Facebook: The Personal Information Bible?

Person A: I thought you're not attached.
Person B: What made you think so?
Person A: Because it's not stated on your Facebook!

There are people who regard Facebook as some sort of Bible.

If it's on Facebook it must be true, right? Wrong! Some people use the relationship status of "married" or "it's complicated" for fun even when they're neither married nor involved; I'm sure there are people who are married but list themselves as "Single" when they're looking for fun.

And then there are people who don't take Facebook seriously enough.

My friend's ex-colleague who held a sales job jumped ship to a competitor company though it was stated in her contract that she wasn't supposed to (whether it can be legally enforced is another matter) and posted photos of herself at her new company on Facebook which can be viewed by her ex-boss. This resulted in her receiving a warning letter from her ex-company.

There are people who cheat on their gf/bf/spouse with partners whom they found via Facebook. I have a friend who almost used a picture of himself with his girlfriend as his Facebook profile picture though he's married!

Sometimes people forget (or maybe they are showing off?) that Facebook tells the world something about their personal lives. They may have set their privacy settings to allow only certain people to view their information but if it's not meant to be seen then why even post it there?

I admit that I do take a look at my friends' profiles from time to time to see what they're up to (that's what is for, right?) and also to "screen" some guys to determine whether they're potential friends or partners. E.g.:
- Friends who are constantly on Facebook but don't respond to my messages or SMS are probably not my friends.
- Guys who are constantly posting status updates, whose friends consist of mainly gals who have sexy profile pictures, who often comment on sexy gals' lame updates, and if they ever get so lucky post pictures of themselves taken with gals are not relationship material.

Facebook, like the Bible, can be taken to be fiction or the truth to be deciphered.

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boh.tak.chek. said...

Great article on the dangers of social media!

That's why i never upload my pictures or add my colleages and boss as friends. Damn dangerous.

Either that or you have to be constantly on your toes , on what you post online.

Thats y i admire your courage in posting so intimate details of your sex life to share with others.

Will continue to read your blog and support u. Keep blogging !

Anonymous said...

Facebook is a porno site, but without the crude videos. They are there looking for FB,BJ, gay or lesbo or tranny ONS or long term.

Kenz said...

Hey Yu-Kym. I have been an avid reader of your blog and enjoy reading it. I read the ''Rich man, poor man and i hate Karaoke'' with great interest and realized your point of view might be a little subjective, but i totally agree with it! haha! Keep up with the good posts! Cheers!

gabe said...

I hate it especially when friends do not respond to a simple message/help/favour on FB when they are online all the while.

Then when they need my help, they are chasing me non-stop. Now I know who are my real friends.