I hate karaoke!

Whenever I tell people who love karaoke that I hate karaoke, they don't always take my word for it. Some will even try to invite me to karaoke sessions. When I repeat that I don't like karaoke, some will say, "But you don't have to sing. You can just listen."

They're completely misunderstood that the part I hate most about karaoke is not having to sing - I have sang in public on many occasions; What I hate most about karaoke is having to listen!

If you're not one of those people who sing terribly but think you're the best singer, you must have observed that whoever sings the worst always sings the loudest.
I don't mean the person who sings the loudest is the worst singer but the worst singer always sets the volume of the microphone to MAX for himself. Either:
- he thinks that his voice is great so he wants everyone to hear it loudly,
- he thinks that setting the microphone to maximum volume will make everyone deaf to his horrendous singing, and/or
- his liking for loud music explains why is he volume deaf and tone deaf too.

Even if the singing is good, I find karaoke both boring and disgusting with everyone spitting into the same microphone. (Btw, I've noticed that people here usually sound better when they sing in Chinese. I don't listen to Chinese songs.)

Why do people like to try to convince others to go karaoke with them?
- To split the cost
- They need you there to be their AUDIENCE
- They are "curious" how you sound when you sing
- Misery loves company. People who got forced to go will drag more along to suffer.

Have you heard the karaoke sessions of neighbours and at "residents' corners" in HDB estates? If people want to sing, they can go ahead but do they have to FORCE everyone to listen?


Anonymous said...

lol...good one! i hate karaoke too..but my gf keep dragging me there sometimes...

boh.tak.chek. said...

Karaokes should only stick to these 2 places: KTV Joints and Community Centres.Cannot stand those middle aged uncles and aunties 哭爸哭妈 in their hdb flats ,disturbing their neighbours' peace

David said...


I am in complete agreement. Karaoke should only be inflicted upone those who want to sing and listen to other particpants.

I have sung in a choir, and with my nieces and nephews, but listening to karaoke is the painful part of karaoke.

Happy weekend YK!


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-- Dwight Moody

Anonymous said...

Turn on the TV in Sillypore, and you see all these teenagers singing in Singish.

What difference is there with Karaoke?

Anonymous said...

hahah. isit that bad?

i like to go.

but on the contrary, i do not like to go with many pple.

or maybe, ktv is a place where pple can listen to music as loud as they want to without being complained?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on "Sillypore",

You are such an expert on "Singish" and ridiculing others, you cant even spell Singapore right! lol

curious cat