Who eats first - man or woman?

I've notice the behaviour of couples in food courts and fast food restaurants where people have to get their own food. Usually, this is how it goes:
Young couples - woman sits down to reserve, man buys food for the lady first then buys food for himself.
Older couples - the roles are reversed.

In Chinese tradition, the juniors in family must offer/serve food to the seniors and invite them to eat first. Perhaps after being married, the man is the head of the family, therefore he has to be served and eat first.

Even if it isn't a date, usually my male friends would buy or order the food for me or at least suggest that I get my food first while they reserve the table.

A friend related to me an incident in which a guy went off to buy his own food while she reserved the table. He returned, said it was her turn to get her food and then he started eating!

There are no hard and fast rules but I think it's common courtesy to ask what the other person would be having so that you can order the food for the other person in case you're both buying food from the same stall, even if the person is of the same gender. I would certainly excuse a man for getting his food first and starting to eat before I get my food if he claims to be very hungry. If a guy buys food for me first, I would wait for him to return with his before I start eating (unless I've asked him beforehand whether it's ok for me to start eating first).

I've never encountered a guy like the one that my friend met. If I do in the future, the guy will find himself sitting alone - because I won't returning!

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Anonymous said...

You must be referring to each other's "entertainment area". It does not matter, they just eat or blow each other in turn as often as possible until they have enough and cum!

Anonymous said...

Under "Con You's" English based education policy, man and women are equal. There is no junior neither senior in a family. Hence the boys goes to buy and eat, and the girl does the same independantly. As for old people, they don't need to eat. In Western cultures, they are starved to death or we follow the Indians, throw them onto the rubbish heap or into River Ganges.

Anonymous said...

They don't have to wait for turns, they can eat simutaneously in a position 69.

Anonymous said...

To be a Good Man, the man should take all the food orders from everyone, go and buy the food, pay for it, bring the food back and let everyone tuck in!

red_kitty_29 said...

i once dated a guy who ate my food, after i went off to the bathroom to take a pee, i got back to the table n the a la carte fud we ordered was gone :-( , this same guy once ate my entire dinner of mixed rice, n left me the "salted" veges n a few grains of rice n told me to "finish it" up cos i need to eat, tts after he filled his own tummy! on the bright side, its my NEW diet plan

Anonymous said...

Let man eat first. I like my man to eat me.

David said...


Finally found time to read this post.

Who eats first will to you much about a males social graces. If a date partner frequently starts before the lady partner, he lacks many good habits for civil living. Simple courtesey makes most men wait until both man and women have their meal present.

IF a man routinely starts his meal before a female partner has hers, then write him off as a jerk. Likely this male has demonstrated other rude behaviours, as rude behaviour is rarely just one bad habit.


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