Illusionary writing and delusionary interpretation

Perhaps I'm to blame for my style of writing - which I should call illusionary writing.

Illusionary writing: A style of writing that causes readers to see things that are not there.

In my blog about a local Christian ex-actress and pre-marital sex,
Did I say that I am against pre-marital sex?
Did I say that I believe all Christians follow the rules?
The answers to the above questions are No. However, some readers "saw" me write it.
If you want to know my thoughts on premarital sex, read these:
[Should you test drive before marriage?]
[Withholding sex]

In my blog about Pigs and abortions,
Did I say that all men are pigs?
Did I say that it's only men's fault and women aren't to blame?
In that post I stated explicitly that I wasn't saying that all men are pigs. I also posted a few links to previously blogs in which I stated that women need to be responsible for their own bodies:
[Cervical cancer can be prevented]
[Why women should carry condoms]

It is impossible to have illusions of things that you have never seen, read about, heard about or imagined yourself. Therefore to the people who read those illusionary lines: you may argue that I implied what you think I meant but, is that what you think I think or is it what you think you don't think?

It's perfectly normal for people to misinterpret anything that is written. If they're misinterpreted, they can say, "Oh, I misinterpreted," or they can insist that their interpretation is correct despite being told otherwise. The latter suffers from what I call Delusionary Interpretation.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinions - and delusions. I'm not affected by misinterpretations and nasty remarks. I'm only writing this because I hope people who suffer from Delusionary Interpretation can be happier by trying to see and understand things as they are instead of instantly applying their own assumptions and bias, not for my sake, but for their own.

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." - Anais Nin


Anonymous said...

Dear Yu-Kym,

I find your posts in the sense that, they don't actually tell the readers about your opinion directly, and tends to leave a lot of room for interpretation by your readers (logically or not, thats a whole new story). You do not impose your thoughts on others, but rather prefer to convince and persuade your readers by logical statements and i absolutely love that type of writing style. This, is certainly what that makes you shine out of the rest of the bloggers, who tend to be quite shallow and immature in expressing their thoughts. And that is absolutely why I'm still reading the stuffs that you write.

Regardless of what others may think, and what they might think, i bet there are lots of readers of your blog out there who truly understands your point of view.

Peace, June.

Anonymous said...

How about attributing it to your lackluster writing?

While writing your book, do spend time reviewing written communication skills.

David said...


Your writing style is not at fault here.

Some readers practice selective reading. Seeing what they wish to read and then reading between the lines.

One person called you evil, when clearly there was nothing remotley evil about what you were writing about regarding Christian's and pre-marital sex.

Perhaps if you wrote that premarital sex is not exclusive to Christian's those words would have less of a sting.

Some Christian's,(for that matter memebers of all faith's) are often thin skinned when they percieve that a writer or speaker is attacking their faith system or followers.

Needless to say you handle such critcism most often gracefully and tastefully.

I applaud your courage, as likely you never publish the real hate filled comments that some leave.


When God is about to do something great, he starts with a difficulty. When he is about to do something truly magnificent, he starts with an impossibility.

-- Armin Gesswein

Anonymous said...

No, it is not your writing. It is because this is Sillypore!

In SG, there are many newspapers all with different mast heads, and TV channels, with different channel names, this is to give people the illusion that there is independent free press and TV channels in Sillypore, but in fact, they are all owned by the SG garment. Singapore ranks lower than 180th in World Press Freedom Index. It is illegal to use satellite TV and all news into SG have been filtered.

Years of continual brain washing have left Sillyporeans with an illusionary thinking mentality living like "Alice in Wonderland".

Anonymous said...


It appears that your post did little to illuminate the beauty of the written word. When I commented that you were evil, I did so with a huge dose of sarcasm with not so much as tongue -in-cheek but a biting response to practising Christians who, when they fail to abide by the laws of their faith, blame it on 'being human'; and despite all that, will still be by God's side come the end-of-days because they are 'saved', Non-Christians can be monks, commit no sin, but will still be thrown into the fires of hell because they weren't splashed with holy water or had a hand over their heads radiating God's blessings of baptism.

David, you must read Yu-Kym's blog again to fully understand what illusionary writing really is.

Eugene, KL

Anonymous said...

Tell me "you very enlightened one on Sillypore", with all the "independent free press" and "freedom" with free satellite and unfiltered "news" you enjoyed in your society, what did you do with all these?

curious cat

Fabby said...

Oh my goodness Yu Kym!

