Pretty pussies, ugly pussies

A friend of mine told me that her sex partner told her that she does not have a pretty pussy. If the guy thinks her pussy isn't pretty he should pretty well go find another one, or she should smother him to shut him up.

There are people out there who think of the female genitalia as something ugly. Pretty or ugly, the appearance of your partner's genitalia is not to be criticised - at least not to her face.

Some guys have complained about the appearance of their partners' external genitalia as looking "fat", "loose", "too dark", "too thin" or "wrinkled". On the other hand, there are guys who have seen some pretty ones. One guy told me that came face to face with "the finest pussy". Well, lucky him.

I've been told that mine looks pretty but maybe it's only a ploy to get me to agree to have my pictures taken.

Pretty or ugly, one thing's for sure: guys can't get enough of pussies.

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Anonymous said...

So refering to this, which one is yours to start with?

Anonymous said...

Amen to pussies :)

Anonymous said...

It is part of nature and life that some ppl are born with unpleasant or ugly physical features. It is perhaps quite human to express shock or disgust privately but telling the unfortunate person to his/her face smacks of gross rudeness, uncultured and unrefined behaviour.

If there is indeed a rebirth or an after life, these "lucky" ppl should get their due returns. God giveth, God taketh!

curious cat

Anti Vaginational-Socialist said...

curious cat=太監貓

:P Don't think you can bullshit and run off using outdated methods like I'll leave you alone and whatever nonsense just because you cannot answer.And keep up the haha lol rubbish and pretend to laugh when you are really mad.It will help you pretend better :D

David said...


This post has to qualify as sexy and provocative.

Note to CC: The translation gadget on my WIN7 desktop translated 太監貓, to the following - Eunuch cat!

Yu-Kym, I have never read about an online discussion regarding the attractiveness/non-attractive genitalia anywhere!

Like most any physical attribute, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

IMHO however, if one cannot say anything good about a partners external genitalia that is nice or flattering, a real gentleman or lady would find a few neutral words or simply defer from answering.

In my "boring" world, the visual appeal of a woman’s external genitalia was never important.

If having every part of a partner’s body must be defined visually beautiful and is important to a partner, that partner is likely from the shallow end of the personality pool.


Pride is what we have. Vanity is what others have.

-- Author Unknown

Anonymous said...

all flyboy can say is did he complain the pussy that he came from is ugly?

when he fucks, does he look at the pussy?

when he gives oral (unlikely) isn't it the reaction of the lady more important

does he want to parade his ladies pussy around like his new I-phone/plasma TV/sports car etc?

he might as well ask ladies to show him their pussy so that he can decide whether to start a relationship with him or not

Anonymous said...

overused=ugly, that is cause & effect!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Anonymous on "amen to pussies",

I say yeah!!!! but I have to frank and admit it has to be the nicer pussies lol

curious cat

Anonymous said...

Yes. very very well said Anti Vaginational Socialist.
There is no word for ugly pussy but pretty pussy. One who is able to make men burn with desire.Pussy has no face and dick dick (kuku) has no eyes. Dick cant justify pretty or ugly pussy.
Can men let pussy out of sight ? kekeke.
Pussy pussy, you have your hair done up in curls that makes one anxiously wanted to stick their face far up near to suffocation.soooo all pussies are made of sugar.


Anti Vaginational-Socialist said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

No such thing as an ugly pussy... Any hot blooded guy would never say a pussy is ugly. Then again, one man's yummy dessert is another's hmm...

Anonymous said...

hahaha David,

1) Thanks for the translation lol Does the Win7 tell you how to pronounce the chinese characters too? If not, you can learn from us! keke Since you took an interest and it's so funny I may adopt the name. lol

2) Surely you can accept that there is a general but discernible line drawn between what is beautiful and what is ugly when it comes to a person's physical appearance or even genitalia. Therefore I believe a person who says "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is only being polite to someone or to justify his/her belief someone is beautiful for his own reasons even though the general or majority view is to the contrary. So I think this phrase is crap or a cop-out! lol

You may also think I'm shallow or superficial because I am a highly visual person and an ugly genetalia will put me off sex completely. But I'm not, I just love beautiful things but I dont put down ugliness. Coz again I believe God giveth, God taketh! What goes around comes around.

And I absolutely agree too one must always be sensitive to the feelings of others when one disagrees with someone's looks.

curious eunuch cat "CEC"

And Yu-Kym

I wonder what the self-proclaimed "honorary anti-vagina nazi socalist nationalist aryan cantonese spitting personality" wrote to deserve a censorship? Must be something very "pleasant" against the curious eunuch cat! lol I must give him credit also for his astuteness - he predicted the ban! lol


Anti Vaginational-Socialist cat hunter said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anti Vaginational-Socialist said...

And most of all,Yu Kym I dare you to rerelease what I typed that caused my ban.Just because you don't like what I posted,you remove it?I don't remember using vulgar words or anything.So curious cat must be some sort of zhou gou or lap dog that's why you allow him to insult me and I can't reply back? :P

Yu-Kym said...

