Money is the root of all evil?

The only people who would advise that money is the root of all evil are:
1. Lazy people, and
2. "Religious" people.

1. Lazy people
These are people would don't (and probably will never have) much money. They are too lazy to think about how to earn more money. Stop the rubbish about having no paper qualifications, no start-up capital for a business, being born into a poor family, or that the government makes people poor! In Singapore, we have a fantastic system in place that favours new businesses and enables the poor to break out of the poverty cycle within one or two generations. [worth reading: The myth of the self-made millionaire]

People who are too lazy would rather spend their timing being envious and condemning those who are lucky to be born into rich families, to come into inheritance or who built their wealth using their intelligence and worked hard for it. Eating at expensive restaurants, living in big houses, driving big cars, buying designer goods, going on expensive vacations - the rich are accused of worshipping money. Well, but what do you expect them to do with their money? Bring it to the grave? The lazy people will think: since we can't bring our money with us to the grave, why both to work so hard to earn more?

And before we say rich people are stingy, don't forget that some of them donate millions and billions to charity. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett contributed approximately US$1b and US$30b respectively - many times more than the amount most of us will earn in nine lifetimes! So what is evil?

2. "Religious" people
They would influence you into thinking that money isn't important yet the church expects followers to contribution a portion of their income to the church. There's even a parable about how a woman donated her last penny to church and got handsomely rewarded by God! Not only do individuals have to contribute, whole countries are expected to contribute to the Vatican City. Donations from churches around the world in 2009 was US$82.5m! Think about how many hungry people can be fed with US$82.5m! [Read about the Vatican City's budget here]

It is the lack of money that drives people to rob, smuggle drugs, sell their children into child prostitution, etc. It is not money that is the root of all evil but the lack of it. The lack of money is the root of all evil. In order to keep people in check the Bible teaches: "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for the kingdom of heaven is theirs." [See meaning here] This is something that is made up to stop the poor people from demanding an answer from God as to why they are poor, miserable and struggling to survive. It's a form of masochism - a state that is self-inflicted with the hope of getting some reward or blessing from God for it.

This Bible quotation is preached by certain "religious" people who incidentally live in material luxury off the contributions from the poor people who gave their last penny. To me, the quotation just means that the poor are better off dead.

If you have lots of money, that's not evil at all. Money is an inanimate object. Why call a lifeless object evil? But if you take money from the poor to fund your luxurious lifestyle, you are evil.

Note: I acknowledge that not all rich people are generous and not all religious people live in luxury and are bad; not all poor people are generous and there are non-religious people who take advantage of the poor too.


David said...


PROVOCATIVE! this post is!

For those that may not have read Yu-Kym's archives. Yu-Kum is a former Roman Catholic. Her archives describe in some detail her schooling in Catholicism and growth in finding Religion restrictive.
I do question Yu-Kym, singling out the Catholic Church. I want to ask Yu-Kym if she did due diligence in researching where the Catholic Church spends its monies.

A controversial post, but likely less so in SG.

You may not remember that while Catholics are asked to donate, mostly to support the local parish, the Vatican receives donations from two or three yearly special collections. No where does the Vatican dictate how much an individual should donate or nation for that matter.

You write: "Not only do individuals have to contribute, whole countries are expected to contribute to the Vatican City.

Whole nations being expected is completely incorrect. There are no 100% Catholic nations on this Earth.

Please correct the mis-statement you made about Vatican.

The world wide Catholic Church is one of the worlds largest charitable organizations. People from many nations receive food, education, housing assistance, free medical care and more from Catholic charitable groups.

Links: and show some of Catholic charities best work.
To accomplish anything most charities and business people literally deliver cash or goods to the few families who control this desperately poor nation. Catholic Relief Services, CRS, is on of the few relief groups that has free controlling who receives aid. This means rather paying off the ruling families, aid goes directly to those in need.

Donations by individual's to the Catholic Church are 100% voluntary and tithing is not required.

