What I bought at Comex 2010

After 2 years, all my electronic items are falling apart. If you recall, I just had my PC mainboard replaced.
My portable speakers are failing.
My electric fan is failing.
My casual headphones - one earphone isn't working.
My sports headphones - I only hear the background music and backup vocals. One part of the wire is exposed. I think I have toxic sweat. Look what it did to the wire and my previous keyboard/mouse!

My handphone was giving me rashes on my fingers. I just sold it and used my very old handphone temporarily.

I arrived at the fair at 6.30pm to check out the last day bargains. I had checked the prices at Harvey Norman and Challenger yesterday. I would only buy the gadgets at the fair if the prices are much cheaper.

I had planned on buying OKI's B2200 monochrome laser printer at $89 with a free ream of paper - which I don't want. It prints up to 20ppm, up to 1200x600 dpi. The salesman agreed to give me a free trolley but no further discount. To be honest, the price was good but the design/appearance of the printer made me think twice. It looked very old-fashioned. It looks ok in the picture but bad in reality.

Instead, I bought a Brother HL2140 monochrome laser printer for $98. It prints up to 22ppm, up to 2400x600 dpi. It comes with a free trolley. It had a better appearance and has a paper tray plus a manual feeder tray. It was worth paying $9 more for these.

Creative A220 speakers were selling for $35 at Harvey Norman but $29 at the fair. Since I had the trolley, it wouldn't take much more effort to drag the speakers home so I bought them.

I bought $16 earphones to use for sports. It has an external volume control which I found handy but I really bought it because of its colour :P The pink colour looks yummy, doesn't it?

I had sold my Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 for $250 the day before so I have a budget of $250 to "recycle". I saw some China handphones at a neighbourhood shop selling between $170 - $298 depending on the model. I've been wanting to buy a China handphone for quite a while. Many people hesitate to buy them but handphones are ALL made in China nowadays. The only difference is the brand. Besides, I recall when I was using a Motorola handphone 10 years ago, a friend was already using a China handphone. Perhaps the materials that go into a China handphone and the quality-control might not be as good as those for "branded" handphone, but at 1/3 the price of the originals, it's hard to say No.

I was happy to spot a booth at the fair selling China handphones. The mini iPhone lookalike was selling for $139, the X10 lookalike for $149 and the iPhone lookalike for $159. It seems there's a 1 year warranty and 30-day exchange warranty but it was stated on the receipt that there's a 7-day exchange warranty. The standard package includes 2 batteries, a earpiece and battery charger with USB connection. The 2GB mini SD card and some other things were part of the free gift package. I only wanted the mini SD card so we agreed on $142 for the X10 lookalike.

Who did I go with and how did I get my items home?
I went alone and dragged everything home by public transport. Now I appreciate the ramps and lifts at the MRT train stations. I only had to carry the items over the gaps at the lift doors and train doors. I also appreciate the new buses that are designed to be wheel-chair friendly. I didn't have any problems dragging my items back home. Everyone on the train and bus examined what I bought and would observed me as I lifted the trolley in and out. It was quite an experience and I'm somewhat proud of myself for accomplishing it!

Ironically, I didn't have problems lifting those bulky, heavy items but I had problems opening the back cover of the tiny handphone!

I'm supposed to put a fingernail into that little slot to pry the cover out. Exactly the same type of opening as my previous handphone Sony Xperia X1 (I wrote about it here: Sony Ericsson Xperia: The phone that can't be opened). I forgot how difficult it was otherwise I would have asked the salesperson to open it for me. I asked my friend to open it for me but he couldn't open it. He asked whether it's difficult to open because it's a China phone. I replied that it's a China phone but it's a Sony design. I thought of seeking help from the guy at a used handphone shop nearby but he was busy during lunch. I tried again with the filing tool from my Swiss army knife and managed to open it. (I love my Swiss army knife! I got it free at an exhibition many years ago where I was working. A guy from another booth gave my friend and I one each.)

I'm charging my X10 lookalike now and will post more pictures and a review after I've had enough time to evaluate it.

Total Expenditure:
Brother HL2140 monochrome laser printer $98
Creative A220 speakers $29
iLuv i203 earphones $16
Star TV X10 $142
Total: $285

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Anonymous said...

wah power man.........

Anonymous said...

you forgot to add in your transportation cost in your expenditure..

Yu-Kym said...

Public transportation cost 2-way in Singapore is about $4.

Anonymous said...

Get your boy friend to carry all your shopping. What is he for, a FB? No need to labour like that lah?

Anonymous said...

Did the toner of the laser comes with the drum?

Yu-Kym said...

I don't have a boyfriend.

red_kitty_29 said...

love those sweet pink earphones! delectable!

Anonymous said...

Re: "I don't have a boyfriend"

But you wrote, quote "I asked my friend to open it for me but he couldn't open it. He asked ....". Ah, hence every "he" you mentioned is a FB.

Do you wear nicker under your hot pant. Some girls don't, so they can do it anywhere anytime.

Anonymous said...

Did you make any money from the world famous Singapore's "The 3 Gravestones", seeing you read so many books on making money.

I heard that they do a very good BJ, they will suck you dry, including your shirt and panties!

Anonymous said...

You said you are of mixed-ethicity. Chinese with Malay or natives like Iban, Kadacan etc.

That makes you a Noinay or Babah?

Yu-Kym said...

I can't have male friends, male colleagues, male ex-school mates, male running partner, etc without "benefits"?

Anonymous said...

We love the way you describe FB as "Friends with Benefits". What benefits? Oh yes, yes, yes - you don't have to masturbate any more!

Wow, "male friends, male colleagues, male ex-school mates, male running partner" so many FBs. Do you do it 6 times a day with plenty of LKY Gel, or you don't need that at all?

David said...


Some good purchases!

The Brother printer is a highly rated monochrome printer. Likely it comes with a starter toner cartridge good for maybe 1500-3000 pages.

You have great deal on the Creative speakers. In the States they sell for $25-30.00 USD, so the price you paid is great. I just hope you did not purchase some knockoff copies.

I also trust the Chinese headphones sound as good the name brand type.

You call your carrier a trolley, in the States its a hand cart or luggage carrier, interesting difference in term use!

One suggestion for the next photo of you and your equipment. YK should be standing in front of the equipment, as you are far prettier than the electronics.

Have a great week!


I believe in the sun even if it isn't shining. I believe in love even when I am alone. I believe in God even when He is silent.

-- Author Unknown

Anonymous said...

SGers always complain cost of living is going up and up out of control.

Looking at the prices you paid, I now understand it is true!

After all, SGD$ has devalued by around 30% in the last 10 years against major trading currencies.

I bought my Brother HL2140 for about AUD $60 few years ago which is around SGD $80 after conversion.

Exactly the same hand-phone is supplied free by the mobile phone service provider if you sign up for a contract of say AUD$25 per month. Hence you don't have to buy your own.

But the wages in Sillypore is at 3rd world level, that is what SGers complain about too.

No wonder, a certain person is called "Con-You" by locals in SG and that "The Thee Tomb Stones" is meant for him!