Furniture positioning for good Fengshui

In my previous post, Internal Fengshui of my home, I described the fengshui of the apartment.

The furniture in our bedrooms must be positioned according to favourable directions that correspond to our respective year of birth.

Positioning of furniture in bedrooms

The furniture in our bedrooms must be positioned according to favourable directions that correspond to our respective year of birth.

Fortunately, the same directions are favourable for my sister are favourable for me so it was easy for me to plan the positioning. They are: North-East, North-West, West, South-West.

My sister does not do work at home so only the positioning and direction of her bed are important.
- Bed must not be too close to the door.
- The pointing direction of the bed is determined by where her head points when she sleeps, not where her toes point.
- The head of the bed should be against a wall. If you are unable to find a favourable direction, you should still place it against a wall instead of tilting it to a favourable direction.
Her bed is positioned furthest from the door with her bed head pointing Southwest.

My bed is also positioned furthest from the door. My bed head points Northeast.

Positioning of work desk

The positioning and direction of the study table is important if work is done at home.

I work at home so I have to plan the direction that my desk faces. For work desk, the direction that the person is facing is the direction to consider. I position my desk facing the window, facing Southwest in my bedroom.

It is good to use/spend more time in certain sectors of the house according to the year.
2010: Northwest sector (living room)
2011: West sector (living room at window)
2012: Northeast sector (middle part of kitchen)
I may place my table in the living room facing a favourable direction in 2010 and 2011.

Positioning of stove in kitchen
For the kitchen, the positioning and direction of the stove are important. Where there are more than 1 occupants, the breadwinner's year of birth takes precedence.

- The stove must be placed against a wall, not in an island table in the middle of the kitchen.

- The oven must not be placed directly beside the wash basin. It is ok to be placed beside the refrigerator.

- The pointing direction of the stove is not the direction where the cook faces. It is the direction of the "fire mouth". To determine the direction of the fire mouth of the stove, look for the knobs on the cooker. Sometimes the knobs are on the right side - then the fire mouth points to the right side. If the knobs are closer to the cook, in the middle, then the fire mouth points towards the cook. I am getting a standing oven/stove so the fire mouth will point towards me when I am standing in front of it.

Unfortunately, there are limited places to position the stove. Theoretically, the best place to position the stove is at the window. The fire mouth will point West. However, because of the limited space there, the area is too close to the bathroom door and rubbish chute.

I avoid placing the stove in the middle of the house. The kitchen should not be placed in the middle of the house.

This leaves me with the East sector of the house. In this sector, the only wall available will make my stove fire mouth points South, which is an unfavourable direction. I considered getting a built in stove to change the direction of the fire mouth but most stoves will position the fire mouth pointing right, which is East - still a bad direction. However, it looks nicer to position the stove here. There will be more space to put food and it appears more hygienic to cook here instead of near the bin or bathroom door.

In this situation, I simply have to accept the bad direction and allow human preference and common sense to take precedence!

For the placement of other furniture (excludes sizeable fish tank, large wooden, stone, metal structures), I can place them anywhere as long as they do not cause obstruction to the doors and normal activities like walking around the house.

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Anonymous said...

Will you be in 2012, put your work desk at the Northeast sector (middle part of kitchen) as so suggested?

Will the smell of curry or garlic, stimulate you even more at your work?

Yu-Kym said...

The smell of coffee stimulates me but I have not tried curry and garlic!
I doubt I'll put a work desk in the kitchen in 2012. Common sense and practicality have to override fengshui!

Anonymous said...

Yu kim,
how do U see if sw is a good position for you bed position?

i also work from home, which direction should I work best?