My blog discussed in Shin Min Daily

Following my blog post about Blood Donation in Singapore last Tuesday,

- Red cross appeals for type O blood donors on Thursday,

- NUH's response was written on Stomp on Friday,

- Shin Min Daily News contacted me on Saturday and ran the story on Sunday.
From Newspaper Articles

Blogger Yu-Kym received a phone call from her friend saying that his friend has leukaemia. His friend was in critical condition, warded in National University Hospital (NUH) intensive care unit. He had just undergone chemotherapy and vomited lots of blood. He needs O+ blood but the hospital was unwilling to provide him with him and asked him to get his own donors. Blogger is shocked. She questions:
- Do they tell people to get their own blood to avoid depleting their supplies?
- Is there a selection criteria for the hospital to agree to give blood to certain people depending on their condition or status in society?

A spokesperson for NUH clarifies that they have not turned down request for blood.
They follow the same guidelines set out by the National Blood Bank, which includes ensuring that blood and blood products are used appropriately based on the patient's clinical condition and need. As reported in the media, the national blood stock supply for Type 'O' blood has been low during the past few days, with the Singapore Red Cross and Bloodbank@HSA issuing an appeal for blood donations. At NUH, there are several patients with high demand for blood products, including a few in the Intensive Care Units. Hence, the hospital is appealing for donors to come forward. If the patient requires large amounts of blood, the hospital will ask the patient to find potential donors to ensure that the patient has the blood he needs should the blood bank and the hospital run out of supplies. The patient and his family/friends could have misunderstood NUH's advice as a rejection for blood.

In an email, Yu-Kym said that she is willing to apologise if she was mistaken but if NUH had miscommunicated to this patient, she believes that should be more than one such case, therefore NUH should apologise for the miscommunication.


I went to the hospital to speak with my friend's friend's wife on Saturday. I will write more about it in another post. (I am busy packing now. I'm moving tomorrow.)

Next post: Blood donation in Singapore: Altruism only gets us so far


David said...


I eagerly await you next post. As you know I am limited to one langauge.

I am hoping you have good news regarding your friend who was in need of blood!


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Anonymous said...

That is typical Stinki garment coverup

Anonymous said...

A few years ago, the Stinki Gov't Health Minister expressed great regret about spending over $150,000 of funds in saving a premature baby.

Hence now, they are NOT interested in saving such a patient.

In Con-You's, it is better to let them die!