Where are all the good men?

There are still many good men around! Of course, there are! They are all look terrible, have no money and are boring. They are only good because they don't have the opportunity to be bad. Give them good looks and they'll become flirts and cheats. Give them lots of money and they'll become playboys. Give them a glib tongue and they'll become just another NATO man.

A woman may have met a man when he was financially struggling to survive. Neither may be financially well-off but you think with planning and with love you can build a life together. They are full of hopes and dreams. But once the man gets some money, he's thinking to himself why he's still with this woman who is now old when he can get a younger one. Or he might have started working out at the gym, developed an admirable physique and got a complete makeover and he's thinking to himself why he's settling for an average-sized woman when he can get a bootylicious babe. Or he might have discovered how to use the Internet to create an interesting online persona to attract women with his online persona but when women meet him they discover that he's not what he made himself out to be.

It's normal for people to want to upgrade themselves and their accessories. I'm not judging whether it's right or wrong. I'm just saying that men can only be good when they have no looks, no money and are boring.

- The same does not apply to women.
- Not all men with no looks, no money and are boring are good.


Anonymous said...

Oh so very mostly true Yu-Kym! Men! bloody ungrateful dogs! lol

curious cat

Anonymous said...

Love the loony way you write :)

Anonymous said...

Lol you're so right about this. I find it terribly difficult to locate good and eligible men.

Anonymous said...

If any woman has difficulties finding good men, you just have to accept one fact and you will henceforth have no problems:

"Good men are Bad men"! Accept this as not mutually exclusive!

By bad, I don't mean "evil" ok?...just bad or not a saint! keke You cant have it any other way. If you want good men to be saintly good men, then you will get boring men! lol

curious cat

David said...


There are good men all around you. Hiding in plain sight.

A simplistic answer to be sure.

One gets the impression that physical appearance, and financial stability, with some degree of financial success is necessary to meet your selection criteria. That eliminates most foreign men as Caucasians have body hair every where to some degree.

However all the above is an unfair assessment of what you are looking for in a man. Superficial aspects aside only Yu-Kym know what her heart yearns for.

Good and maybe great sex from your partner. A great idea. How about the concept of someone to grow old with?

In a distant decade a long, long time ago. I wondered where all the good women were.

I met all the wrong types. To many with damaged psyche from failed and abusive relationships. Most others found me easy to say no too.

It was obvious that I was looking, or should say LOOKING.

During this period I simply did not want to be alone. Most women were looking for a relationship. The one thing I could not offer at that stage in life.

Even after reading much of what you have posted I would never say I have any real idea of what kind of women you are.

To be fair I believe you are an honorable and and honest person. After that the gulf between us is greater than mere years, well decades.

I wish you success in this part of life's journey as much as I wish you success as an author.

Success in life and those important things like being accepted and loved for the person we are does not come easily.

I wish I could offer more here.

One more pure speculative comment; I do not believe Yu-Kym is a quitter at attaining a goal worth achieving?

Right or wrong?

That good man is out there and you will find him!


Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible, and receives the impossible.

-- Corrie ten Boom

Kent said...

The conclusion is, men are all good. Men only changed depends on the environment, or the women they met.

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of good men around with money, handsome, and stable in every aspect.

But they also have brains too i.e. they are not dummies.

For girls who sleep around, there are changes in their bodies which tell the men that these girls have no loyalty and sleep around all the time, i.e. their clitories do the thinking for them! Imagine if such men marries such women, they will find other men's cum on their bed sheets or even in their wifes' virgina when they are doing it! They can't even be sure of their children's father. And these good them will run for their lives unless they are looking for FB.

So don't blame the men. Lead an honourable life please.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. Men are lecherous pigs.

It's no wonder women are busy beautifying themselves with superficial values instead of having REAL values, since men only appreciate youth and beauty. I mean, come on, it's not like it's the women's fault for wanting to be beautiful, right? They just want to catch a rich hunk!

But then... if the ration of women to men is 1:1, why are there still so many porkchops and the demand for beautiful women is never ending quest for men? Is it because women are too lazy to be beautiful?

Anonymous said...

Qn: Where are all the good men?
Ans: Busy staying away from u.


Anonymous said...


Your take on what would impress Yu-Kym in a man is correct. It's not unfair. Her brain controls her heart. lol But what makes you form the opinion that caucasian men with hair on their bodies are a turn off for Yu-Kym?