This post soooo speaks what I feel!! My last post really relates to this. I wrote about training a target muscle to the max everytime one goes to the gym. Then some haters flame me for saying that I'm only encouraging people to injure themselves and push themselves too hard. Of course proper technique, rest and recovery is needed. I just didn't mention it. People like to hate. I think I'll repost this in the forums if those guys gimme problems again. Anyway, great post!

Wee Kiat

David said...


I am aware that Yu-Kym was stating the purpose the writing style in some her writings are suject to the reader, reading between the lines.

However Ms. Loh has readers diving between lines even on her serious or rant style post.


Perhaps one reason God delays His answers to our prayers is because He knows we need to be with Him far more than we need the things we ask of Him.

-- Ben Patterson

Anonymous said...

cc, all that free press prevent us from being as idiotic as Silliporeans

sch said...

I have blogs and I've posted on forums and I learnt that local readers are a very unforgiving lot. They mis-read and flame rather than come up with constructive comments.

There are always good christians and bad christians, good writers and bad writers and good readers and bad readers.

I think the Yu-Kym's style is great but it will not go well with those who are not open minded enough to see the big picture and recognise that each is entitled to their opinion... and it all boils down to nothing but opinions... and there is nothing wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on "silliporeans",

So we "silliporeans" with their "less free press" are idiotic. So where do you come from that your so very free press makes you better than us "idiotic silliporeans"?

curious cat

Anonymous said...

cc yes YES! At least we own the land our houses sit on and the lift stops on EVERY FLOOR of public housing block!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on"idiotic silliporeans",

So u have boasted that the free press, free speech etc in your society prevents you from becoming one of us "idiotic silliporeans in sillipore"! So you own the land you live on and in your country you have wonderful lifts.

But you still have not revealed what did you do with all the freedom in your free hands? And also which country did you come from?

Come on, dont be shy, dont be modest...tell us what did you do and how you yourself have succeeded with all that "free" things!

curious cat

Anonymous said...

sigh, self denial mode again

Anonymous said...

Silly cat, the free press tell us what are the wrongs the stinki garment is doing to her people, so we can cast our votes to vote them out. Of cource, in Sillypore Mr Con-You makes sure you can only vote pay-and-poo by bankrupting the opposition!

You like an ever sopping Sillypore dollar?! Things are going to be rather expensive for Singis !

Yu-Kym said...

Dear June, I believe there are readers like you who understand what I'm writing :)

On my "lackluster writing", one man's meat is another man's poison. The question I ask myself when I communicate with people is: who am I communicating with? When writing in a free-for-all place like the Internet, I choose my readers as much as they choose me. I write for intelligent, thinking people. The narrow-minded people can take their traffic elsewhere.

On "Sillypore", ultimately it's the people who vote. Don't blame the governement that their votes are easily swayed by three hundred dollar handouts to buy new handphones.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous "smart alec from free press country" who ridicules citizens of Singapore as "idiotic Silliporeans",

So you believe that we "Silliporeans" can only uncover a bad government if there is a free press?

And which country do you come from that you can tell a bad from a good government by simply having a "free press"? A country that has wonderful lifts and where citizens own the land they live in? So which country do you come from that u benefit so much from "free press"?

And I ask too what did you do with your vote in your free press country? Which party did you vote in or out?

Come on dont evade, share with us who you call "silliporeans" your wisdom about free press and all things good about your lovely country!

curious cat

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Oooh my goodness. All these Silly buggers in self denial! Just proves that years of brain washing can do wonders!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on "Silly buggers in self denial",

Two different tacks to my take on your comments:

Is it....

1) A case of the "silly pot" calling the "silly kettle" black! Who is actually the more silly?


2) Yes Amazing isn't it? The brain washing has done "wonders" to these "silly buggers"! These "silly buggers" are doing extremely well in life in a country where some ridiculed as "Sillypore"! I am one of those extremely contented "brainwashed silly buggers silliporeans" and dont mind being called "washed till no brain silliest"!

Let's compare. I wonder then who is the one "actually being denied"? lol

curious cat

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to read the exchange between cc & the writer who ridicules Singaporeans for the lack of free press.

Presumably, cc lives and appreciates the orderliness in Singapore. This orderly living standard was achieved by a dominant political party where (amongst other things) freedom of press is never tolerated.

Again presumably, anonymous lives in a country where he has and appreciates the liberty of a free speaking mass media.

