-marital sex too? When you point a finger at others, do remember.. you have 4 fingers pointing back at you.

Anonymous said...

You are EVIL.Surely you're not expecting that pre-marital sex is the exclusive right of NON-Christians? Christians also have desires. The only difference between non-believers and believers having pre-marital sex is: that non-believers have a smoke or a drink after their romp; Christians, however, pray for forgiveness and for their partners to marry them, thus sanctifying the copulation.

Eugene KL

Ho said...

So all I need is to commit a sin, maybe a few sins (since I know I will be saved)and then believe in Christinity and I will be saved. All will be forgiven. Whereas my poor friend who had never sinned, is helpful, honest and upright, does not believe in Christinity, he will go to hell.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on "Christians are saved",

No, there are many more differences than just what you know!

Non-believers like me are not hypocrites! We practise pre-marital sex but we dont pretend to be good Christians!

Why are non-Christians not "saved"? Because we non-believers are "flawed" and "not humans"? Because we do not accept Christ? So you can sin and be saved from your sins just because you accept Christ?

When you call yourselves Christians...behave and act true to your faith's teachings! Otherwise dont call yourselves Christians and take offense when your hypocrisies are pointed out.

Yes, bear in mind we are ALL humans...so dont tell me that you a human, are "saved" and me also a human "not saved"! We are all sinners and if there are to be punishments for our sins, then so be it! It's ridiculous to have "sinned" and be "saved" just because one has accepted "Christ"! lol

curious cat

Anonymous said...

Eugene & Ho,

Gosh....I love your sarcasm on hypocrisies! Or am i being self-delusionary having read too much on your comments? keke

curious cat

Anonymous said...

Gosh, some people are really dense.

Pre-marital sex is nobody's business unless you make it a point to bring up the fact that you're a Christian during public interviews.

Then, you're stupidly setting yourself up to be judged by standards which are known to the rest of the world.

Moral of the story? Never kiss and tell!

David said...

Curious Cat,

Calm down.

Pretending to be a good Christian is hypocritical. Sorry to say many Christians are such.

The concept of who is saved is not limited to Christians only. That being said some brances of Christianity do believe that not even all Christians will be saved.

The Roman Catholic Church during the Vatican II Council from 1962-1965layed out the following:

"Lumen Gentium" contains in its Chapter 1 an essay on "The Mystery of the church." Sections 14 to 16 describe the potential for salvation of: Followers of the

Catholic Church,
Members of other Christian denominations, and

Believers of non-Christian religions.

"The Constitution of the Church" the assessment reads:5. The non-Christian may not be blamed for his ignorance of Christ and his Church; salvation is open to him also, if he seeks God sincerely and if he follows the commands of his conscience, for through this means the Holy Ghost acts upon all men; this divine action is not confined within the limited boundaries of the visible Church."

IOW, all people can be saved.


The church exists by mission, as fire exists by burning.

-- Emil Brunner

Anonymous said...

hahaha thanks David, I'm now calmed.

I had originally wanted to mention to that anonymous chap to refer to you for some balance, thoughtful but nonetheless faithful view to Christ's teachings...but I guess you explained it well enough with your follow up comments. thanks again.

curious cat

David said...


One more Biblical reference to why most, sorry I cannot claim all, but most mainstream Christian's do believe that all our brothers and sisters can be saved.

From the Acts of the Apostles chapter 10: 34-35

Peter begins by noting that “I truly understand that God shows no partiality, but in every nation anyone who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him”.

Those two lines tells me and many other Christian's that there salvation for most anyone.

Merry Christmas!