I need stimulation to sleep

Stress affects my ability to fall asleep and to sleep well. Physical exertion, like exercise or sex, doesn't even help. It is mental stimulation that helps me to sleep well.

After I visited the Body Worlds exhibition where I got to see many things which I'd never seen before, I had a really loooong sleep. Whenever I travel to new places, I also tend to require more sleep to process new information that I learn. I can sleep up to 13 hours continuously! (Not caused by sleep-deprivation)

During the most stressful part of last month (the renovation), I was able to sleep very well. The mental stimulation from checking the place and managing the contractor to do the work according to the agreement made me mentally tired enough to sleep.

However, stress without real stimulation - like being distressed, upset, worried, angry - gives me insomnia.

In an attempt to sleep better, I read a novel with 400+ pages yesterday. I had such a great sleep that I didn't hear my sister leave the apartment in the morning and continued to sleep despite the knocking noises from some other apartment.


David said...


Many people I know, now including you, are among those who sleep better after reading.

However on the same topic, some of these people have told me that occasionally reading is over stimulating. That results in poor sleep since they report very active dreams they say are tiring just to dream.

Can you find a common element in the events that have helped you achieve your best sleep. That element or two could be the key to you sleeping well most nights.

PErhaps a big push to complete your book might supply the needed stimulation to help you sleep.


Should we feel at times disheartened and discouraged, a simple movement of heart toward God will renew our powers. Whatever he may demand of us, he will give us at the moment the strength and
courage that we need.

-- François Fénelon

Ho said...

I used to have sleep problem too. And then I changed my lifestyle. I skipped dinner, or at least no heavy dinner. Drink a cup of homebrew ginger tea with lemongrass. And I think what works most importantly for me is, I took a cold shower just before I am ready for bed (I used to shower the minute I return home from work but by the time I am ready for bed, I am sticky and hot again, blame it on the humidity). And then I read a few pages of novels (I must add, not any novels but only light readings about feel-good stories or articles). It works for me at least. Last thing, the room temperature and the setting of the bedroom is important too.