Crab Fest

In movies, the characters are often seen scratching their pubic area and complaining that they got "crabs" from their summertime flings. I knew it couldn't be real crabs - as in seafood, and neither is it crap - as in faeces. It is more gross than those!

Crab Fest = Crab-infestation

Crabs are actually pubic lice! Instead of clinging on to the hair on your head, crabs nest in pubic hair. And how else do they multiply but by laying eggs in hair?! Crabs leave black spots - crab's crap - on underwear.

Other than from sex, people can get craps from sharing unwashed underwear, sex toys, bedding, clothing and towels, or from poor hygiene. Furthermore, crabs can also be transmitted to non-pubic areas such as the eyebrows!

Another good reason never to have sex - penetrative or oral - with people who don't shave their pubic hair!

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Anonymous said...

Oh...thats what it is ! thks for the info...gotta catch some crabs now.