Men's eating behaviour

These are the types of irritating eating behaviour displayed by men that my friends and I have noticed:

The Scrooge
This man is concerned how much the food is going to cost him. He may pretend to be conscious about my diet when his real intention is to minimise the impact on his wallet.

Feeding a refugee
This man is overly concerned that I would be hungry as though I live in a refugee camp. He would ask multiple times and get very pushy about wanting me to finish the food or intentionally over-order to stuff me with food for fear that I might get hungry later. He might even comment that I'm too skinny, should eat more or can afford to eat more. I don't like anyone insulting my body over dinner.

Nice = his, not nice = mine
This man would eat large quantities of the good food without caring whether I've had any of it. A friend shared with me that a man she was having dinner with commented that a particular dish was very tasty and asked her to have some. She said she would but needed to go to the ladies first. When she returned, there was nothing left on the plate for her.

Will give up everything for food
I was waiting for this guy because we had planned to dinner together at 5-ish. He showed up close to 7pm. He said he tried calling me but I didn't pick up my phone. He had stopped by an eatery to eat. He said something looked nice so he decided to try it and if it was really nice, we could go there together another day to eat it together. He said he had to eat there because if bought take-away the food would be cold and won't taste good. Anyway, what got me fuming wasn't the fact that he stopped by some eatery but that he insisted that he wasn't very late because he said 5-ish which could have meant 5.59pm.

Food insulter
I don't mean food critic. Some guys would look at my food and say "yucks". Just because they don't eat it doesn't mean it doesn't taste good to me. It's ok to say, "I don't eat that," if I ask them whether they've eaten that before or, "No, thanks," if I offer them some of my food but it's not ok to say "yucks". The guys I've encountered who said "yucks" said so when I didn't offer them anything.

Getting fat together is fun
Some guys would insist that I get dessert or try to convince me to so that they have some excuse to order one for themselves. They behave as if I'm spoiling all the fun if I refuse to order dessert.

With men like these, I'd rather eat alone.


Darren said...

I done belong in any category Kym. Maybe i tell u my story?

Im not a picky eater to say the least. I dont mind eating cold food but i appreciate a good meal. I eat and have fun and i put fun in my eating. I dont dig lavish meals, but once a while is ok.

I eat just abt anything with anyone anytime anywhere.

So wat category do i belong to?

Darren said...

Btw forgot something........

I like to share wat im eating with just abt long they ask. Or if i wana share with them. XD

Anonymous said...

Great post!! I agree wholeheartedly with everything said here. I have friends who display the behaviours you mentioned, and it irritates the heck outta me!!

Anonymous said...

News just come through of an American who shot dead his wife and 5 others because of the way she prepared his breakfast - the eggs were cold!

So dare you eat with an American, marry an American or even prepare breakfast for American!

red_kitty_29 said...

what abt men who slurp their soup or chew their fud loudly? or men who talk with their mouth wide open wile eating food such as "bee hoon" are left dangling out of their mouth?

David said...


I am in complete agreement with your examples of rude and mean male eating behaviors.

No male should treat a women in any of the manners described. One occurrence of any of those behaviours is reason to question whether a women would ever go out with such a man again.

YK, how often have you encountered such poor examples of males as you describe?


The acknowledgment of our weakness is the first step in repairing our loss.

-- Thomas a Kempis

Anonymous said...

There are men who fcuk with their food too!

Just imagine the mess they leave behind!