Sex drive discrimination

I feel I am discriminated against because of my high sex drive. It disqualifies me from being "serious girlfriend" or "wife material". Men associate women like me with being lovers, flings or ONS. They feel insecure about being unable to satisfy such women sexually and think that if the women not satisfied, they will find other men. It is easy for any woman in Singapore to find sex partners if she wants to.

Many people who have high sex drive cheat on their partners. They use that as an excuse or reason to cheat. Many who don't have high sex drive still cheat anyway.

Cheating is more a psychological issue than about sex drive. Many people equate having high sex drive with being more manly and vice versa. Many men cheat because they want to prove to themselves or to their friends that they are "the man'. But to me, a man who cheats on his wife is not manly; he's just another fucker in this world. Of course, the same applies to women.

There's this thing called self-control. It is supposedly one of the differentiating factors between human beings and animals. Many people who don't even have high sex drives are unable to control themselves while there are others who have high sex drive but understand what being in a committed, exclusive relationship means and are able to control their actions out of love and care for their partner.

When I'm in a committed relationship, a "radar" in my brain turns off my sexual interest in other men. I've never cheated on my ex-partners (where the relationships were exclusive ones). I might agree that another man is attractive but I would not have any sexual interest in him.


Anonymous said...


Your strong moral values are very commendable. I believe given the right circumstances and temptations, very few with strong sexual drives will be able to depend on their willpower, self-control and moral values alone to deter them from straying.

You will nevertheless make an excellent wife for the right man.

Yes it is a shame when a man or woman cheats on the spouse. It is more a problem for the man than the woman because the male gender's sexual instincts and needs are designed differently from the female. So I can understand why a woman is more able to switch off her so-called "radar" better than the man. But still, it's no excuse for the man to behave like a dog.

But dear, fear not certain "discriminations" your "high sex drive" may bring upon you because only lesser and immature men will hold it against you. A healthy sexual appetite is a godsend so never look upon it as a bane to your finding a suitable mate.

I must admit that although I do have strong qualities that has always led me to walk the righteous path in life, given certain events or developments, I am not too sure I can prevent myself from straying in a marriage. I believe this is my only and major failing.

David's God gave me all the attributes to stray. I also believe God giveth, God taketh!

curious cat

Anonymous said...

Cheating is more a psychological issue than about sex drive. Agreed!

David said...


This is the first time I have heard of the concept of discrimination resulting from a high sex drive.

The radar in your brain I believe is your sense of morality. Nice to know you have a living concept of loyalty and morality! ! !

Men and women who cheat on their partner are jerks. Cheater of this type just want frequent satisfaction for every sexual urge.

Dog's and other animals at least use sex to procreate. It is a known fact that Singapore's population is falling. Falling for SG born that is. Japan and most other Asian nations will have smaller populations by 2030-2040.

CC, God gave you freedom of choice. You choose your behaviors right or wrong.

He neither gives or takes. Your choices are your choices, not His.

Now all Yu-Kym needs to do is quantify a method for rating sex drive. Is she up to the task?

Fun and provocative post!


There was no "before" the beginning of our universe, because once upon a time there was no time.

-- John D. Barrow

cfm said...

Men sometime thinks too much.. :)

Anonymous said...

Yu Kym, my boyfriend is asking me to get him a "Fleshlight" for his birthday. Wonder what is that? Any idea.

Anonymous said...

You say your'e disqualified from being wife material or serious gf. Have you asked yourself why you are single now? it can't be about sex alone now...or is it?

Anonymous said...

You are not "serious gf material" not coz you have a high sex drive, you are not serious gf material coz you are a 40+ year oldauntie pretending to be in her 20s...get a life...

Anonymous said...

Cheating will caused each other relationship and hence destory the life of each person when get caught.

Life will not be the same again.....Belived me.

Anonymous said...

Cheating will hurt relationship when thing got exposed.

Life will not be the same anymore....

This is what I am going thru now.