The government who runs the country where Anonymous lives; may not have to grapple with racial, political and religious tensions. The prosperity if not the very welfare of Singapore; depends on a peaceful neighbourhood without these tensions!

Anonymous is not aware that Singapore is not a homogenous society. Unlike the Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese or HongKong citizens, Singapore has a very high percentage of Malays in our population. Korea, Japan, Taiwan and HK has a very high percentage of Koreans, Japanese, etc and their dominent cultures.

If Singapore has a free press, the slightess sensationalisation of any offence or unfairness or discrimination in any racial subject can lead to serious polarisation in society. Add religious & political differences into the mix, and frankly, the society will either fracture or the Chinese will have to suppress the only race large enough to threaten or compete with them; obviously the Malays.

Anonymous, north of Singapore is a Malay country. Do you think they will allow the Malays to be suppressed? South of Singapore is a Muslim country. Do you think they will allow supression of a Malay race whose religion is Islam?

A free Press thrives on controversies and provocative subjects.

Therefore, a free-ranging, daily and public debate on all our differences, offences, unfairness, etc, is neither possible nor wise.

Differences in political ideology and greed for commercial benefits caused a war in Indo China to last for a period exceeding that of WW2.

The people of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, do not wish our neighbourhood to be engulfed in the flames of war. That is why we work hard at integrating all races into our society. Press Freedom, I'm sorry; is not a prerequisite here.

Not everything is equal. No country can ever make that claim.

Our nations are young. We believe in educating ourselves in areas where it would lead to peaceful conditions conducive to economic properity.

Even communist China stopped preaching Marxist theology and adopted Capitalist policies. They realised harping on an ideology does not empower their people, does not lead to economic growth or power.

They also do not allow a free press.

In a short space of 30 years, China became the No. 2 economy in the world.

In those 30 years, do you think a free Press would have helped? If Chairman Mao had not imposed an Iron will on the Chinese people where any opposition faced a firing squad, do you think there would be a Communist Party intricately joined to a People's Liberation Army to impose discipline?

Do you prefer chaos like those seen in the pre WW2 years where there is no discipline to control corruption and expliotation of the poor reached unimaginable levels?

Anonymous, the big picture is whether your people have decent and clean food to eat. Decent and clean (uncensored) news would be good too, but not necessary.

Anonymous, for you to write publicly that the lack of lifts that stopped at every floor and the lack of press freedom is sufficient to label Singaporeans as Sillipore, is nothing short of immaturity.

We may not have the latest technology in rocket science. We certainly do not have abject poverty in our society.

Frankly, can you claim the same for your country?

Regards, Leo

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who decried the lack of Press Freedom in Singapore :

With due respect, you ought to have the courage to announce the country where you claim your Press Freedom is superior to Singapore's.

Then we can analyse the quality of freedom you seems to enjoy.

As a citizen of Singapore, I am disappointed with your descriptions of our political figures & national achievements.

Alluding to Mr Lee Kuan Yew as Mr Con-You shows an amazing lack of civility.

In all of your life, did you ever face off gangsters, chinese Triads & greedy property tycoons; who do not hesistate to pull a gun on anyone or decry your government policies?

Did you ever meet a professional hitman, much less have to live constantly under the possibility of being in a Sniper's rifle crosshairs.

Did you have to cultivate friendship with every spectrum of political characters in order to secure a reliable supply of water for a nation?

Did you build public housing for 2 million people where water from the tap is fit to drink, electical supply is relaible & biological waste never backs up into your
toilet? Where public servants know their ass is on the line if the paintwork of those public housing so much as fade or peel off?

Did you build a national reserve where 12% of salary of workers was paid by the public kitty - so that employers do not retrench workers during the last economic downturn?

Have your country earned enough respect from the United States Navy to park their Aircraft Carriers in your port for extended periods of time?

Does your country have heavy-lift helicopters with the range to assist neighbouring countries reach remote communities during civil disasters?

Is your country tasked with responsibility to coordinate civilian & non-civilian air traffic for an airspace of 1200 kilometres radius?

Your country's very economic lifeblood may have been dependent on our maritime resources to keep the Straits of Malacca open to all shipping.

All these and more were achieved by a man with the guts to lead a back-water country from
Independence to a country with a standard of living exceeding Switzerland's.

I dont go round praising the freedom of press or politics in my country.

But I do NOT have to appologise for any LACK of access to;
food & clean water,
education or training to improve myself or my kids,
financial assistance to start a business, etc.