My wife and I have aided several families in the Philippines over the years. Now we send money that will help a girl we have been assisting for years to achieve her goal of earning a University degree. We are lucky to be able to afford to help this young women ensure she graduates.

Every single Christian is are flawed and imperfect, as is all our kind.

One could point out donations to Buddhist, and Hindu temples. Members of Islam send many tens of millions of dollars to agents of Islam in the middle east with that money being used to finance terrorist operations in the middle east, and around the world.
The hotel bombing in Jakarta last year was such an event.

Yu-Kym, do you have the integrity and courage to point out the wrong doings that occur in all religious faiths?

Be careful if you choose to do so. You would have to be precise in separating the actions of humans, the weak link in any chain, against the aspirations of those who are truly faithful.
No concept regarding any Deity can be proven except in many cases described in the Christian Bible, where a growing body or archaeological support for both places and people described in the Bible.
More on the Third Beatitude at:
The Third Beatitude is not a tool to keep poor from questioning why being poor is their plight. This Beatitude is intended to help motivate those of us with some resources to step forward and help the poor.
We are also told that there will always be poor. How does one respond to the poor tells much.
God answers all prayers, humans often do not hear or ignore the reply.
We choose to be charitable and compassionate, or does one blame the plight of the poor on the poor as an accident of birth?
Do you choose to good or evil in relating with everyone you meet or are in contact with each day.
Are willing to share with us your acts of charity & random acts of kindness.
Without love, deeds, even the most brilliant, count as nothing.

St. Therese of Lisieux

Anonymous said...


I'm not too sure about lazy ppl but you sure got the hypocrisy of religion on wealth right! hope you dont step on too many toes on the way to your launch. lol

curious cat

David said...


Continuation of my previous comments.

The premise the money is root of all evil remains essentially true.

Think back to last weeks series on the proposed death penalty for a drug trafficker.

Consider the billions of dollars earned by drug cartel bosses. How much is spent on weapons, how much is spent murdering the drug cartel's opponents.

Does this make money evil?

The answer is both yes and no.

Yes, when money is use to support evil enterprises. Be it for illegal drug growers, drug traffickers or the junkie on the street who buys the drugs.

How many families are ruined by drug users. How many are injured by those stealing or murdering to find money to pay for an addiction?

Money is good when one puts food on the table, shares a good evening with friends.
When one puts money in a poor box or donates food to a food bank.

Money goes for good when dollars are donated to the Red Cross, or Religious charities.

When one does a random act of kindness.

When one donates blood. Donating blood saves money and save lives. A point of information is that I donated my 33rd unit of A neg blood last week.

Yu-Kym is right about lazy people. More than 50 years and$16 Trillion USD, have brought about almost no net change of the percent of population living in poverty in the U.S.A.

Permanent welfare diminishes the drive in individuals to improve themselves or the condition of ones family.

Religion(s), and the Roman Catholic Church, are not now and never will be perfect. Why?

The members of Churches are imperfect.

I know I am imperfect. I make mistakes every day. I often upset other including those I love dearly.

IOW, I am human. Flawed, weak and imperfect.

Perfection is not a noble goal. Living better, striving to be just a little better than yesterday, finding a smile for a stranger, giving money to help someone get to work. Making a child laugh and smile!

These are things worth achieving.

Ms. Loh, I do know that you dislike the Church, and appear to have no need nor want for God in you life. That is your choice.

This however taints your view of the good that many people of faith accomplish each day.

Many of your words today are hurtful and did indeed cause me to be saddened.

Yu-Kym and audience, your turn.


Without love, deeds, even the most brilliant, count as nothing.

St. Therese of Lisieux

Anonymous said...


How can money be the root of evil for lazy ppl if these lazy bums do not have money to begin with? If you say money is the root of evil of the lazy rich, then yes!

And why are the filthy rich so generous? Not because they have truly kind hearts...they are doing it coz they have too much money and dont know what to do with it! So why not donate the money and artificially build a good name for themselves before they die!

