Sex for charity

A reader wrote me an email asking for my listening ear. He said he felt disturbed from problems with his girlfriend and wrote long emails describing the problem. We exchanged a few emails. In his last email to me, he asked whether I could have sex with him so that I could assess whether his poor sex skills caused his girlfriend to want to sleep with another man.

Needless to say, I did not even consider performing this "charity". I felt disgusted reading his email. After being nice to lend a listening ear, this was what I got in return.

There are women who have sex with out of pity for the man. After he tells some sob story. I'm sure there are women use the same tactic too - not that they need to.

Would you ever agree to have sex for charity or out of pity for a person?

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Anonymous said...


So will you have sex with a gay guy just to convert him back?

Yu-Kym said...

No. I won't even bother to convert a "bad" heterosexual man into a "good" heterosexual man.

The Bimbo said...

Ridiculous request. Ask him to go pay someone for such advice, ie some pro along Geylang. :P

David said...


Any women agreeing to have sex as an act of charity should view the requesting male with great suspicion!

The requesting male in this case needs to talk with his GF. It would be suprising if his poor sex skills caused his GF to seek out another male. More likely the couple are having other problems.

Was this male loyal to his GF, was she loyal to him? You could ask him many more questions, and I would be surprised if sexual performance was the biggest problem, a symptom of a problemed relationship, but not the root cause of this couples problems.

YK, do know women who have had sex with a male out sympathy?


-- Madeleine L'Engle

Yu-Kym said...

The Bimbo, I'm sure he'll say that prostitutes won't tell him that he's bad at sex!

David, in a survey about why women have sex, some claim to have done it out of pity for the man. I shall not spend any more time trying to help the guy because if he was really interested in fixing the relationship he won't be making such suggestions.

Anonymous said...

About David's enquiry, I encountered ladies who prepositioned me because They wanted sympathy.

U know, it's incredibly flaterring for a guy to received such prepositions.

Some specifics; while relating their problems,

they lean on the balcony railing in bright sunlight with their ass jutting out. U could see the thin strand of their G-string - (if they even wore one at all) thru the thin white cotton pants;

sit opposite u & keep crossing their legs over their knees;

constantly stroking the tips of their long hair and glancing at you every now and then; .....

I feigned ignorance bacause once an affair starts from pity, u can be sure it can only end - disastrously! Any lady who offers sex to get sympathy is likely to be an emotional wreck or heading towards one!

Yu-Kym said...

Offering sex for sympathy?! That's new! Or are their sob stories excuses for the affairs? Some people need you to think that they are "good" people and their actions are justifiable based on their sob stories.