And frankly, have you met the opposition politicians, analysed their character & utterances before you decry their being sued for defamation?

If you have done those accomplishments above AND with the freedom of Press & Politics, we humbly submit to your counsel.

Regards, Leo

Anonymous said...

By the absence of reply from Anonymous writer who described one of the founding fathers of Singapore with uncharitable adjectives; I hope all readers, young & old adopt & dispense respect - where respect is due.

A basic condition for all new start-ups is: you are always vulnerable. That includes young nations.

Witness Yugoslavia; a young nation torn apart along religious lines. Do you for a moment think external forces (read:countries) did not contribute to the break-up?

Singapore IS a young nation. We are NOT a homogenous people like Japanese, Koreans, etc

Their dominant race & culture do not have to accomodate minority sensitivities.

They certainly did not have a minority race with blood ties to a larger neighbouring country - who has time & again threatened to cut off our supply of water - a contigency that can destroy our economic lifeblood.

We (read : LKY & his ministers ) had to attract foreign investments as quickly as possible. These foreign investors in turn deter any agressive posturing from external shores. It is not a coincidence most of our foreign investments came from USA - for which we are grateful.

An Aircraft Carrier carries a hell of a big whack - food for thought for politicians baying to cut off our water.

From 1965 to 2010, we build an economy from scratch to what it is, today.

45 years - that's what it took to build an nation whose currency value is 2X the neighbouring country's.

45 years effort will be reduced to ashes - if our society fractured along racial, religious or political lines.

Do not for a moment think some Politician or Religious Leader OR Newspaper Publisher would NOT - for greviences like beig sued for defamation, or castigated for religious theory, or even plain envious of the achievements of Singapore; LOVED to see this nation break up.

Just to earn the bragging rights - "I did it. FUCK them".

In those same 45 years, I have personally witnessed jeers calling "cut off their water supply!" Even in the jovial atmosphere of PUBs in their capital city (I think, this is ingrained in them).

We hope but because hope is not dependable; nobody would cut off our water supply. There fore, every young man in Singapore undergoes 2 years of military training.

They know, cutting off our water supply is an act of economic sabortage & military response are always our options (this is ingrained in us).

If Japan, Korea and now China cannot get crude oil because owners would not sail their Oil Tankers through the Straits of Malacca due to a war raging in the vicinity, Japan or USA will just watch & do nothing?

Do you think we achieved this deterent overnight?

So, it may vastly increased your powers of perception; if you asked yourself how did a mini city-state like Singapore stood up - even when surrounded by bullying, intimidation & threats?

If Anonymous do not wish to identify his nationality, no sweat. His views were formed by his ignorance of the realities of life - for SINGAPORE.

Frankly Anonymous, if you think your country's achievements are much better, tell us.

If you think your political leaders have the greater degree of integrity, tell us.

If you think your country can stand up to a neighbour with 10x the population, tell us.

We did not build this nation by being a bunch of wimps.

We dont criticize by writing anonymous letters to The Straits Times of Singapore (such letters don't get published).

When I have an issue with my Government, I write to the Minister concerned; cc a copy to Prime Minister's office, stating how my interests are affected - with my name, address & contact number clearly stated.

Sure, the quality of journalism is lousy & folks here can be selfish & rude, etc, etc; but if there's a place where everything smells sweet as roses, you haven't tell me where.

Regards, Leo

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Dear Yu-Kym

I'm sorry you have to read the response of Anonymous writer to my defence of people & country, whom he treats with no respect.

I give as good as I get.

I was hoping Anonymous have the guts & intelligence to respond with credible views.

That way, we enriched ourselves with a diversity of views even as we disagree in our opinions.

Alas, he displayed neither good breeding not wit. Profanity (I assume) seems to be his weapon of choice.

Anonymous, gather your wits around you & dont go into pieces when someone gives you a broadside.

From analysing various comments to Yu-Kym's blog, I understand you claimed to have attained a Higher education than say a GCE 'O' level.

Surely, with the benefit of all that training, you are capable of better articulation?

David & I disagree on my views about USA practising financial colonial power on the global economy.


did I reacted to his rejoinder I was writing half-truths? I do not waste time responding as there was no supporting information of any specific word of mine he labelled as a half-truth. My opinions of USA are formed from information I gather.

The big picture :

No nation is going to castigate USA, even when she implement policies that damage others economy. USA will just have to ask,

Whose sons are dying in Afganhistan defending civilised nations from Al Queda?

Whose sons died preventing North Vietnam from annihilating Indo-China & perhaps SE Aia?

