Another shoe bites the dust

I usually get blisters the first few times I wear a new pair of shoes (not running shoes). Today, I wore an old - and I thought seasoned - pair of shoes and it gave me terrible blisters. I threw them away as soon as I got home.

My sister's friend told her that if you bite your new shoes first they won't bite you, i.e. give you blisters). Needless to say, she meant it as a joke. (I wonder whether anyone took her seriously and bit their shoes :D)

A better way to prevent blisters is to use roll-on deodorant on the parts of your feet that are prone to abrasion and blisters. The deodorant reduces friction between the skin and the shoe (which causes blisters) by making them stick together and also by reducing perspiration on the skin. This trick works but not so well if the shoe fits badly, is poorly stitched, or has abrasive inner material.

I was on the escalator riding up. The lady in front of me had very pretty shoes but very ugly scars on her feet - I suppose from years of blisters from different shoes. I've also seen women in high-heeled shoes with scary crooked toes with bones looking like they're going to poke out from their skin.

Example (this isn't my foot):

It's scarier in real life - I promise. I wonder how those women can be continue to put their deformed feet into high-heeled shoes. What stops me from asking them it is the fear of them throwing their shoes at me or stomping on my foot.

I'd rather wear ugly shoes and have pretty feet.

(I only wear high-heeled shoes when I don't have to walk around alot. Flip flops are not necessarily better for your feet. They can also cause problems.)

What shoes do you wear?

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David said...

I sympathize with your foot pain.

My wife had a similar problem some years ago.

More often than not, women with the problem you describe are wearing an improper size and width. My wife had similar problems, and she had her foot remeasured for size.

Her feet were 1/2 size larger and she found out part of her foot is wide, and her heel is narrow. She has to purchase a wide width to avoid discomfort, that an staying away from high fashion shoes, that may look pretty, but offer little or no support for the foot.

The last time her feet were measured was when she was 18. Females are not finished growing until 25-26 yrs.

Have both feet measured for size, by a reliable foot doctor or a trustworthy shoe store. (often recreational oriented outfitters can properly measure feet, at least over here...)

Let us know if you can solve this problem.

Sore feet from silly shoes = OUCH.


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CharlieTT said...


I have known of friends who really did that - bite their new shoes. It's quite common in our society to have that kind of beliefs probably we learnt them from our parents. For example, what is your say about not holding a scissors when one is pregnant. I don't believe in that; carrying heavy objects yes (scientifically proven).

For shoes, I still find sports shoes are the best. They are much comfortable and you can wear them to most places. I guess it is much easier for guys to manage as far as shoes is concern. We don't wear high heels!

Yes, I fully agree with what you said - "I'd rather wear ugly shoes and have pretty feet". Also, shoes that do not fit well may lead to bunion.

BTW, you are pretty from head to toes and not feet only....hahaha... I am serious!

Anonymous said...

Crocs can count? lol

Anonymous said...

Vibram Fivefingers!