Too much sex causes dark-coloured genitals?

It's funny why we may have darker skin in areas where the sun don't shine so some people come up with their own reasoning to explain why it is darker.

It's a myth that women who have sex more often have darker-coloured genitals or darker skin in their pubic area. Virgins can have dark-coloured genitals too.

The skin in the pubic area is different from the skin on your butt or face. The skin there is tougher and can take more friction. Imagine if you put the skin from your eye area at your groin - it's going to be sore and worn out after a few hours of walking!

The darker colour is simply skin pigmentation which is genetic, hormonal or can be caused by health problems related to insulin production or to a glandular disorder. Taking oral contraceptives are also known to cause skin pigmentation and darkening of the inner thighs.

The skin on the penis is similar. The colour of the skin is normally darker than the skin colour on the rest of the body. I've never seen a grown men's penis that is of the same colour as or lighter than the skin on the rest of his body. Looks like men masturbate have too much sex!


Anonymous said...


I have seen both white and chinese women with their genital area almost the same if not exactly the same as the skin colour of their general body.

I have also seen a "white" man with his penis with the same "state of colour"! lol

I dont know about black or dark coloured women or men. keke

curious cat

David said...


An amazing post in that I agree with everything you have stated.

The skin colour of genitals is beyond our control.

Taking me back many decades when encountering the onset puberty, the changing of skin colour of my gentitals initially caused me to be scared as to what was going on down there.

A wiser and calm parent assured me, after much procrastination regarding how to talk about this then awkward change, all this was normal.

Along with skin changes came an abudance of hair growth in places where there had been no hair before.

Such memories from my childhood....


God never promises to remove us from our struggles. He does promise, however, to change the way we look at them.

-- Max Lucado

Anonymous said...

My Indian GF's is white in colour! I asked her how come it is white, she said she bleached it!

I told her pink looks better. So she put some curry powder there. Now she has got a "Red Hot Pussy"!

But hey I couldn't keep up with her sex demands, so I have to cool her pussy down with ice, now she has an "Ice Kajan Pussy"!

Aren't Indians clever!

Anonymous said...

The other day, my gay Indian BF bought a Tata micro car, brand new. As he drove it out of the show room, it caught fire. As the car body is made of plastic, it burnt very well. Lucky man, it turned his dark colour dick into a "Red Hot Dick".

Just imagin a black colour Indian with a red colour dick.

Isn't that amazing!

Anonymous said...

That is quite true.

When I was first circumcised, my dick head was pink.

And I used to have sex 6 times a day.

After a year, I noticed the colour has turned dark!

Anyway, luckily girls never care about the colour. They are only interested in the thickness and length and how long can I last! It has to be at least 15 seconds lah!

Anonymous said...

Agree Wonder cat............well said.


Anonymous said...

Re - "I've never seen a grown men's penis that is of the same colour as or lighter than the skin on the rest of his body."

You should see an adult's penis just after it has been circumcised - it will have TWO colours!

Only after a year or two will the two sections "merge" to a single uniform colour!

Anonymous said...

For a lucky Indian burnt by Tata's plastic micro car, his penis will definitely be multi-coloured!

Yu-Kym said...

curious cat, why were you looking at a white man's penis? Was it just you being curious?

David, you consulted your parents about the change in skin colour?

Anon (who has an Indian gf and bf), I'm sure you're just kidding!

Anon, luckly for you most gals are not obsessed about the colour unlike men.

Anon, a freshly circumcised penis will be very red?

Anonymous said...

Re - "curious cat, why were you looking at a white man's penis? Was it just you being curious?"

Don't ever bother to look at a White Man's dick. he simply has no money, like all the stupid Americans! Either their house has been foreclosed or they have maxed out their credit card!

Anonymous said...

"Anon (who has an Indian gf and bf), I'm sure you're just kidding!"

Oh no,no,no... Indians don't joke.

When you consider that only Indians can invent the world's "super train" where people can travel on the roof, and hang onto the sides of the carriage ( and you have to buy a ticket to enjoy that privilege ). If you don't believe that, simply look at any Mombai train lah, on how Indians travel! The only place they are not allowed to sit is UNDER the carriage.

Now it takes a huge number of clever Indian engineers to design such a super train!

Anonymous said...

LOL Yu-Kym,

I'm certainly curious but not to the extent of wanting to look at another man's penis whatever the colour. I think you know my views of the male form?

But if it's a nice female genitalia then it's different...I would be yearning to want to look and eat it. lol

That freak showed his to me. He was attracted to me and wanted me to give him a blowjob!

curious cat

Anonymous said...

As long as it is 'clean' & has good 'withhelding power' who cares if it is dark or light colour. u are using it not viewing it...


Anonymous said...

As long as it is clean & has good 'withelding power' y bother if it dark or light colour. u r using it not viewing it leh....

David said...




Yu-Kym said...

Viewing it is part of the activity but I think people shouldn't insult or express dissatisfaction at the colour or worse still accuse the person of having too much sex!

Anonymous said...

i have sex experience for about 7 years. There is not much color changes with my genital. it's maybe darker than my teenage time but i am fine with it. Only get darker nipples after few years of sex.