The truly generous ppl are those who cant even feed themselves and yet gave whatever little they have to feed a hungry stranger. And the poorer or less well off ppl are generally more hardworking and generous than many of those better off than them. Cept for the prodigal lazy sons.

curious cat

Anonymous said...


Permanent welfarism as a social policy and not money itself is the roof of the evil. Granted whatever good policy tool is in place to help the less well-off, there will be lazy ppl who will continue their wasteful ways no matter how much money there is to help them.

But you eradicate the crutch mentality with the almost correct welfare policy like in Singapore and you see how money gets almost everyone going to strive for a better living. Cept the prodigal lazy bums again of course.

curious cat

Anonymous said...

This is a delightful posting, in particular this passage:

'This is something that is made up to stop the poor people from demanding an answer from God as to why they are poor, miserable and struggling to survive. It's a form of masochism - a state that is self-inflicted with the hope of getting some reward or blessing from God for it.'

Religious believers always try to find meaning to anything negative and conversely, praise the heavenly bodies for anything that is positive.What people don't realise is that their (the religious ones) interpretation of the gospel is man-made, influenced by their own personal environment, past and present circumstances.Some call it misguided. I call it misguided and selfish.

Eugene. KL

Anonymous said...

Eh, i think a few of you guys out there got it wrong about "money" is the root of evil it is rather the "love of money" is the root of evil.

The reason is simple - money is an inanimate object and therefore incapable of evil. Humans on the other hand, is capable of All evil when they succumb to temptations of all kinds!


Anonymous said...


You are going to upset David you know? lol

curious cat

Anonymous said...


Yu-Kym's take is that the "lack" of money is root of all evil! So your "love of money" may also support man's lack of money turning him to do evil things! But I think here the evil is mostly the ppl who have some money but greedy for more so they turn to evil deeds to get more money.

There are many more poor people with no money in this world who do not turn to evil. I'm sure they too love money but they did not succumb to temptations. So it's those who have some money or lack of money (which is not the same as no money) and greedy for more that the label "money is the root of all evils" should be stuck to.

Gosh.. this money thing is very confusing. Money does make the head go round. lol

curious cat

David said...

CC, "Permanent welfarism as a social policy and not money itself is the roof of the evil."

I agree completely. Liberals, (the Democratic party primarily,) have championed every social program possible. Opposition, like me, get shouted down as mean spirited, who want the old, working poor and children to go hungry, ect, and so on...

The current administration in Washington cannot print money fast enough.

Only November's election can American's finally begin to apply the brakes to this headlong rush towards socialized everything.

Bobby states; "Religious believers always try to find meaning to anything negative and conversely, praise the heavenly bodies for anything that is positive.What people don't realise is that their (the religious ones) interpretation of the gospel is man-made.)"

God has made it clear that there will always be poor. That $16 trillion USD have not changed the percentage of poor in the USA!

The third Beatitude is written to give some comfort to the poor, those poor in spirit and poor economically. BTW, many wealthy are very poor in spirit. Why do you think so many celebrities get caught up with substance abuse problems.

As I wrote earlier. I do as much as possible to alleviate some suffering that poor know.

If all act together and do some kindness, some act of charity, then slowly one step at a time humankind can make a dent in the number who are poor.


Wise men are not always silent, but they know when to be.

-- Author Unknown

Anonymous said...


I have to agree with Bobby.

Do you think there is such a thing as being poor or rich in heaven? If not, and heaven is a paradise for all, God should have made earth heaven from the beginning and save us all this discourse and discord!

curious cat

Roy said...

Society places too much on material wealth, and the sad thing is many think that will make them happy. I had a conversation with a some friends of different faiths, and it seems almost all the major faiths have used Religion to enrich themselves.

The sad thing is many of these people give believing in what is said.

