Kill the lights

Ever heard a guy describe himself as tall, dark and handsome? Whenever I hear that, I think he means "tall and handsome when dark".

When I got home from the Mediacorp studio after participating in a "live" discussion about cyber-bullying and invasion of privacy, I took these pictures (unedited):

It was a good thing I did because when I saw myself on TV (repeat of the recorded show), I realised how lighting and angles can affect how a person looks. Even Britney Spears agrees, in her song Kill the Lights. Do you have a bad angle?

The studio was hidden away in a dark corner of the compounds -it felt as if we were there to record an episode of "Ghost on Caldecott Hill". An intern led the way. The studio appeared to be an old warehouse. There wasn't much there - just crates to sit on, lights on stands, cameras, televisions, a laptop, tables and chairs. I got a chance to chat with the other guests on the show. We had our makeup done (the guys too). The makeup artist powdered by face, brushed on more cheek blusher and tied up my hair. The producers briefed us on the focus of the 3 different segments and encouraged us to say what we think and to speak from personal experience. We didn't talk to the hosts (we only introduced ourselves) or discuss in detail what we were going to say. We threaded the microphones from under our shirts/blouses. It was an unrehearsed "live" show. No scripts. We had to be careful with our choice of words since we were on TV. I think the hosts did a good job at keeping the discussion on topic while having someone else talking into their ears. If you notice Tim (the host who sat beside me) looking to the right at one point but not saying anything, that's because someone was talking to him through the earpiece so loudly that I could hear it. All of us had our own opinions and lots to say but we didn't have enough time.

The intern walked us back to the reception to sign us out while the producers spoke with the 2 hosts about next week's show. Tim said that he hadn't had dinner yet but I guess that would have to wait.

From TV Appearance

Everyone looked rather pale despite the makeup. It's no wonder people who appear on TV need to cake up their faces with makeup. I wish looked better but I suppose the important thing was to make the hosts look good. In case you're wondering (someone asked me), yes, Tim is very good-looking in person. As for me, I shall leave it to people who have met me to decide for themselves and for you to decide when I autograph your copy of my soon-to-be-released book ;)
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In the meantime, here's a video of myself posted some time ago.


David said...


To use an old cliche, you clean up well!

I have never thought of my bad angle.

I am not a celebrity and will never be one, so how I look in photos or would look on television is not a topic I need be concerned about.

I do look forward to that autographed copy of your book!

Now time to watch your appearance...


To the world, you may be one person, but to one person, you may be the world.

-- Author Unknown

wow, very pretty and attractive, like your hair style + appearance~ ^^

Alvin said...

hey! woah seems like u enjoyed ur 'live' session =D but sadly i wasnt at home to watch it =( when did they say they will upload the episode? and woah i was kinda shocked when i watched your video as i didnt expect your voice to be so cool hahas. well will be awaiting for your email reply back to me =)

Alvin 5 said...

hmmm you certainly look much better on video.
i guess you will indeed look gorgeous in real life.

Anonymous said...

Photography is about lighting, angle of each shoot and the correct lenses/filters for the type of shoot.

Professional photographers know that you need appropriate equipment / lighting / angle to get the perfect shot. They also know that the subject must sit / posed at a very exact spot - eg Yu-kym's arm was nearer to the camera's lens and appear larger than her face! and that part of the photo should be cropped out. Non professional photographers wont even noticed that a light meter was quickly
used to scan the scene in front of the camera's intended shoot.

All these efforts result in a photo that shows up Yu-Kym's pink blusher on her cheeks that an ordinary camera and non pro can never achieved.

All said, Yu-Kym looked not only pretty but as delectable as the petals of a rose flower.

Regards, Leo

Anonymous said...


You look awesome. I like the way you are in your video. Really sexy.

with love,

Anonymous said...

Hey Yu Kym, you look great! you go girl!

David said...


Just finished watching the first two segments of Wild, Wild, Web and must say I am more impressed with you now than just from reading your writings.

You presented yourself as a very selfconfident, well spoken, and not to mention attractive young women!!

Your celebrity status in SG should be on the rise.

Happy Friday and weekend!


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-- D.L. Moody