Blood donation in Singapore: Who gets the blood?

I just received a call from my friend. His good friend is in critical condition, warded in National University Hospital intensive care unit. He has leukemia. He had just undergone chemotherapy and vomited lots of blood. He needs blood type O+ (or O-). The hospital refuses to give him any blood for transfusion and told him to get his own donors. I wonder:
- Do they tell people to get their own blood to avoid depleting their supplies?
- Is there a selection criteria for the hospital to agree to give blood to certain people depending on their condition or status in society?

The health authorities keep asking the public for blood. When the public gives blood, we are not paid for the blood. The recipient of the blood needs to pay for it. Fair enough - the blood needs to be collected, stored and processed - somebody needs to pay for it.

But I'm shocked to hear that that hospital refuses to give him any blood at all!

He has a wife and 2 children who need him. Of course, it's not fair to say that a man with a wife and 2 children need blood more than a man who doesn't but then who receives the blood if not this man?

(Information about blood donation: Who can donate)

NUH responds: read it here

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Anonymous said...


Does he still need blood?

andrewcha said...

Sadly im not in spore. Im willing to donate mine.

Yu-Kym said...

Hi, he still needs blood. Can you please send me an email with your name and contact number if you can be so kind as to consider donating? Thanks!

Thanks for the thought Andrew :)

David said...


If I could help your friend I would, but being A neg, my blood would not work with him.

Perhaps because SG has such a small population, blood supplies are chronically low.

However I do know that in the Philippines families often have to pay for blood units or as in your friends case, find suitable donors.

Your friend being denied blood unless he provides his own donors is a tragedy.

SGs policies for blood donations appears to be similar to ours here in the States.

I hope you and others can find enough people to get the needed donations.

One can only assume there is a blood shortage in SG. BTW, I am a few weeks away from being able to donate my 34th lifetime unit of -A neg blood.

Read the following:

Blood substitutes are being developed, and in time will offer more hope for people like your friend.

Please let us know how this man fares, and if possible do what you can to aid his family!


It is a sure mark of grace to desire more.

-- Robert Murray M'Cheyne

Yu-Kym said...

David, thankfully the man's wife managed to get a list of potential donors. When I spoke with her last Saturday (18 Sep 2010), she said his body was retaining too much fluid. After the press published the alleged incident and NUH denying it, I think he would be getting the blood that he needs.