Whose sons died removing cruel & egoistic Japanese soldiers bent on beheading people under their conquest in WW2?

Ditto - Europe under Hitler's war machine in WW2?

Ditto - Korea under N. Korea's "Dear Leader's" ambitions?

Without USA, would Japan & Germany rise as quickly as they did from ashes of WW2?

For the future, with China rising as economic & military giant, name one nation able to contain, persuade & hopefully guide her to share economic responsibility & prosperity for nations in her vicinity.

Nobody's perfect but USA by and large, has guided the world away from major wars since 1945 - despite beligent & provocative postures by 2 major communist powers, hostile Middle East nations, etc, etc.

She would never have to ask. Our memory is not that short.

THIS, is the kind of article I prefer Anonymous to comment on - be it disagreement or not.

When you want to talk about things, please be aware of the big picture.

Regards, Leo

David said...


Here we can agree.

Nobody's perfect but USA by and large, has guided the world away from major wars since 1945 - despite beligent & provocative postures by 2 major communist powers, hostile Middle East nations, etc, etc.

The United States seeks influence in that the U.S.A. believes that a rising economic tide in more nations will have long term benefits.

However the United States current leaders are shall I say, a bit out of their league when involved with diplomacy or economics.

The current administration is a bit underwhelming in achievements, and the recent election here will aid putting the brakes on some of our President's more incompetent plans.

Note that his recent appearance in Seoul for the G-20 meeting was unproductive for the States as an example of BHO's lack of diplomatic and economic skills.

The current war in Afghanistan in time, with great effort, might lead the Afghan's out of a tribal and feudal way of living.

Freedom, even if the freedoms vary as happens, example freedom of speech in SG versus the United States, or Canada, or UK.

My apology to Yu-Kym for going off topic.


God, who needs nothing, loves into existence wholly superfluous creatures in order that he may love and perfect them.

-- C. S. Lewis

Anonymous said...

" USA by and large, has guided the world away from major wars since 1945 "

Oh what a wonderful war! What a way to rewrite history - unless, of course, you are a ning-com-poo.

THE USA has been fight wars non stop since WW2, killing millions of innocent people, women, children and babies all over the world!

The United States seeks influence purely for the financial gains of USA. They will sell you out when ever it suits them. Saddam was one of US's biggest customers!

But USA is so corrupt that the past has now caught up. The chicken has come home to roost. No president has been able to solve the shit pile of problems facing them.

So most countries now gives UA the one finger salute. Up Yours! Uncle Sam!

David said...

Okay Anon let us look at the how bad the United States is to the world.

If the U.S. stayed out of conflicts since WW2, (you do remember the Japanese attacked the U.S., SG was already occupied and Germany declared war on the States.) consider that-
SG would still be a Japanes colony, no doubt with a really thriving economy, there would be one Korea, the entire peninnsula under Kim-Jong-mentally Il.

Most of SE asia would likely be under communist rule. Maybe Mao would have carried out few more tens of millions executions for those not happy with a great march forward. Saddam would be around not only gasing his own people, but likely would be throwing nukes at Israel, Iran and anyone in the middle-east who threw a shoe his way.

Ever thing why the U.S. developed precisioin guided munitions?

First and foremost to guarantee destruction of the target. Very important was to reduce collateral injury and death.

The U.S. even drops 250lb guided concrete bombs that will take out a small buiding without blowing pieces for many meters around.

Carpet and fire bombing during WW2 killed more civilians than military, and that type of bombing to be sure was meant to demoralize a populace.

About those financial gains of USA.

Tell me a nation that does not look out for finacial gain.

OTOH, name the nation that spends more on foriegn aid than the United States, no you cannot.

After the great Tsunami the United took U.N. people around to supervise aid delivery, the U.S. went as far to make sure emergency rations would meet muslim standard, although many villagers did not know what to do with peanut butter.

More regarding finacial gain, the big customers for U.S. consumer dollars are, well surprise, it is not the United States. China ships 18% of its exports to the U.S., which creates a $268 billion trade deficit. The U.S. consumer supports large parts of Japan's South Koreas, Philippines and many U.S. companies do Asian business from SG.

I like Asia and really look forward to visiting SG some day. Anon, please forgive if I avoid you.


Gratitude is the most fruitful way of deepening your consciousness that you are not an "accident," but a divine

-- Henri Nouwen

Anonymous said...

