Stop all the "make the groom drunk" nonsense!

A man fell off the roof of a hotel on his wedding night. He had a mixture of red wine, beer and hard liquor in his blood, and he appeared drunk after the wedding dinner. [Read report here]

Last year, another man in Taiwan dropped dead on his wedding night from drinking too much. [Read report here]

I have no idea why people enjoy making the groom drunk on his wedding night. Does his bride look so bad that he's got to be drunk to consummate the marriage?

Drinking too much alcohol makes your penis lose sensitivity. Although the loss in sensitivity may help the man last longer during sex, there's a high chance that he may not be able to stand at all - I'm referring to both his body and penis.

A friend told me that she was sitting outside her hotel room on her wedding night because her new husband was too drunk to open the door for her. (His friends must have helped him back to the room). I can just imagine his floppy body and penis on the bed. Such an anti-climax to the night. It's no wonder they are now divorced.

In your friends' best interest, please tell the groom not to drink too much and don't force him to drink alcohol. Forcing a groom to drink may seem fun for some people or customary but it is childish. It ruins lives and marriages.


David said...


Great post. In a few weeks universities will welcome students back. Every year stories appear about young students who drink themselves to death.

Alcohol is a drug, and while legal in most parts of the world, excessive use is dangerous.

No doubt many young SG males use viagra or similar product on big drinking nights.
Alcohol does cause the penis to only serve its primary function best - one exit no waiting.

Your reference regarding beer goggle eyes has been proven true.

Note to CC, notice this post is not about sex!

Yeah I know your disappointed.


We all need love, but we need it most when we deserve it least--when we have sinned against someone, when we have made poor choices, when we have failed. In these situations, ordinary love must become extra-ordinary love.

-- Barbara Rosberg

M Kumar said...

People wait until after the wedding to consumnate their marriages? Shocking!

Anonymous said...

No, I'm not disappointed David. Gosh, I must have portrayed myself as a sex maniac. hahaha

I like sex, but not in such forums but the reality kind. lol In fact, I'm fine, sex or no sex in her blogs!

But I wish Yu-Kym would cover more current affairs. This case of alleged misadventure death is current. I'm inclined to believe that the death is unnatural but the courts have decided.

curious cat

Anonymous said...

My dear M Kumar,

A woman waiting outside the the wedding chamber for her man does not necessarily mean that they have not "consummated" their marriage. They may not have a perfect ending to their wedding night but most surely they would have had their hands on each other way before that day.

So dont get your heartrate all worked can rest easy. The girl who fancies you isnt likely to wait till the wedding nite to get you in between her legs. Good luck. lol

curious cat

Anonymous said...


A newly minted wedded couple, such a tragic double death isn't it?

What I don't understand is...why did he leave the room in the first place? To smoke? No he can do it in his room like the rest of his party did before they left. Drunk? But being so drunk he would be so disinclined to even move and would have just remained in his room and sobered it off? So why then? I suspect he received a call from someone with an imminent threat to his life over some business deal gone awry. The police would have investigated the incoming or outgoing calls but nothing sinister could be attached to them because the perpetrator could have just simply said he was only congratulating the lucky boy! Short of having the conversation on record, this is a dead end too.

And to add to my suspicions that something is amiss, the poor woman committed suicide just 2 weeks before the coroner's hearing!

I suspect she is afraid to testify in court for fear of revealing what she truly knows. She suffered through an agonising 8 mths pondering what is to happen in court if she were to be cross examined and leaked out some dirty linen....and finally she took the best course of action she knows how - she took her own life to escape standing as a prime witness in the stand.

Good old saintly boring David would have deemed on these pure "speculation"! lol

Very intriguing case!

curious cat

David said...

CEC, now on duty at CIS Singapore!
(the question to inspector is what role Yu-Kym has here....)

Now it's crime fighting fantasies!

Hmm, for someone in demand CEC does spend much time speculating!

As mentioned here in States there are around 1300+ deaths each year from alcohol poisoning.

I presume the women who committed suicide was the bride to be.

Really the entire unfolding of events for what should have been a joyful day, turning into two disasters is not good!

I will await inspector CECs full report.

Sleep well Singapore, CEC from CIS Singapore is on the job!

Yu-Kym must feel much safer reading this!;-)

I have 4th birthday party to attend and do my best to be boring for my now 4 year old niece!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Opportunity may knock only once, but temptation leans on the doorbell.

-- Author Unknown

M Kumar said...

curious cat,

Ha ha you are funny, really. Your good luck wishes are 6 years too late. :p

The Bimbo said...

I completely agree. My friend's hubby got so drunk he gave her two HUGE bruises when she supported him back to the hotel room. It took days for the marks to go away.

Yu-Kym said...

David, some men here don't drink any alcohol on normal days because they can't take alcohol but they are forced by their friends to drink on their wedding day. It's silly to have to be subjected such misery! Hope you enjoyed the birthday party!

M Kumar, some people still do...

curious cat, my friend's ex-husband passed out. No point raping the guy just to consummate the marriage. It's anybody's guess what really happened. Maybe the guy only went out to get some air, he didn't want to wake his wife with the smell of smoke. Maybe his wife killed herself to be dramatic. Romeo and Juliet.

The Bimbo, did she feel disappointed about the "happiest day of her life"?

Anonymous said...

hahaha David, very cheeky.

Yu-Kym is too busy with her book to bother about my full report on the double tragedies lol

It was not a case of alcohol poisoning. And yes, the woman who committed suicide was the bride.

Unfortunately the coroner's court overruled my submissions. The preference is for "boring" judgements. sigh.

So there are still unsolved homicides out here in Singapore and I worry for Yu-Kym's safety.

And Yu-Kym,

The bride was in the shower when the groom stepped out of the room.

"Inspeculator" CEC
CID (Curious Incidents Dept)!