I guess I was luckier when I was younger, a church which is now a mega church, I personally experience the elder say one thing and do another, and this really opened my eyes.

Like they say, you can fool some people all the time, all people sometimes, but not everyone all the time.

Hopefully the truth will eventually get out.

Liked your blog.


David said...

Roy expresses a cynical yet understandable POV.

Seeing a respected elder prove to be a hypocrite can turn one off from religion.

Consider this - there are bad doctors, does one bad experience, or a friends mis-fortune make you stay away from seeking a doctor when on is ill?

Airline pilots have flown aircraft while drunk. Would one refuse to ever fly an airline again?

The truth is out there. The source of all lies are from our fellow humans.

I personally know several Religous people in the States, in Hong Kong and the Philippines. They live modestly and work very hard at helping those in thier Churhes or congregation.

Yes there are religous who will enrich themselves. There are people in all endeavours who value money more than anything.

People are not now, nor will humans ever be perfect.


It's a good thing to have all the props pulled out from under us occasionally. It gives us some sense of what is rock under our feet, and what is sand.

-- Madeleine L'Engle

Anonymous said...

But David,

the difference is that one drunk pilot only influences his co-pilot. One GP with bad bedside manners has only himself to deal with. Of course both professionals' misconduct impact on the well being of those they make out to serve but....

....a pastor or father or pope preaches to thousands and millions and his influence is direct and almost weekly or regularly. Who has the greater impact? The bad doctor who treats his patient occasionally, the drunk pilot (if somehow he's not caught) who flys almost always different passengers or the hypocritical religious chief who preaches to the same congregation day in and day out, denouncing other religions and the non-believers!

curious cat

Anonymous said...

But Roy,

the sad truth will never see the light of day because there are permanent blinkers over the eyes of many. These are the insecure, the weak, the helpless, the gullibles, those that need spiritual help to overcome personal problems, etc. And I say again if it helps them go through each day in life much more serenely, why not continue with the blinkers!

Same with the non-believers. Nothing the believers can say or do will impact on your own lives unless u choose to let them. So live and let live even though I am astonished by the hypocrisy of religion and God.

In this case although "you can fool some people all the time, all people sometimes, but not everyone all the time", the fact is that there are more ppl being fooled than ever before. Just visit for eg any mass congregation of any faith on any day and you will see why.

curious cat

David said...

Must be gang up on David day...

What a bleak prospect I face now...
Agnostics to the left, atheist to my right, and non-believers everywhere.

CC has stated in another posts reply that my eyes are calloused over. Implied in previous post here is that I am blind to wrong doings not only in the Catholic Church, and by corrupt leaders of mega churches here and in SG.

Gentleman, and ladies. Please take a step back and read what I have written.

Yes all institutions are imperfect. The Catholic Churches core mission is to help all humans find salvation.

Let me see if there are any students of history reading.

The Catholic Church through the ages has accomplished:

Saving a majority of knowledge after the fall of the Greek and Roman empires. The dark ages, most historians agree on this, would have lasted longer than 900yrs without the Churches saving and writing so many manuscripts from that period.

The Catholic Church contributed to the development of pendulum clocks, pantographs, barometers, reflecting telescopes and microscopes, to scientific fields as various as magnetism, optics and electricity. They observed, in some cases before anyone else, the colored bands on Jupiter’s surface, the Andromeda nebula and Saturn’s rings. They theorized about the circulation of the blood (independently of Harvey), the theoretical possibility of flight, the way the moon effected the tides, and the wave-like nature of light. Star maps of the southern hemisphere, symbolic logic, flood-control measures on the Po and Adige rivers, introducing plus and minus signs into Italian mathematics — all were typical Jesuit achievements, and scientists as influential as Fermat, Huygens, Leibniz and Newton were not alone in counting Jesuits among their most prized correspondents.

Among the most important medieval contributions to modern science was the essentially free inquiry of the university system, where scholars could debate and discuss propositions, and in which the utility of human reason was taken for granted.