And also, pls pray tell, how do you propose Yu-Kym find that good man herself?

curious cat

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on "Busy staying....",

The "good men" stayed away from Yu-Kym partly because she is too good and too superior for these so-called "good men". If they are really that "good" they would not stay away from such a fine, and I quote David "honest and honourable" girl like her.

The other part is of course she is too superior and obstinate for her own good. That is why she is still searching.

curious cat

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on "why the demand for beautiful women is never ending quest for men",

You gave the answer yourself lah....when you say men are lecherous pigs!

Actually the correct term is "men are dogs"! lol

And of course the women too are to blame..coz these "bitches" provide the temptation. You dont believe me you take a look at how the male and female dogs cavort and copulate! lol

By the way what do you call a male dog? Butch?

curious cat

Anonymous said...


How the hell did you come to the conclusion that "men are all intrinsicly good" and its the women that turns them bad?

curious cat

Anonymous said...

Anonymous who said "There are plenty of good men around with money, handsome, and stable in every aspect.But they also have brains too"

What makes u so sure they are "good"? Precisely because they have all these qualities and have brains to boot, that they can hide their badness from public view. Well, not all the time! Some do get caught. lol

If these so-called "good men" are truly good and saintly, I say they are very likely to be unexciting and boring! I'm sure one can have looks, money, brains, stability, and can be incredulously sedentary too!

curious cat

curious cat

Anonymous said...

let sae the man is boring, kind, down to earth type, average looks...Wld u EVEN consider him in the first place? :P

David said...

CC, read Yu-Kym's archives and one will discover her likes and dislikes.

Yu-Kym is the only person who find that right man.

There are many Mr. Rightnows.


Anonymous said...

Referring to curious cat's 'If these so-called "good men" are truly good and saintly, I say they are very likely to be unexciting and boring!"'

The above brought into my mind the autopsy report on a woman killed in New Zealand over 8 months ago - they found 3 different men's cum in her "love channel". But they couldn't tell whether it was done serially in one single day or "3 pricks in one hole at the same time".

Perhaps that is the opposite of what you mean by "unexciting and boring"!

Hence to get more excitement, please join Singapore's fastest growing industry - be a street walker, and you will have so many organisms that you will get sick of them!

Anonymous said...

Haha David,

Oh she has blogged she dislikes hairy fellas? lol

But if you read her blogs, Yu-Kym has confessed she doesnt know how to find that right man herself David. So how? Can we help her? keke

curious cat

Anonymous said...


let me answer to Anonymous for you k?

Even if this "average" man is the last man on earth, Yu-Kym would rather confine herself in her apartment, a recluse happy by herself!

That man can be a millionaire, she doesnt care. Err...what about billionaire Yu-Kym? lol

curious cat

Anonymous said...

hahaha Anonymous on "NZ woman",

funny story but I wonder if those street walkers will agree with you that it's exciting! lol

But I've always wondered whether Hugh Hefner gets sick of fucking all those thousands of Playboy bunnies?


curious cat

David said...

Fellas, so much speculation.

CC: Want to find out more about Yu-Kym?

Take her out to dinner at an upscale eatery.

Then tactfully report back for the benefit of the many, like me, who are either married, or on the wrong side of the Pacific.

Again only Yu-Kym can define what a good man is to her. He is likely average in many ways, better than average in some and hopefully with a few great skills.

I notice that CC, Kent, and others are silent about whether they are any women's good man.

I do believe Yu-Kym is both less selective and more demanding than anyone posting a reply will ever know.


Zeal without knowledge is fire without light.

-- Thomas Fuller

Anonymous said...

lol David,

It is very unlikely that Yu-Kym would ever go on a date with me after all I've said in her blogs. I think much of what I contributed says a lot about my character which I doubt she finds "good"! Especially when she knows its not an unscale eatery that I would bring her first but an average plc! Dont want to spoil her too soon. lol

I dont know about Kent, but of course I make for a "good man" for another woman. keke

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

curious cat, "saintly" men are boring and they aren't good men either!

David, I am neither attracted to nor repulsed by Caucasian men. To answer your question, I am not a quitter at attaining a goal worth achieving. I'm not actively looking for a man. As you mentioned in one of your previous comments: to keep working towards my goals and improve myself rather than focus on LOOKING.

