Where's all the sex stuff?

I know I have not written many sex topics here at my blog lately. Don't worry, it's not because I've been reformed or anything like that! I've been writing my book which is sex-related. Like any normal person, I don't think about sex 24 hours a day so when I'm not writing my book, I take a break and write about something else. I've completed 50% of the first draft of my book and the first draft is in good shape already.

I'm still some way from getting the book published: I'll need to complete the remaining 50%, re-write to 2nd draft, have it edited, make modifications, have it proof-read, confirm the book title, design the inner layout and cover, find a printer, prepare a marketing plan and get a distributor.

I'll be self-publishing instead of selling the rights to my material to a publisher. This means I'll have to pay for everything from my own pocket. I might want to use digital printing instead of offset printing. The initial capital outlay for offset printing is higher and the minimum quantity per print batch is more but the cost per book drops if more books are printed.

Although some people may advise that I should have confidence in the sales of my book and print more, I treat this as a "business". Having confidence alone does not sell anything. I must keep a close eye on cost much especially because I don't have a full-time job and no sponsors (I give money to parents, not parents give me money). Many self-published authors do not earn back what they spent on publishing their books. Yes, writing is my passion - I don't mind writing for little or no money but not for a huge loss!

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Anonymous said...


You have chosen your own path towards launching the book, like doing almost everything yourself, making do without additonal income etc. Your praiseworthy passion must equate with the risks you are prepared to undertake.

You say too that you dont have a fulltime job and yet u give your parents an allowance. How then do you survive? Do you come from a reasonably well to do family? Does your property, bank stocks or gold assets provide you with some form of income? lol You must be quite savvy in your investments!

I am also quite surprised that you are not yet ready to launch your book and it would take some time more before your book sees the light of day. Why the snail's pace? I would imagine if I am in your situation, I would want to expedite things more?

Nevertheless I wish you every success. I normally wait for a new book to be catalogued in the library. But in your case, I will buy. keke

curious cat

Anonymous said...

hi Yu Kym, do you accept any sponsor?

Yu-Kym said...

curious cat, my parents earned an extremely modest income. I have income from investments and trading. Writing is an art. Time and inspiration are required.

Anon, it would be great if I have sponsors! Anyone who wants to sponsor my book can send me an email and we can discuss further.

Anonymous said...

OIC Yu-Kym

Your situation is indeed very challenging.

I'm glad you are open to appropriate sponsorships for your book. But why may I ask are you much less inclined to have advertisement income from your blogs? A few suitable advertisers may come your way with a little more imagination, a little more accommodation from you. I'm sure every little bit helps.

Your "Mari-Kita" article is funny. Leading up to the launch of your book on "sex" perhaps in half a year or sooner, I think it would be wise to gradually generate more participation in your blogs on pheripheral sex-related topics like "Mari-Kita" so that you build your fan base on sex-topics leading up to your book launch.

You dont want to blog too much on topics that duplicate in any way those in the contents of your book, but you certainly want to increasingly blog on sex topics leading to the launch. Of course, you should continue to blog on other non sex-related topics as well but keep away from "sensitive" topics less you alienate some readers. lol

Just some thoughts on good business practices. keke

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

curious cat, I didn't say I would accept any type of sponsorship for my book. I doubt I'll get any so I'll think about it if I get an offer.

Anonymous said...


Neither did i say you would accept "any" type of sponsorship! But yes, if there are any offers to sponsor or advertise, take them up if they are suitable. If there are marginal cases, your readers may help you decide by offering their views.

Again in view of your modest living, every bit of finance helps in the promotion of your book.

curious cat