The sky's the limit

"Gosh, you are short," said a friend to me while we were standing at a junction waiting for the lights to turn in our favour. I pointed out to him that I was standing on the lower part of a slope.

Anyway, being short isn't such a big deal. But when I was growing up, I was made to feel like being short was a bad thing - students were made to line up every school day according to their height, there are minimum height limits to be a model, SIA stewardess, pilot and jeans always had to be altered. Now I know that it's not about whether it's a good or bad thing. My height is a personal and unique. So what if I'm? At least I'm confident, have pride in my body and take care of my health.

Many people use their height as a reason why they look less attractive than others. They think that if they were taller, their lives would be better. The truth is: it's not the height but the rest of the package.

I'm sure you have seen guys who are not tall, but well-groomed and muscular. They have gals who can't wait to jump into bed with them. These are some of the people who understand that the sky's the limit, not their height.


David said...


Most if not all of us go through times in life, often when young, where we struggle with our appearance. To most young there always seems to be a better looking competitor, someone who is taller, has better hair and so on...

Young women now are getting so many messages in the media, from commericials, in movies, at school, from peers, and often from parents, that come in the form of double standards.

Look nice, but not trashy or to sexy...

To often the spokes-model giving advice to young women are dressed most provactively. The old cliche, if you got it, flaunt it! is given new intensity with every Victoria Secret fashion show, every bikini competition.

Young men almost expect a gf to look respectable and trashy at the sametime.

BTW Ms. Loh, did you ever have a time when growing when your appearance affected you in a negative fashion?

My wife and I have gone over our past before we met. Like so many we at times very unhappy with our bodies, our height or some other aspect of appearance that has no bearing on character or what kind of person one actually is like.

So much emphasis on appearance is damaging.

You are not now and never have been short.
Your height is perfect for you, you are exactly what you should be!

Taking care of ones health contributes to what we show to the world and our comfort of discomfort with self shows for all to see.

Being middle aged, I can tell you that getting enough exercise, keeping weight down is never easy. However I envision getting older and staying active as long as possible. So I keep moving and working to be at least a little healthier each day!


Don't be afraid for tomorrow. God is already there.

-- Ethel Löfgren

Anonymous said...

Being short is OK for SG girls as when they are being bonked, they can feel their vergina being stretched!

Anonymous said...

i am tall.. about 5'10 but has few extra lbs. there are not that much tall women here in the philippines, so whenever im in public, i always get other people's attention. It is awkward for me coz im a really shy person.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Being short is OK for SG girls as when they are being bonked, they can feel their vergina being stretched!

September 17, 2010 4:33 AM


preferbly petite ;) nice to d*ggy

Yu-Kym said...

David, I've been insecure about my appearance in the past but over time I noticed that the people who are critical are the ones who are insecure about themselves.