Ageing "gracefully"

What does "ageing gracefully" mean?

Does it mean:
a) still looking physically attractive,
b) not going for plastic surgery, and/or
c) maintaining an attractive personality?

a) I might not call a person who looks physically attractive "graceful" if he/she is nasty.
b) Some plastic surgery can make people look better to reverse some physical signs of ageing. Demi Moore looks great after her total body makeover. Surely, I can't say she's not graceful. Too much plastic surgery looks bad on people young and old so I can't say that plastic surgery is bad only on older people.
c) I like people who keep a youthful and graceful mind. A youthful mind is one that is still curious and intrigued by the world, not jaded by failures and bad experience. A graceful mind is one that accepts differences in experience and opinions, and allows others to go out and experience things for themselves instead of discouraging others with "That won't work. You are young and naive. When you grow older you will understand." The world is changing; Things of the past don't always apply to things in the present and future.

So I choose option (a) and (c). It's the gracefulness of the mind that matters though knowing how to present oneself physically is also important. I don't mean having Demi Moore's body. I find Oprah Winfrey graceful and attractive. Taking care of oneself physically says: I love myself.

Age is a sensitive matter, traditionally for women. But men these days are especially sensitive about it too. They get offended if someone guesses their age incorrectly. Some people are offended when people say or hint that they are old. (Unless the person is trying to look grown up, please remember to deduct a few years from the guessed age for both men and women. I have seen the look on their faces when they hear something they like and when they hear something they don't). Some people use age in trying to insult me.

We all grow old. There is no shame in being old. Actually, we should be happy if we are old because we managed to survive for that long! Whenever anyone insults me based on age, I'll think to myself: You'll get there too - IF you do.

So why is there a need to put the word "gracefully" after the word "ageing"?
Is it just a way of making older people feel better about themselves, or is it like saying "You are old but I don't mean it in a bad way"?


Albert said...

Thanks, it good to reminds people

David said...


I to choose options A and B!

I am not so vain as to worry about how little hair I have left.

Staying healthy and keeping my mind active and working are more important than anything else.

I have met people older than I am, (and I am likely one of the oldest people to offer my comments here...) who look great.

Why, they are as active as possible, some are a little slower, others are in better shape than they were during working years.

A desk job like mine has nasty side effects on ones shape. I have to work hard to keep my metabolism going.

I find talking and playing my younger relatives is very useful. I recieve a fresh and different POV on many issues.

Great post Ms. Loh! Most twenty somethings worry about reaching 25 and later 30. Trust me people, those milestones are nothing compared to reaching 50 and beyond!


We can forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.

-- Plato

Yu-Kym said...

David, worrying will only make you lose hair! I find nice to talk to older people who are open to sharing their experience and also learning new things from younger people. The latter makes them seem younger than their age maybe because it is learning and mentally stimulating. Those who insist the old way is the right way often come across as being stuck in the mud and they tend to have a certain sort of angry/resigned expression on their faces.