Anon "There are plenty of good men around with money, handsome, and stable in every aspect." Some examples, please? What they do in the dark - you'll never know!

Anon, "let say the man is boring, kind, down to earth type, average looks...Wld u EVEN consider him in the first place?" It depends on other aspects of his character. If he's boring but willing to try new things that I suggest, then it's a Yes, otherwise it's a No.

Anon "be a street walker, and you will have so many organisms that you will get sick of them!" Why do men get the impression that street walkers enjoy sex with the men who pay them?

Anonymous said...


Obviously there are exceptions but why cant "saintly" men be "good" men too? I think David is kinda "saintly" and good! But boring as well. Sorry David, of coz to your wife you are the most exciting man! That matters most right? hehe

And Yu-Kym, I also believe you have got it right if you start with the premise "I'm not actively looking for a man". If you always have this in mind, you will eventually find him. It's when one tries too hard in matters of love that one usually fails.

But there's a caveat too Yu-Kym...You have to also keep an open mind and not be too steadfast in your criteria. By that i dont mean hoping that "boring" men can be willing to try new things! duh! You stand a better chance waiting for the sun to rise from the west!

And pls, dont be too intellectual or superior k? I dont mean you should behave stupid or anything.. but keep them within perspective when appropriate? keke. I'm not easily intimidated by alpha females..in fact i relish and find these women challenging...but you do scare me a little! lol

curious cat

Anonymous said...

yu kym,

i think u should consider to go on a date with curious cat...both of u seems to match each other intellectually....or am i wrong?? like the rest, we would love to hear from a male point of view on a date out with yu kym!! :P


Anonymous said...


David suggested I date Yu-Kym to find out more about her psyche! And here you are suggesting the same! That would be a dream for any guy wouldnt it to romance Yu-Kym? I dont waste time to just date and find out more about her. I want to romance her, win her and get under her skirt! lol Coz physical love is a sure way to bind a relationship. hehe

Actually, it is a coincidence that I subscribe to many of what she believes. But our similiarities end as soon as it starts.

Sadly why? Because Yu-Kym is a very intelligent, but uncompromising and hard-headed obstinate girl. In the case of our two strong personalities, we will never work out...we will soon quarrel over certain issues as much as we will also agree on others.

So that is the paradox or the irony sometimes when two personalities are too much alike.

The only saving feature in any relationship with Yu-Kym is that the man must get underneath her skin to bring out the true Yu-Kym. And her true self I believe despite all the exterior hardness is a warm, soft, gentle and quite amiable Yu-Kym. If I can bring these latent personality of hers out, you will see a big 3-carat flawless rock on her dainty finger. Any bigger would be too gross for a class woman like Yu-Kym! She is not that greedy. keke

curious cat

Anonymous said...

Curious Cat,

What u had mentioned, is also what i deduce to be the main relationship problem in Sg.
The Gov and Media had been psychoing woman to be equal to man, be on par at workforce; Ads, movie shows ideal man to be confident, strong willed, charming, adventurous etc
One side is telling them(gals) to be ambitious, and compete furiously yet the other is still strongly enforce the fantasy of every gal to have a "strong" spouse.
SO how would any two strong headed persons get together? As what u had mentioned, they would be fast to disagree as much as they agree on certain issues.

Such cycle is very straining on the relationship, and would there be a man be able to bring out the warm, soft, gentle and amiable woman amid the exterior hardness many woman put up?

Imagine returning home to find that your wife would argue at any single disagreement and worst, knowing that she is employing the same office politics at home. That would be the nightmare of every man.

I could go on and on about this issue, but just to point out. There is bound to be disagreement in a relationship, and if the guy is expected to compromise every now and then, the "confidence" of the guy would be greatly affected, or the relationship would be lost.
So, if any woman are looking for confident man, it would be obvious which party would be compromising more.


Anonymous said...


It is true that having an intelligent, strong woman can be a headache for any man let alone a similarly superior man. But putting aside whether such a union between the two will last or not, frankly I wouldnt have any other woman for my own except such a superwoman as described. Because anything lesser would make me the poorer.

