Internal Fengshui of my home

External fengshui is more important than internet fengshui. But I'm going to write about internal fengshui of my house first.

We are now in period 8 (2004 to 2023). Each period spans 20 years.
Period 7 was from 1984 to 2003; period 9 will be 2024 to 2043.

There are different Flying Star charts for each period and each facing direction of your house/apartment building. The facing direction of the door is not necessarily the direction of the house/apartment. For apartments, the facing direction of the building is the one that is to be used to determine which Flying Star chart to use. My apartment building faces South-2 and building completed in Period 7, therefore I will use the Period 7, South-2 Flying Star chart to superimpose on my floor plan.

First, I identify direction/orientation (North, South, East, West).
Notice that I tilted the floor plan so that the rooms fit into squares. I did this because the rooms are squarish while the kitchen and living rooms are odd-shaped. I fill out the "missing" sectors to form a square (see blue lines). Next, I divide the square into 9 equal sections (see brown lines) and mark North, South, East, West, North-Wast, North-West, etc on the floor plan.

Referring to the Period 7, South-2 Flying Star chart (which states the numbers for each sector), I copy the numbers from the respective sectors onto my floor plan.

This is what I get:

There are superstitious beliefs that anything with a digit 4 is bad and 8 is good; it is not the case here. We are in period 8, therefore 8 is good because it represents the present. 9 and 1 are good too because they represent the near future. 7, 2 and 5 are numbers that we want to avoid.

The Sitting Star (that represents health) is the number on top left, Facing Star (that represents wealth) is the number on top right. E.g. SW sector at the bottom where the main door is located has a Sitting Star 6 and Facing Star 8.

Here are the ideal,ok and bad Sitting/Facing Star for each area of the house:

Main door: Ideal-8,9,1 Facing star; Ok-6 Facing star; Avoid-7,2,5
Kitchen: Ideal-8,9,1,3,4 Facing star; Ok-8,9,1,3,4 sitting star; Avoid-7,2,5,6
Bedroom: Ideal-8,9,1 sitting star; Ok-6,4 sitting star; Avoid-7,2,5,3,especially 2-3 or 2-5 combinations

Main Door Evaluation
Main door: Ideal-8,9,1 Facing star; Ok-6 Facing star; Avoid-7,2,5,especially 2-5 combination

For my house, the main door has Facing Star 8 which is ideal for wealth generation in this period. Other than just looking at the numbers in the chart, I also have to look at the door, through the door from the inside and outside, and consider the positioning of my door in the corridor of the building.
- Natural light should be able to shine around the door area.
Bright door area

- There is no blockage when I enter from outside to inside to allow free movement. There are no sharp wall edges within the house that point to the door or heavy beam above the door. Wall edge is visible from outside the door but looking at the floor plan, it does not point at the door and extends to the edge of the door. The positioning of the bedroom doors and kitchen doors relative to the main door allow good flow and distribution of qi to all rooms.
Area inside the house allows for unblocked movement

- There is no blockage when I leave the house from inside to outside. There are no threatening-looking sharps edges or objects that point directly at my door such as a pillar from another building, lamp post, fly-over or overhead-bridge, overhanging hill, etc.
No blockage outside the door

- My main door is closest to the elevator but does not face the elevator door directly. The door that is closest to the elevator area gets the most qi (positive energy).
Notice that I did not mention the facing direction of the door - it's irrelevant.

Kitchen Evaluation
Kitchen: Ideal-8,9,1,3,4 Facing star; Ok-8,9,1,3,4 sitting star; Avoid-7,2,5,6,especially 2-5 combination

The kitchen is in North-East with a #9 Sitting Star and #5 Facing Star (bad!) and East with a #5 Sitting Star and #9 Facing Star. The E sector is better for placing my stove because a #9 Facing Star is ideal.

Bedroom Evaluation
Bedroom: Ideal-8,9,1 sitting star; Ok-6,4 sitting star; Avoid-7,2,5,3,especially 2-3 or 2-5 combinations

Bedrooms are where we rest so we consider the Sitting Star that represents health.
My sister's bedroom has a #4 Sitting Star. It is Ok for a bedroom.
My bedroom has a #8 Sitting Star, so it is ideal for a bedroom.

Living Room
Most part of the living room has unfavourable Sitting and Facing Stars: 2-3 and 3-2 so we should avoid using this room. The only usable part is the West sector along the windows. We will be spending most of our time at home in our respective rooms.

Activating the #9 or #1 Facing Star (for wealth)
Activating the #9 or #1 Facing Stars will be good for generating investment income and money from own business/intellectual property respectively. Activating one of it is enough. The easiest way to "activate" a Star in a particular sector is to use the room. Because it's a bedroom, we cannot use water features for activation but should use "active objects" like electric fan, TV, radio or hi-fi. My sister will be using her bedroom with the #1 Facing Star so it will be activated. However, she needs to keep the room clutter-free and junk-free.

Non-activation of the #3 and #5 Facing Stars
These 2 stars will bring loss of wealth and inability to save money. They can be found in my kitchen and living room. We will avoid spending too much time in these sectors. We also should not place large fish tanks or "active objects" - which will active the Stars - there.

