Formula 1 Night Race 2010 - Singapore Grand Prix

It's F1 frenzy in Singapore! I don't watch it but I needed to make sure I steer clear of road closures and human traffic jams.

It suddenly occurred to me that perhaps it didn't rain when I needed to move because you put up chillies and onions to prevent the rain from coming down! Thanks for that! :P

In case you don't know why chillies and onions prevent rain, here's a video from Formula 1 Singapore in 2009 of our Prime Minister:

If he says so, it must be true. I find it peculiar that it never rains during our National Day parades.

To those watching the 2010 race: don't forget to put up chillies and onions again!)


David said...


I trust you and your sister need time to get your new home set up.

I trust you will take a break and treat one another to deserved evening out for R&R.


Life offers many choices. Eternity offers only two.

-- Author Unknown

Yu-Kym said...

We would prefer an evening IN for R&R :D We are homely and we love our new home.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he should have said "Our prayers for 'mee siam mai hump'" prevented the rain from puring down.

Or was it 'please mai hump mee' that worked better than chillis and onions ?