Yu-Kym said...

curious cat, if men want to discriminate, let them. I don't like immature men anyway!

David, the "radar" is subconscious. I doubt it's morality or loyalty. Probably something to do with hormones?

Anon, I did not say I am single because of my sex drive.

Anon who said I'm a 40+ auntie, look who's talking.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (who alleged Yu-Kym is 40+ auntie),

I'm intrigued again. Do you know for a fact that Yu-Kym is 40+ auntie and not as I thought a young pretty 25yr old lass? Do you know her personally?

Are the photos not of Yu-Kym? Could the lass in the pics be actually someone else?

I'm doubtful that you are right...but then you are not the first one that makes such claims about Yu-Kym. And for so young a lass as she to be so worldly wise is something that i have to consider whether she is really that young and can be so mature in her thoughts and also able to go into properties, bank stocks and gold bars. I'm really curious! keke

curious cat

Anonymous said...


I cant agree with you more that men and women who cheat on their spouses are jerks. lol So any woman who marries me will be marrying a jerk sooner or later. lol

If God really created Man, then it is not illogical to also conclude that HE gives and makes us what we are. When HE can create, he can also destroy in the same breath! This is very much evident around the world of good fortunes and destruction.

But I agree that the choices may be ours alone. But what HE makes of us - our qualities, intelligence, physical characteristics, values, etc surely they influence our choices very much. So it is not contradictory or nonsense what I expound.

But if you think deeply enough, God also did not give us absolute freedom of choices! Many a time our choices are not granted. So God giveth, God taketh is not so much hot air.

curious cat

Anonymous said...

Anonynous (on Yu-Kym being wife material),

You must be even newer than me to Yu-Kym's blog or you will know that her being single is partly through her own choosing. But mostly it's her partner's fault for not treating her right. And as for the newcomers aspiring to be her mate, she has now got such a phobia about men and sets for herself such high and rigid standards that she practically rules out everyman. Well almost! I'm the only guy left standing...but barely! lol

So you understand her better now? if not, you can ask "thick skin" me even though she will say I dont speak for her. lol

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

curious cat: It's not phobia but rather: if X is the case, why even bother to waste my time?

Anonymous said...

true Yu-Kym

curious cat

Anonymous said...

I am just curious whether it is ok to purse a woman or wife with high sex drive?

I mean I would love to have my wife to be high drive as me, so does this requirement a matter of turn off for regular women?


Anonymous said...


Why must it be a turn off for a woman who likes being fucked all the time? Given a choice I would rather have this high drive then zero drive. lol

But is it not a mismatch if you have a high sex drive and your mate cannot keep up with you or desire less sex? Sooner or later sexual happiness between the both of you will break down!

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

Matsusan, I think finding the right match and building trust are important. I don't think women are turned off by men with high sex drive but if you tell her straight that you have a high sex drive, she'll be wondering what you're driving at - are you hinting that you're going to have affairs if she doesn't have sex with you often enough?

Anonymous said...

hahaha Yu-Kym,

Good twist to the issue...didnt occur to me this angle. I best keep my mouth shut if I have a high sex drive in case my girl misunderstands. lol

curious cat

Anonymous said...

yu-kymie, my boss faxed me something but i cant read what he type.
i think if my guy tell me he wants lotsa sex with ME, i wont feel threaten he go elsewhere if he dont get. but men should remember gals are more turn on by emotions, guys by hormones. Right?

Anonymous said...

Right Cherie,

But....Huhhh? What say you? "i think if my guy tell me he wants lotsa sex with ME, i wont feel threaten he go elsewhere if he dont get".

You are not afraid he strays? confident.

Either he is a B1D1 type or P1Y0H1!

Becareful what your boss fax you and you cant read what he typed. It's encrypted to mean he desires you and you can always go to him since you dont want to have sex with your guy. lol

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

Cherie, what do you mean you can't read what he typed? If it's not clear why not ask him.

I don't think it's true to say that men are more turned on by hormones than women. It's just an excuse that they use to fool around.