Fish Tank
For period 7, South-2 facing house, we can position a big fish tank in SW, E and SE. SE is a bedroom so that's out. SW is the maindoor and storeroom areas but there's no space there unless we want to put the fish tank in the storeroom! E is where the kitchen window is. I'm planning to put the stove facing the rightmost window and the portion on the left that occupies 1 window width has been removed. But a fish tank beside the bin or a fish tank in the recess beside the stove aren't appropriate.
Kitchen window

Sink support removed

Missing sectors
If more than half of the sector is missing, then the sector is regarded as a missing sector.
The North sector is missing. Anyway, it's a bad sector so we won't be using it. The North sector is associated with jobs that involve tourism, transportation, water which are not industries that either of us work in.
The West sector is missing. It is associated with jobs that involve speaking and hands-on jobs like surgery, singing which are not our jobs.
This house is ok for us to live in despite the missing sectors but it won't be suitable for people who work as divers or surgeons.
(For writers, South-East sector is important while for people in finance industry, it's the North-West.)

If you have any suggestions or if you think I got it wrong somewhere, please let your comments. Please let me know the source of your information because there are many books on fengshui that are based on superstition. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

wow, bery the chim ah .....

Anonymous said...

As you said "External fengshui is more important than internal fengshui", and your description of internal fengshui is like numerology - doesn't that drive you round the bend! And who believes numerology anyway. It is like judging your FB with numerology adding up his vital statistics and then deriving a conclusion e.g. how far can he thrust and how long can he last!

I believe how one feels inside the house is more heavily influenced by the surrounding environ looking outwards ( from inside out ) e.g. whether it is bright and uplifting rather than dark and gloomy, what sort and the amount of activities outside the house etc, instead of being influenced by numeric digits!

I once got into a large billion dollar company ( which is now bankrupt ) and they have used internal fengshui throughout to design their offices, including big fish tanks on every floor, to ensure they would prosper!

But that did not prevent them going bankrupt really big time leading to some high profile court cases.

And perhaps the clue that they may go bankrupt is by looking at their company's "mascot" which the locals call "an idiot", a man wearing a beanie, with a few hairs of moustache on his face, dressed like a drifter one finds in the gutter! And they painted this "mascot" on the walls of every floor in every office all over the world ( they have overseas offices), and one side of the wall is often painted with a different colour to the other side of the wall too! So when you walk into the office, you see this fish tank, and on the wall next to the tank is this "idiot' mascot painted on the wall! So the lesson is "internal fengshui simply cannot overcome idiotic management"!

David said...


Now I really need your help.
Facing stars
Sitting star
Missing sector

Far beyond my feeble ability to understand Fengshui.

Interesting that the company anon mentioned appeared to have done all the right fengshui and was mis-managed into bankruptcy.

I found out some regarding Joey Yap.
I was suprised to find a few of his books available at Amazon NA.
Mr. Yap is mentioned as an astrologer. Is there a connection between Fengshui and astrology?

I am growing in my skepticism, and am beginning to believe there is more to common sense than what I have read here.

Can you please, please, provide a very basic Fengshui for absolute beginners?


Yu-Kym said...

Anon, Singapore and Hong Kong governments use fengshui when designing state buildings. Both economies have prospered so far (I'm not referring to individual Singaporeans). You are right that fengshui cannot overcome mis-management. In the same way fengshui will not make a person rich if all he does is laze around. There are many bogus fengshui masters around - some of them have even authored books. Real fengshui masters such as Joey Yap advise and acknowledge that there are other factors that determine that outcome. He says fengshui of your house and work environment determines 1/3, what you are born with determines 1/3, and your own actions determine the last 1/3.

David, I suppose the classified him as an astrologer for lack of a better one. You can subscribe to his free email newsletter and read some of his articles at So far, what he has written as compared with other fengshui masters makes the most sense to me. Some fengshui masters advise people to put old coins under their bed or a rooster on their work desks - which I find ridiculous and Joey Yap confirms that those are superstitions and old wives' tales.

David said...


I visited Joey Yap's site. An interesting amalgam of information.

Most of what he presents is worded in nearly religious terms.

JY writes:

"The main core of Feng Shui converges on the subject of 'Qi' or life-force, life giving energies that permeates the universe we live in. Simply put, Qi can be in the form of matter or energy, visible or invisible, tangible or intangible or partially in between both forms. Qi affects the way we live, our thoughts, health, actions, decisions, emotions and ultimately our destiny."

Change a few words and one can use the above paragraph to show how God works in ones life.

Theology is the study of a God or gods and the nature of the divine.

Fengshui is considered a branch of Metaphysics. Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world although it is not easily defined.

The astronomical history of feng shui is evident in the development of instruments and techniques. According to the Zhouli the original feng shui instrument may have been a gnomon. Chinese used circumpolar stars to determine the north-south axis of settlements.

Fengshui has connections with astrology, which I, along with others, consider astrology to be a false science. No two astrologers agree on anything, and astrologers do not make real predictions.

While there common sense aspects found in Fengshui I will rely on you to further enlighten me on this topic.

