Bad table manners

Where do people learn table manners? Either from their parents, friends or books. Unfortunately, some people never learn or bother to learn table manners.

Common table manners isn't about which fork to use in a restaurant or whether you should put the entire soup spoon into your mouth. (By the way, the right way to drink soup with a soup spoon is to scoop the soup in the direction away from yourself, then lift the spoon to your mouth, place it on your lower lip, tilt the spoon towards you and sip from the spoon without putting the entire spoon into your mouth).

The unclosable mouth
I think it's normal to have a little food in your mouth when you talk because sometimes you get asked a question when you've just put something in. But keeping your mouth open while chewing your food and laughing with your mouth wide open when it's full of food are simply disgusting!

Many men openly use toothpicks at the dinner table. Many old men at coffee shops do it but we shouldn't be learning table manners from them, should we? Cover your mouth with your hand or a napkin if you have to pick your teeth.

Sharing utensils
It's common to help other people at the dining table take food that they are unable to reach. Most eateries provide serving utensils. If they don't request for some or pass the plate instead of scooping food for others using your own saliva-drenched spoon.

Sharing food
Some people help themselves to other people's food though they were never offered any. It's also disgusting to have someone else's saliva in your food. I could be upset if the person takes a portion of my food that I really like.

Weight off the table
There's a reason why people say you should keep your elbows off the table. Sometimes people make everything on the table jump when they put their elbows on the table and when they lift their elbows off the table. Drinks can spill and someone's chopsticks might to up his nose from the shock.

Shaking legs
Some guys shake their legs and maintain the table in constant vibration. If you need to shake your legs, please keep them away from the legs of the table.

Kicking legs
When the table is small, sometimes you might accidentally kick someone else's legs. When you kick something, do check whether you've kicked someone or the leg of the table and apologise if you need to. It can be traumatizing for me to go home with a blue black on my shin.

Space invader
There are invisible boundaries everywhere. When there's too many dishes and too little space like at wedding dinners I don't mind people's plates and utensils on my "space". But if there's ample space on a table, I dislike people placing their elbows, cups and plates on my side of the table.


David said...


What is going on here? I am in complete agreement with you this topic.

BTW, manners are learned, or as the case might not learned, from parents. Children are powerful observers. They watch parents, relatives and older children. Young children will do their best to mimick the actions they see others doing.

The result is often hilarious as young children do not have good motor control, (for those of you not familiar - motor control is how one controls body movement).

Young boys and girls show the greatest difference. Girls develop fine motor skills earlier than boys. I remember watching a young nephew when he was between 18 and 24 months old, learning how to use a fork. He could find his mouth. However removing the fork from his mouth he engaged in what we called the unguided fork of danger. He would wave is around in what appeared to be random motions. We feared for his eyes, but really any adult nearby was in danger if they got to close.

Back to lack of manners. If parents do not possess adequate manners, or fail to impress table manners on children, then that males or female child will not have good if any table manners when older.

A truly loving and dedicated gf or bf might improve manners with time, but one is talking many years of tender and persistent effort.

Interesting that manners are best taught in a family unit.

I am aware that some schools teach more advanced table manners, older children can copy and do what is needed to pass a class, but few change their everyday manners.


He that returns good for evil obtains the victory.

-- Thomas Fuller

Anonymous said...

Why should we follow the near bankrupt white people's custom when all they do is print paper money when they are broke - that leads to the hugh devaluation of $USD and since $SGD is linked to the US dollar, Singapore dollar automatically devalues too - and we Singaporeans all suffer because of crap from Americans.

We eat with chop sticks and not spoon and fork and knives. Westerns will commit murders with stack knives on the dinner table.

And Indians and Malays eat with their hands.

There is no need to kiss Westerners arse!

Anonymous said...

I quite dislike banquets where you get seated with strangers. Some coughed facing the food without covering their mouths. Many people have the habit of using their contaminated chopsticks to stir the dishes looking for what they want. By the time they got what they wanted, half of those dishes contain his/her DNA. Yuck!

Anonymous said...

I think the worst is when someone after a meal or during the meal keeping making this disgusting "sucking" sound with their mouth. Like they are trying to suck out the food that stuck between their teeth ! Yuck !

Anonymous said...

'disgusting "sucking" sound with their mouth'

No lah. They are simply practicing their BJ skill to get everyone excited that they get hard-ons or get wet. Some people may even record such sounds to playback later for their enjoyment.

Ho said...

You forgot about people who sms non-stop during meals. Are those sms-es more important then the host or the companions sitting on those tables?

If you are totally bored with the people on the tables, just leave. The people may find you irritating with those handphone buttons too.