It all boils down to luck

I can (1) know the right people, (2) plan well and (3) have all the money in the world but in the end my dependence on (4) luck (some people believe it's God or heaven's will) is undeniable.

1. People
- I am grateful that my friend helped me with moving by providing his lorry and asking 3 of his employees to carry my and my sister's furniture and belongings to my new place. (My friend said I didn't have to pay for it but I gave ang pow to his employees as a token of appreciation and I will be treating my friend to dinner.) I am grateful to his 3 employees too for completing the move. My bed frame and cupboard were heavy and bulky. The lifts were also very slow, everything had to be carried 1 level up because there is no lift on the level of my new apartment. It took 4.5 hours (5pm to 9.30pm) - from my place to my sister's old place, then to our new place.
14-foot lorry for the move courtesy of MIC Plastics

Hardworking people packing lorry to the brim

number plate for people who want to buy 4D

- I am grateful that my ex-landlord allowed me to stay for 3 more days and for free.
I had been nice to my friend (I think I've been a friend to him) and ex-landlord (3 out of every 4 times, I help him with his frequent cash flow problems by giving him advance payment); I am happy that they are nice to me too :)

2. Planning
We had planned for the laminate flooring installation contractor to complete the installation by 4pm on Tuesday 21 September. I checked on their progress at 1pm. The work appeared to be on track.
Status at 1pm

I arranged with my friend for the move.
I informed my ex-landlord 1.5 months ago of the termination of my lease and got my stay extended by 3 days because of the delay in completion.
My sister and I had our furniture wrapped and our belongings packed.

My stuff that was moved

More of my stuff plus a microwave oven minus the fan

3. Money
I don't have all the money in the world but if I did, I suppose I could get the contractors to finish the work on time, movers to move my belongings and a place to stay if my landlord decided to kick me out.

4. Luck
I met my father at my new place at 1pm. He told me that the weather forecast was for heavy rain. Gosh, I did not even think about checking the weather forecast! It was cloudy and then it started to rain. Thankfully, the rain stopped and the ground was dry by the time my friend arrived.
It rained all afternoon on Wednesday. It rained all afternoon and evening on Thursday (today). I glad the weather was fine on Tuesday!
Had it rained on Tuesday, everyone would have gotten wet, we would have had to spend time wrapping all the furniture, the traffic would have been worse, we might have broken some items because it is slippery to hold on to wet plastic wraps, there would be dirty shoe prints all over my new apartment, or we might not have moved at all!

My luck this year had been very good so far. Let's see whether it gets even better now that I am living at a new place with better fengshui!


Anonymous said...

Hi Yu-Kym,

You certainly portray a very kind attitude towards people, not necessarily your family members. Such as to your landlord, and your friend. Even though you didn't have to.

As a 18 year old, sometimes I struggle with giving, probably of mere self interest and also the fear of not being wanted/appreciated.

But through your post, I'm inspired to give more to others =)

Wish you the best of luck in your new house ~!


David said...


You and your sister must be relieved and tired afte such a busy day!

You often create your own luck. The friends who assisted you did not appear from thin air. You cultivated your social network and now such relations has worked well for you.

Good people, when doing good by others create their own good luck. No doubt many people value your friendship and good company.

Best wishes in your new home!


Neither genius, fame, nor love show the greatness of the soul.
Only kindness can do that.

-- Jean Baptiste Henri Lacordaire

Yu-Kym said...

Hi Hannah, Thanks for your best wishes! I'm happy to hear that I inspired you :) The reciprocation/appreciation rate that I get from others in return is very low. Sometimes I feel like not trying at all but I don't want to regret not helping when I could have so I just keep doing it. Once in a while I meet the rare gems like this friend and ex-landlord!

David, Thanks! I am tired but happy in my new home. I agree that cultivating good relationships is important. It has helped me in all my little successes.

Irynne said...

Wish you and your sister the best of luck on your new home, may everything be smooth going & beautiful for you both! :)
You are a careful planner and organized well with your renovation. Had my place renovated last year started Nov'09 ended only one week before CNY ~ Feb '10 leave everything to the contractor, and everything is in A REAL BIG Mess. Again, I am not as organised as you are, hence the contractor took advantage of me not being there to oversee the reno,he took his own sweet time, and now I am looking for another place to move! Will definately consult you on the fungshui thingy, you are really good! :)

Yu-Kym said...

Hi Irynne, so you'll have to go through the whole process of buying a place and renovation again?

Anonymous said...

I always wonder why people goes through all these trouble and cost to renovate when all it needs is a cleanup or a coat of paint.

After all in Sillypore, YOU DON'T OWN THE LAND. The Stinki garment can repossess your place for just $1.00

In other countries, when you buy a property, you also own the land, it is free hold.

In SG, freehold properties are very rare and very expensive.

Who changed all this since independance, just ask Mr Con-You.

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, did you see the pictures of my 25-year-old place before renovation?
When a place is that old and is poorly maintained, safety is a concern. Lumps of cement, tiles and fixtures can drop off from the walls and the circuit breaker needs to be changed.
However, I agree that many people do spend excessive amounts of money to renovate their HDB apartments.

Although it's true that the place can be repossessed by the government for $1, I have not heard of it being done to HDB apartment owners.

Anonymous said...

"When a place is that old and is poorly maintained, ... Lumps of cement, tiles and fixtures can drop off from the walls and the circuit breaker needs to be changed."
- HDB has an "overhang" ( i.e. excessive newly build flats left simply empty ) of around 15,000 flats, a lot of these are in the outer areas like Jurong etc. You can look at them on Depending of where you want to live, you may get a bland new flat within your price range, or you may end up with an old flat if you want to live close to the city. To SGers, a 20 minute commute is too long ah!
- A few years ago, an audit found that the cost to the garment to build a HDB flat is around SGD $50-60K only (What do you expect?! After all, the build up floor area is < 60 square meters for 3-room flat), but the garment sells it from 400K-600K, a 1000% mark up. This must be the best monopoly business in the world!

"Lumps of cement, tiles and fixtures can drop off from the walls"
- HDB is supposed to be cheap and nasty. Some years ago windows start falling off, and the owners have to replace the window rivets even though it is HDB's poor materials and workmanship that was the cause of the problem.

"Although it's true that the place can be repossessed by the government for $1, I have not heard of it being done to HDB apartment owners. "
- It happened 3 times over 3-4 years ago before there was a huge outcry from the people. The $1 confiscation was more on strips of land from private free-hold properties.
- the Singapore Land Property Act entitles the Stinki garment to compulsory repossess properties based on valuations of valuers APPOINTED BY THE GOVERNMENT (i.e. they are NOT independent valuers) hence market valuation is not relevant in this sort of cases.
- You have read of people losing their HDB flats because they breached the HDB rules etc.

When you consider that over 85% of people in Singapore live in HDB flats and yet Singki garment boast that Singapore is the richest nation with the highest per person GDP per capita in ASEAN, you soon realise that is only an empty boast.

Look at the whole island, it is covered mostly with monotonous HDB flats, not much industry, Jurong Industrial areas are quite rundown, Biopolis etc not much there. There are a number of skyscrapers, SUNTEC city is build with HK money before 1997, etc. So they definitely need the "3 Grave Stones", casinos etc to make money. But Singapore is also the world's premier hot-money laundering centre with the support from the Con-You garment! To understand why, you need to understand his background as a collaborator and black-marketer for the Japanese Military during the Occupation.