"Come visit my garden around my well"

A few months ago, I wrote [Kym + Hermit = Kermit]. I said I needed to be a frog in a well to concentrate on my writing. Analogies sometimes get me into trouble.

If I say to you, "You can come visit my garden around my well," what do you think I mean?

That it can be easily misconstrued as inviting someone to check out my pubic area - the garden - with my vagina being the well. Unfortunately, that was the phrase I used when I invited my friend to meet for tea. As soon as I realised that, I explained what I meant, that is, I am a frog who lives in a well, so many apartment unit is my well and the neighbourhood is my garden.

A few weeks later, we arranged to meet for tea. The day before meeting, he said, "You'd better clean your apartment up." Then I asked him why I would need to do that. "I thought you're inviting me to your place?" he asked.

It was fortunate that he made that remark otherwise either he would be unhappy if I didn't invite him to my place after tea (like I care), or I would be unhappy if he suggests going up to my place thinking that he was invited. (Like I mentioned before, [I hate guys inviting themselves to my place].)

So what happened? Nothing happened! He cancelled at the last minute because of work. Some endings are so anti-climax, right?


David said...


While speaking in methaphors can be fun, even colourful, as you discovered metaphors can lead to not being understood. The context of your message was unclear.

What is not clear is why was your friend so intent on going to your place after tea?

Final word, is that words have meanings, and one must choose when, where and with whom to speak to metaphoricaly.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend.

Just be wary of unexpected gardners....


The winds of God are always blowing, but you must set the sails.

-- Author Unknown

Anonymous said...

Ah, you meet some really crappy people looking for ONS

Master said...

He cancelled becoz of work? OMG...I would have cancelled work and visit your garden....regardless what it is...lol

Now that would be the climax..lol

boh.tak.chek. said...

"Come visit my garden around my well"

In ancient times, that statement alone would be constructed as suggesting to have a sexual encounter. People in those days would use metaphors in place of the more vulgar terms.

Yeah, i was thinking something sexual too when you made that statement. Not necessarily your pubic region though

Anonymous said...

Next time, tell him to clean up his bicycle pump. it is clogged up with dirty grease!

Yu-Kym said...

David, it was no clear to me why he wanted to come to my place either. We had never discussed hanging out at my place or any hints of sexual activity.

Master, if the garden is just a coffee joint in my neighbourhood?

boh.tak.chek., what did you think it meant?

Anon, I'm not interested in or to advise him about his "bicycle pump".