The only exception when I would surely reject such a "quality" woman would be if she thinks she is so superior that she becomes swell-headed and proud, turns unkind to the less fortunate, puts down others less intelligent then her etc. In other words, she is of an obnoxious and offensive character or personality.

That is why I am betting that Yu-Kym is nothing of that objectionable sort but she has more in her that she has yet to reveal that will surely warm a man's heart, including mine. keke

curious cat

Anonymous said...

curious cat,

are u saying all the good things about yu-kym so that u can get under her skirt?? lol

Anonymous said...


I have never heard of an intelligent man saying bad things about an intelligent girl to get under her skirt!

An intelligent man too will say what he sincerely believes or else he will lose his credibility with the girl. An intelligent girl will know if what a man says has good foundation and makes sense.

And for sure, Yu-Kym is not some bimbo whom any man can fool!

And yes, she knows that I want to get under her skirt or else she wont even pay attention to me.

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

curious cat, a man may be unable to come up with exciting ideas so he's seen as "boring" but he may be willing to go along with whatever I come up with.
I pay attention to everyone who leave comments here. I value their comments and appreciate them taking time to write something.

BP, I don't think it's got to do with what the government tells us. Many men do like less traditional "independent" women and even muscular women. Some people get the wrong impression that all women who are confident and hold good positions at work want to wear the pants when they get home. The real situation may be quite the opposite.

Anonymous said...


U best rethink about a "boring" man willing to go along with "whatever you come up with"! How long do you think before his basic sedentary nature comes back to roost?

Likely after you are both married!

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

"boring" is subjective. Some women expect men to come up with ideas and plans so a man who doesn't is classified as "boring". I have no problems coming up with plans so as long as a man is willing to go along with them, I think he's ok.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for joining this late to the party.

Yu-Kym; have faith. Someday, when you meet your soul mate, you will instinctively know he is the right one.

When two souls of an exact match meet, their intuition would tell them that there is something they need to find out about the other.

For Yu-Kym, even if he is a serial womaniser, he will find the strength to live up to her expectations; or she will have the confidence to train him out of the habit/vice.

Whether it would be soon or not; has already been "fixed" for her.

I wish it be soon for her.

Regards, Leo

Anonymous said...


A serial womaniser will have the strength to change his spots? Oh, come on.....what are the chances of this happening? He may seem to have re-invent himself for a while into the marriage but give him half the excuse later down the "monotonous monogamous" road of marriage he will soon leave Yu-Kym fuming!

And I believe Yu-Kym does have too much of a patience to "train" someone out of a serious vice as a serial womaniser. lol

curious cat

Anonymous said...

And Leo,

One other thing.. you believe in fate or destiny huh? lol as in..."Whether it would be soon or not; has already been "fixed" for her".

You dont think one makes his or her own destiny for the most part? So I say if that someone has been 'fixed' for her, whether it be soon or later or never all depends on Yu-Kym making the effort.

curious cat

Anonymous said...

Hi all

My appologies for not explaining what I meant by the term "Fixed".

I am guided by the belief every event no matter how random, trivial, tragic or blissful; has been 'planned'.

The folks who designed our universe are capable of arranging an infinite number of events. The outcome of these events becomes the very situation we are in.

I'm sorry but that is the simplest explanation I know.

So if I was typing this message to all of you, this is an event "fixed" to take place.

Some of you may be very offended, but we are introduced to this world to suffer.

Very pessimistic? Ask anyone whether he or she has ever suffered - invariably the reply is yes.


I am sorry, but if I explained further, ever more folks would be offended.

Thus I respectfully request this subject not be discussed any further.

"what are the chances a serial womaniser would change his spots"; I think if you are fortunate enough to meet your soul-mate, and destined to be happy with her/him, something will tell the womaniser that the one and only mate he needs is his soul-mate.

Meeting your soul-mate need not always lead to a happy outcome. For our marriage, we were fated to suffer badly and we did.

After we became aware that suffering is our fate, we are prepared and able to understand & accept it. In this way, the impact has been reduced.

Regards, Leo

EjectionSeat said...

Or alternatively, this elusive guy could well be done with abusing his good looks to get his way; manipulating the weaker minded with his twisted criminal mind to satisfy his need to be 'loved' and; have gained money at a precocious age, lost it equally fast and found it again...only this time appreciating it a lot more? Maybe you have been looking at the wrong places...

Anonymous said...