When time permits I will chart the layout of my home and see what you can tell me about the Fengshui present or not used well.


There was no "before" the beginning of our universe, because once upon a time there was no time.

-- John D. Barrow

Anonymous said...

I have a look at Just get a feeling he is using wiz-bang web marketing to overwhelm his (potential)clients.

And I came across this "funny one" on his web site.

On face reading - "If your nose hair is visible, this indicates that you will barely have enough money to sustain yourself."

My comment:- of course! You don't need a fengshui guy to tell you that at all! The guy is so poor that he can't buy scissors to trim his nose hair! Common sense!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am looking for help in the internet to confirm how to superimpose the flying stars natal chart onto the apartment floor plan correctly and stumble over your blog on your analysis of your unit fengshui. Not sure you can help me to solve this puzzle.
Tower block facing West. If I superimpose the W facing & period 7chart, do I need to align the west sector of my apartment floor plan and put it in the centre palace of the 9 grid box? My floor plan is an almost square shape but because of the tower block facing and the apartment facing must be the same, the square shape of the 9 grid cannot match the square shape of my floor plan. I have a situation where the 4 corners of the unit seated in the N, S, E and West sectors due to the orientation of the unit. Are you able to clear the air?

Yu-Kym said...

You put the centre of your floor plan to the centre of the 9 grid box. Then rotate till the north-south of your floor plan and north-south of the chart are aligned.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I am happy to connect up with someone who is still following JY'teaching. I think I need a bit of hand holding before I can start understanding my internal fengshui. Upon following the given instruction and superimposed the 9 grid chart on floor plan, the setting is quite similar to your floor layout i.e. one sector can be shared by more than one area e.g one sector can be having partial main door, partial kitchen & partial sitting room or partial bedroom & partial dinning room etc. There may be situation where one main door is shared between 2 sectors depending how I shift the grid. For such a situation, what are the guarding principles to follow so that I can properly and correctly analyse each sector? Can master bed room has 2 different set of sitting and facing stars. If yes, how do we know which set to use, especially they are in conflict with each other? tks. edd

Anonymous said...

Look like nobody knows the answer but I found the missing puzzle in one of JY's book yesterday. The book mentions for apartments, the facing direction of the building where the unit is located may not be the same as the direction the unit itself faces. I would infer the building direction need not be in the facing palace when the 9 palaces grid is superimposed on the unit floor plan if unit facing and builing facing do not share the same direction. Bingo!edd

Yu-Kym said...

You determine which chart to use by finding the facing of the building. Otherwise, what chart were you using to superimpose on your floor plan!

Anonymous said...

Well, yes. I thought the unit & building facing must share the same facing palace once chart is superimposed. Can i share some of my humble view after reading your chart? Effect of wealth generation can only be felt if your external FS is having good qi or being a qi container. There is a limited good qi can be received in the unit even tho' the internal FS is wonderful. From JY pure FS book, I realised there is an annual flying star chart and some short term $ related problem is caused by star 3 & 5. I looking for matal and brass wares to counter the star 5 effect. Any recommendation from your network? One last thing, JY's book mentions 1/3 and not half before you consider it as a missing sector. edd

Anonymous said...

no comment? i thought i saw you sitting in the same row as me on 30 Oct morning in one of the seminar but I cannot confirm. How is your online sales? i think there is one poison arrow pointing at your main door coming from the dividing wall of your kitchen. May be a simple renovation job to round off the pointing edge will do the job!edd

Yu-Kym said...

My blog isn't a fengshui blog. Yes, I know that first and foremost, the external fengshui must be good to channel the qi into the house. That's why the title of this post is Internal Fengshui. Think creatively about metal and brass wares. You don't have to buy expensive items from fengshui websites.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

sorry, what is the blog focus? thanks, not looking at expensive FS silver and brass wares. Unlike new age, for classical FS, I think ordinary silver & brass wares should be suffice. edd

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Not sure what have been written that got the blog administrator to remove it. Like to know the "in" theme so that can remain connected. FS is just a remedy. Self diagnostic come first before remedy can be administrated effectively. How to continue offline?edd

Anonymous said...

Don't you know the Sillypore garment Cyber Monitor controls all forums in Stupidpore?

Anonymous said...

Ooo, alright, how abt blog admin? not sure blog is classified as forum. hope to get some answers for my 1 Nov posting in a way that not obvious to cMc.edd

That is a complicated one, thanks for sharing and explaining that thing.

Anonymous said...

sound like same people using different IDs. anyway, no problem and assume "that thing" as FS. By sharing, I can have a bigger capacity to receive even more i.e. knowledge that eventually translate into more tangible positive outcomes just like the blog internal FS. In 2012, the 5 yellow star is flying in from the SE direction and expect more challenges if the bedroom is used for blogging!

Anonymous said...

The Cyber Monitors don't want people to know about the most prominent fengshui feature on this island.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

sorry, care to elaborate? Who is manning the cyber monitor and what is the prominent fengshui feature on this island? curious mind

Dax Loh said...

Hi Yu-Kym,

can I get some help from you to help me plot the flying star onto my floor plan and see if my house is ok