Anti Vaginational-Socialist, you are welcome to disagree with what I or other people write here but I don't publish personal insults unless personal insults is the topic of discussion.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous self-proclaimed "honorary anti-vagina nazi socalist nationalist aryan cantonese spitting cat hunter",

I do not need Yu-Kym to protect me nor I'm sure did Yu-Kym consider me her lapdog or whatever to protect.

If you have carefully read the contents of her readers' contributions to her blogs, you would have appreciated the mature and balanced manner in which these were made. Sometimes some (including myself) may have gone a little overexuberant with our words or language used but we have never allowed them to escalate to no end.

That is the difference. You do not know how to disagree without resorting to unending insults. And worse you do not know how to control yourself and stop the childishness after having some fun.

Even my comment that you are not worth my while to continue with the diatriabes invited you to provoke that I'm running away from a good fight! You simply cant let things pass! It is as though the world is coming to an end for you and you must win at all costs...and this is only an anonymous blog for goodness sake!

You see now that you dont know how to call it quits and return to sanity? These are my last words to you. If you do wish to participate in an exchange with me, pls come back with another anonymous pseudonym and we can start afresh with a sane balanced debate.

curious eunuch cat

Anti Vaginational-Socialist said...

No,I will not use another pseudonym. :P

"If you do wish to participate in an exchange with me, pls come back with another anonymous pseudonym and we can start afresh with a sane balanced debate."

What nonsense.From the beginning you DID NOT even address the issues I brought up but replied with this
The degree of frustration and angst you exhibit shows that you are trying hard to overcome some unpleasant events in your childhood. Perhaps you have been [tragically and horribly sexually abused.] Or you must also have been castrated. And now you are probably some form of [creature in limbo]. Even an eunuch or a transgender has a place on earth. But you? hmmmmmm lol

Even the elaborate pseudonyms you tag to yourself shows how [weird and a freak] you have become.

You are such a pitiful soul, I should leave you alone to your troubles. Sigh.... I will not heighten your agony further in case you become the next [Mengele or Amin or a serial rapist]. lol hahahaha"

Count the number of insults you made first.I gave you a second chance to answer and what was the reply?

lol "honorary anti-vagina nazi socalist nationalist aryan cantonese spitting psycho" lol "

And not once did you get your post removed.So everything is fairgame if I insult you back.And now you want to talk about having a "sane balanced debate"?
If you gave your points and actually "debated" in the first place,then what happened wouldn't happen.

And like I said I predicted I would get banned and it did happen but with you being let off the hook when YOUR insults came first! :P
So I'm not falling for the same trick twice.If you do want to continue a debate,we do it on neutral internet territory.

Anti Vaginational-Socialist said...

"Anti Vaginational-Socialist, you are welcome to disagree with what I or other people write here but I don't publish personal insults unless personal insults is the topic of discussion."

Count the personal insults you let slip by

"Anonymous anti-vagina this vagina that, socialist this nationalist that, honorary this aryan that...are you psycho or what! lol

The degree of frustration and angst you exhibit shows that you are trying hard to overcome some unpleasant events in your childhood........"

Anti Vaginazi said...

I have a confession to make.When I saw 2 of my messages removed I mistakenly assumed I was banned like curious cat said so I registered your email name to receive spam.It was not an act of provocation or an act of grudging but rather to show that I wasn't going to take dick cutting comments from 2 people lightly even after being banned.I did that so I will own up to it.
Which really isn't as bad as a blog entry about cutting dicks where thousands of people can read and get ideas.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous "Just my thoughts",

If you think there is no such thing as ugly pussies, you aint seen nothing yet. lol Although I have not seen any myself at first hand, I've seen many up close on internet websites. If if these are genuine photos (and there's no reason to think otherwise), they will sure as hell put you off sex for a long while. If there are ugly pussies, there must be ugly dicks too! But dicks are already how much more uglier can they get?

And don't believe "one man's yummy dessert is another's hmm..."medicine"? lol " crap! If you do, someday you will accept something ugly as beautiful and it will be yours to live and tolerate with for a long time after you have changed your mind soon after! lol

curious cat

David said...


My last thought on this topic.

OB-GYN doctors do view un-lovlely female genitalia.

Knowing two such doctors, both have seen women with infected and injured genitalia.

Worse yet is the smell of women with untreated vaginal infections.


Concepts create idols, only wonder graps anything.

-- Gregory of Nyssa

Yu-Kym said...

No wonder they make good money. Not everyone is suited for such a job.

j.c said...

No such thing as "Pretty or Ugly" pussies. As long as it doesn't smells bad I would love to lick n fondle them. It's heavenly!!!

dulan said...

What pussy? Fuck it. It's loose. Mostly. And too tiring. I get no grip from it. Booring.

truthseeker9878 said...

There is pretty and ugly pussies. The pretty ones have labia that stick out about 3/4 of an inch and when you open it up it is closed up very small inside. Some have no lips and they look ok, but not good to eat out and some you open them up and you see a cavern with hunks of meat in there. I tried to stay with them if they looked good and pleasant and didn't care how big the pussy was, but if that pussy is not tight find a tight one, because they can tighten it up if they want.
Now if you have an average girth penis you can imagine how small that pussy has to be to be tight. I've been with women who could tighten on a finger like a vice and others could take a baseball bat. So why frig a mayonnaise jar? She'll leave you as soon as she finds a big one.