By "planned" you mean we can't do anything to change or influence it? Whatever we do to attempt this, our actions, the subsequent outcome therefore has been "pre-planned" or "fixed"? Is this like fatalism?

For good or for bad depending on how one view your stance on life or attitudes, I deduce you emerged the "stronger" for whatever trials and tribulations you went through. Especially when you remarked in your other post "I dont suffer fools gladly"! You are a no-nonsense guy ar? lol


Leo said that we are in this world to suffer! That's interesting stuff! I agree with him but since he is reluctant to step on toes (and being as strong a personality as I believe he is, I know where he may lead this discussion to, lol). But I will "respectfully" not grant him his request to stop this discussion.

So I shall ask you instead why are we introduced to this world to suffer? "To test us!" Which is the reply I most often encounter. But why must this be so? What say you my learned friend?

curious cat

David said...

Leo’s fated to suffer relationship is a mystery to me?

Do human’s suffer? Of course human’s do, and we see examples of suffering everyday.
Why do we suffer? Completely rule out God’s active involvement if one believes that our Creator endowed humanity freedom of choice. If one is agnostic or atheist then God is completely out of any role concerning humanities fate.

How does one consider the role suffering plays as part of the human experience?
We learn by experiencing the consequences of our actions and words from an early age. As young children we experience pain when a parent says no to something a child greatly desires.

Children fall, scrape a knee, and experience physical pain. The older child learns in school not all children have the same aptitude to learn or for socializing. One does poorly or fails an exam and learns a new type of pain. As young teens one experiences the pain that comes from that first rejection from a member of the opposite gender from a sports teams, or a peer group. One often experiences the pain from the first breakup. As graduates one suffers pain when not getting the most desired job after graduation. In our 20s, and for some such as myself - well into our 30s, experience more failed relationships, and broken hearts.
Is this fate? No! One must look into the topic of human learning.

A newer branch of human study is Human Performance Study. HPS studies how humans learn most everything. From how we interact with others, to how human’s function working on production lines, in the office, in the cockpit of an aircraft and just about every area where humans work. HPS
More on the hierarchy of human needs can be found here:
Specifically on the need for humans to be connected:

Love and belonging

After physiological and safety needs are fulfilled, the third layer of human needs are social and involve feelings of belongingness. This aspect of Maslow's hierarchy involves emotionally based relationships in general, such as:

• Friendship
• Intimacy
• Family

Humans need to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance, whether it comes from a large social group, such as clubs, office culture, religious groups, professional organizations, sports teams, gangs, or small social connections (family members, intimate partners, mentors, close colleagues, confidants).

They need to love and be loved (sexually and non-sexually) by others. In the absence of these elements, many people become susceptible to loneliness, social anxiety, and clinical depression. This need for belonging can often overcome the physiological and security needs, depending on the strength of the peer pressure; an anorexic, for example, may ignore the need to eat and the security of health for a feeling of control and belonging.

Yu-Kym no doubt has suffered in loving and either being betrayed or simply left for another. These events are among the most painful happenings in a human life.

However successful human's learn lessons from any failure. That is one method for growth and later success to occur.


There is never any peace for those who resist God.

-- François Fénelon

Yu-Kym said...

EjectionSeat, the elusive guy that you describe as "done with abusing his good looks to get his way; manipulating the weaker minded with his twisted criminal mind to satisfy his need to be 'loved' and; have gained money at a precocious age, lost it equally fast and found it again...only this time appreciating it a lot more" is a good-looking guy with money and an appreciation for its value. Do you know someone like that or is this character fictional? Or perhaps some people's perception of good-looking isn't really good-looking in the eyes of women.

David, your guess about my previous relationships is incorrect. I observe, listen and learn from people's relationships too - not just mine.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I missed this thread in Yu-Kym's blog.

David's contribution to this topic is almost entirely, correct.

I use the word suffer to describe the outcome of most of the events a human would experienced in his tenure in this world.

You may achieved success & received material profits and a sense of accomplishment. But no matter how richer or recognised you get, you have to be constantly on the guard to protect your gains or recognition.

"Make" a mistake, & you may lose some or all of your gains.

You think you "made" a mistake. You think even with every precaution, every calculation, you can minimise making a mistake. But; the outcome is not something you can dictate, it is dependent on a million permutations/events.