US attacked Japan purely to revenge Pearl Harbour. SG was NOT liberated by Yanks, but by Brits.

"Most of SE Asia would likely be under communist rule" - that comes out of the mouth of an absolutely brain-dead nutcase. The European & US colonial powers occupy almost all of SE Asian. Brits had SG, Malaya, Burma, Dutch had Indonesia, US had Philippians, French had Indochina. WW2 BROKE THE BACK OF THOSE COLONIAL POWRS.

Mao didn't come into power until well after WW2, idiot!

"Ever thing why the U.S. developed precision guided munitions?" because they run out of and can't manufacture dumb Amos fast enough to satisfy their rate of expenditure.

Carpet and fire bombing during WW2 by the US and Brits killed more civilians than any other country.

Tell me a nation that does not look out for financial gain - oh yeah, but Yanks will sell their mothers for that!.

"I like Asia and really look forward to visiting SG some day." Didn't you said in some previous post that you actually live in SG?

David said...

Anon, if you can believe this from a nutcase, it was another Anon, (perhaps you) who claimed I lived in SG.

Never been to SG yet. Home is at 43 north where it is 9C outside today. (Hint - I live near three of the Great Lakes.)

I suppose if dead people could talk, the 70 plus million Chinese murdered by Mao, or the millions murdered by Pol Pot would tell you a few things about communist ambitions from that period.

Yes I know the Brits liberated SG from the Japanese.

I will not argue political points with you as this is not the appropriate forum.

I still want to visit SG, and avoid Anon.


We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill

Anonymous said...

Oooh dead people do talk and they have been returning bombing US for their crimes in the last few years destroying US icons everywhere on earth.

You wrote that you can hear snow flakes falling on the grould. Can you hear voices talking to your in the walls, swearing at you, there seems to have recorders everywherr ah, don't you hear it?!

Anonymous said...


These busy days, I only read your blogs now and then but still as often as I can. Lately I have been noticing a resident sicko mouthing all manner of filth in many of your topics. His hide is so thick, his mind (or what's little left of it) so convoluted it's unbelievable. I'm sure this is the same person, I mean psycho (whether he uses his favourite Con-you or sillipore or not) that I myself have previously encountered!

It is one thing to allow a contributor to air different or controversial hardhitting views in your blogs. It is also acceptable to ignore nonsensical diatribes and just be amazed and humoured by the diversity of it all.

But where this madman is concerned, allowing him to continually air his modus operandi of filth in your blogs demean any respectability your blog has achieved. I am deeply offended that his kind of contributions are allowed free reign with only the occasional censorship.

The only effective solution with this sicko is to shut him out completely. That will make him frustrate and rot in his own shit when he cannot find any inroads to your blogs. He needs publicity to massage his sickness. Deny him any opportunity and he will squirm. The only problem is that we will have inadvertently let this lunatic loose into other blogsites. lol

curious cat

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Like in everything else, the USA too has its good and bad. Sometimes she does overreach herself and makes the wrong decisions. Alas, who or what is perfect? But whether she has ulterior motives in her actions or not, to be blind towards the good the USA had done so that we have the life we have today is simply one word. Ungrateful!

Yes especially ungrateful if you come from those countries who have directly or indirectly benefitted from the US emergence from self isolation since world war 2!

To those who deny this greatest of nation its dues after all her sacrifices and instead pour scorn and wish evil on her, I wish time will take a turn back and dump him in a world where he has a chance with another superpower in charge. Let it be Stalin's Russia or Mao's communist China, or Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan. Let the Supreme being grant this ungrateful one his life in a different world without the US! I wish I wish I wish! In this life or next, i dont care. Just teach this ingrate a most painful lesson.

For I am not sure that any other country in the world (past or present) with an all conquering economic, military and political power would have acted as benignly as the United States have been.

We owe the US so much that we cannot ever repay except with our gratitude.

curious cat

November 19, 2010 1:39 PM

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
David said...


I believe all your readers owe you a big Thank you.

I trust that your own personal standards are what allows you delete comments that are either hateful comments, foul language and perhaps racist remarks.

Many can disagree on ideas, national identity, and most anything topical will have at least two sides in oppostion.

Hateful vitroile, foul language for its own sake poisons a dicsussion, and cuts off any chance to learn,

I am grateful to you, and others who have presented thoughtful points of view that cause me to think and evaluate ideas that are different than what I first thought about on many topics.

Thank you Ms. Loh!


Whatsoever we beg of God, let us also work for it.

-- Jeremy Taylor