Why am I so busy?

I've been too busy to respond to my casual emails that I've left them unanswered for a month! A few people thought I felt offended by something they wrote.

People who are jobless can be very busy too, you know. Or perhaps it's a matter of work expanding to fill the time. Here's what I've been busy with:

1. Writing my book
It progressing but not as fast as I would like. My mind has been pre-occupied with other things. I just got most of it printed out on the back of some music scores that I'll never need again.

2. Writing an article for a magazine
Some of you may already know which magazine it's for. I'll let you know once it's out at the newstands.

3. Home acquisition and renovation
After 7 months of waiting, my sister is FINALLY got the keys on her HDB apartment today. It's a long story why it took so long - basically the agent made decisions for her about unchangeable appointment dates with HDB without consulting her. My sister asked for a reduction in commission and he only agreed to reduce it by $200. Ridiculous! I had to tell him off just now and I did.

I'll be moving in to her place so I'm helping with the renovation. We've selected a contractor and picked out the tiles last Saturday but there's still lots to do. You can look forward to before and after pictures of the apartment.

4. Landlord issues
I have to terminate my lease at my current place. My landlord started giving me problems as soon as I gave him notice when he realised that he wasn't going to get any more money from me. He's a gambler who spends tomorrow's money. Anyway, he seems to have found a solution to his money problems and has stopped calling me.

I have been unable to sleep normally - only falling asleep between 4-7am the past month. It's definitely not due to of the book or the article because they're things that I enjoy doing and I'd been fine the past half year. It must be the renovation that's stressing me out because my sister is also feeling stressed about it. She had dizzy spells so bad she had to leave the office 1 hour from arriving there and had to be put in a wheelchair at the polyclinic. The doctor found no problems with her blood pressure and other health indicators so he concluded that she must be stressed out. My landlord issue was also stressful because he told me that there were loansharks looking for him!

I am looking forward to a good night's rest at my new home soon!


Allen Batabano said...

Interesting blog. Insomnia sucks, I understand your stress.

Keep up the great work.

David said...


At least the world knows you are not bored. Not that you are bored often, altough is sounds like you would now welcome a boring moment.

Perhaps you might re-read some of my longer post, I suspect they put many to sleep.... ;-)

You will be better off without your current landlord. It was unfortunate your sister found an unscrupulous agent to handle the purchase of her apartment.

Your landlord, appears to be a real blooter and got himself involved with loansharks, and the landlord likely is a gambling addict. His stress is not your problem as he is the cause of his own problems. Except for the fact he now making your move out a much more difficult move than is should be.

If I remember correctly HDB units are government managed, if so, are the units well maintained or are there ongoing problems?

I recognize that sheet music, as I have sung that piece in a choir?

I would happlily like to read about what you a doing with a Christmas piece? ? ?

Nosey American's always asking personal questions, (no wonder people get pissed off at some of my posts....)

Most of your sisters health problems can be exacerbated by stress, however dizzy spells can be caused by many more reasons than increased stress, likely an undiagnosed problem or lifestyle issue.

I trust all these issues will work themselves out, no doubt the result
of your valuable time and efforts!

Here is hoping that your goodnights rest and nice newer home will come sooner than later!


Gratitude is the most fruitful way of deepening your consciousness that you are not an "accident," but a divine

-- Henri Nouwen

David said...


Big duh moment.

I read this post again, and now know what you are doing with the music.

To short of an attention span on my part.


Whatever else may be said of man, this one thing is clear: He is not what he is capable of being.

-- G. K. Chesterton

Joseph said...

Maybe you should consider taking sometime off. Go for a destress SPA.

It's will helps.

Anonymous said...

Take a valium or sex or meditate or masterbate with dildo to de-stress lah!

Isn't it terrible living in Sillypore where the garhman absolutely rip people off, HDB is so expensive when in other countries, public housing is supposed to be "chip, chip, chip". And there are so many rules to follow some more, otherwise you lose the flat!

And you have to renovate a second hand HDB some more. The Sinki garhmen is really stinki!

Next time do it yourself to get a flat rather than getting an agent, because as you have posted previously, Singi's are famours for poor service!

Yu-Kym said...

Thanks Allen :)

David, the exterior and common areas of HDB units are well-maintained but the interiors are the responsibility of the residents. For some strange reason, many people don't bother to maintain their own apartments which they paid good money for.

Joseph, I'm not outwardly stressed. As long as the root of the problem is not resolved, going to the spa, exercising really hard or getting a massage won't work. It's the same way when I was stressed about work.

Anon, many people have made tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars from property here. Any Singapore who is willing to work hard and save hard has the opportunity to own property and prosper here. As for property, we should compare property prices against countries where land is scarce like Hong Kong and Japan rather than Australia or developing Asian countries. Unless I'm in the property industry myself and know exactly what to do and the right contacts, it's not feasible to find my own flat without an agent. Advertisements are posted by agents. To find a flat without encountering an agent is virtually impossible.