The mistake; was made (fixed) for you.

After outcome has taken place, of course we tell ourselves, "it is because of ... (this or that)".

Christians are known to say, "It is God's will", and "God's plan is best for you", and "God knows everything".

If you believe those theological thoughts or religious teachings, then God must be pretty cruel, for the 6 million Jews who died under Hitler's hand, for the child who died crushed by a hit-and-run drunk or careless driver, for the person borned blind, for every human who died from disease or pain, for every chicken who died for our dinner, .....

These are pretty awful events. And they happen over and over again.

Christians say the reason people suffer is because they refused the "Love" of God. I cannot believe a merciful God can be so cruel that a child who has never heard of Christianity, has to die in a crocodile's mouth in say, a forest in Africa.

I believe, there is no way we can prevent any event from befalling/engulfing/benefiting us.

If it is a bad event, eg an accident or illness, it is easy to understand why it is labelled suffering.

But if it is a good event, eg you got a promotion, your business turn a good profit or you won $1 Million; is that suffering?

The answer is; enjoy it while you can. If it was fixed for you to win AND enjoy it, you will. If not, you all know the millions of dire outcomes.

CC calls it fatalism. If we are all fixed to suffer, then everyone may as well just go about killing and robbing.

Yes and no.

Yes - because it is happening - but we are so far from the killing and robbing, we do not experience it, eg car bombs exploding in Iraq. To explain why, because some people are fixed to suffer even more than others.

No - because even our thoughts are fixed. All of us think we human are capable of originating thoughts. I strongly suggest otherwise. Every thought is implanted at the time you became aware of it. We are never capable of originating thoughts. It was simply fixed for us. So if it was never fixed for us to go round killing and robbing, we would not even think of it

Why then, some people suffer more than others? Eg, why did the kid died under the wheels of the bus? The answer is : the more you visited this unpalatable planet/world, the worse the events 'fixed' for you.

I am sorry if all these sounds very morbid and discouraging.

Our entire universe operates at a high degree of precision, eg the earth rotates & revolves round the sun, and therefore, every event is not a randomly occuring event. Even the simple falling of a raindrop is precisely planned.

Accept that you cannot change the situation, and you will find that you can endure or rejoice in it. Endure or rejoice - it has been fixed.

Be optimistic. Do your fair share, avoid evil thoughts and deeds as best as you can. Hopefully, you were not fixed to be terribly bad.

Yes, I do mean Hopefully.

The only Being I know who could help us has left this world. He gave me these words of advice : be good and think positive. I have changed it for you.

I hope; everybody heed his advice and I also hope he has also changed it for you.

Regards, Leo

Anonymous said...

Sorry but there's a simple truth: women up to the age of 35 are vapid and childish whores.
After that they become desperate overly fucked hags that look for a man to bleed dry of money and the will to live.

Seriously women: 90% of you are horrible persons.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous with the "simple truth",

Where and what kind of women have you been encountering to have ownership of such a "simple truth"? Pls do share with us your personal encounters so that we may focus our attention instead to the remaining 10%

curious cat

David said...

19 Nov. - Anon,

90% of women are horrible people!

If this is what you believe you are truly a cynic. The other, and most likely possibility is that you have been horrible to 90% of the women you encounter and they returned what they recieved from you.

Leo, Me thinks you do not understand the concept of freedom of choice that most Christians believe.

That choice for every action and decision is ours to make. One can choose to live life recognizing that actions and words have consequences. The choice is as simple as choosing good or evil actions.

When we choose to treat everyone we meet as an equal, treat each person with respect and dignity, and the love that is within all humans, and share this with the next person we meet, and interact with. Do this and one will recieve back greater caring and fruitful relationships.

Nothing in this world is fixed, and that our actions are based on our lifes accumulated life experience and knowledge. The way one treats others leads to consequences. Treat people well and the results are good. Treat people horribly, and you in return will be considered a horrible and mean person.

Yu-Kym has told us she learns from her life expereinces and from what others have lived through.

One only needs to carefully read her words, and note that most comments either acknowledge here POV, at times challenge her with different views and knowledge, and few cowards use foul and abusive langauge and unsupportable ideas simply because they disagree with Yu-Kym or another person comments.


The trouble is that I'm in a hurry, but God isn't.

-- Phillips Brooks