Contrary to the grossly inaccurate picture of the Middle Ages that passes for common knowledge today, medieval intellectual life made indispensable contributions to Western civilization.

I will run into the 4K character limit if I write more.

People are flawed, and I would rather be Religious than be a Pol Pot or similar type.


Faith is believing in advance what can only be understood in reverse.

-- Chuck Swindoll

Anonymous said...

hahaha David,

I did not say you are blind to wrong doings for I know from your contributions in this blog that you are a very righteous and moral person.

But i only say that you are blind when you believe in "faith and your God" to the exclusion of all other logical possibilities.

curious cat

David said...

CC, not blind nor unaware of other societal or religious options.

I had a period where I drifted away from any religion, and was quite a secular individual.

Looking back that was one of the bleakest and unhappy periods of my life.

I looked into other faith options.

With time, and effort the beauty, joy, and fullfillment in Christ, and His Church brought me back.

I am not perfect, not ever close. I do not strive for perfection.

I live as a Christian knowing that this is a great way to live.

This makes it much easier to look at everyone at my brother and sister.

Christianity makes it very difficult for my to treat others unjustly.


The glory of God is a living man; and the life of man consists in beholding God.

-- Irenaeus

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have found your saviour in Christianity David. And I can see you are practising your faith with the right morals.

As a non-believer I hope Christians temper their divine loyalty a little because there are many questions still remain unpersuasively answered by the Church.

But then what is the true definition of "faith" if not the underlying premise that these questions are unquestionable!

You have found meaning and serenity in life because of Christianity and anyone who goes overboard to upset your tranquility is evil!

curious cat

David said...

CC, "...because of Christianity and anyone who goes overboard to upset your tranquility is evil!"

Christians are asked to recognize evil. People who upset my tranquility are not necessarily evil. A rude act is not evil.
A word spoken in haste is not evil.

OTOH, a gun being pointed at a loved one, would be evil, an untruth being spoken about a friend is an evil. Raping a women is evil. A drug kingpin ordering the family of an enforcement officer is evil.

I know that Christianity cannot and should not be forced upon any person.

Individuals must discover Christ in their hearts. Until a person knows Christ is present within them, I can only live by example. Sadly, while I strive to a good person I am hardly ever the example of a Christian. However each day is a chance to improve one little aspect of how I live.

What you do not reveal for one reason or another, is what guides your moral compass. What guides you to determine right from wrong?


It is easier to ridicule than commend.

-- Thomas Fuller

Anonymous said...


Perhaps evil is an inappropriate word. But all the same, I believe it's bad!

What about a word spoken with deliberate intent to upset your beliefs in Christianity?

curious cat

Anonymous said...


My education, upbringing, my moral values and attitudes, my conscience and my principles etc guide me right from wrong. Well occasionally I do deliberately take the wrong path with my eyes wide open. I'm good but not all good. keke

curious cat

David said...

CC, education takes moral values from a variety of sources. Most would support tradtional values. Your parents guided your upbringing and their moral values that guided your devlelpment did merley appear.

Moral values do not come from thin air unless one is an all powerful despot.

Principles have a foundation, usually from a parental, Religuios and cultural basis. Except for sociopaths, conscience decisions are made from a moral base.

Every one alive makes mistakes. I make many most days. When I offend someone, I make amends, not always easy, but always right.

Back to square one, what determines right and wrong, good from evil? ? ?


Life passes, riches fly away, popularity is fickle, the senses decay, the world changes. One alone is true to us; One alone can be all things to us; One alone can supply our need.

-- John Henry Newman

Anonymous said...

Wahhhh David,

It's getting too "chimm" (meaning out of my depth in Chinese Hokkien dialect) for me!

I suppose the answer would be I alone determine right and wrong, good from evil?

Yes? No? lol

curious cat

David said...


"... suppose the answer would be I alone determine right and wrong, good from evil?"

Interesting use of circular logic.

Visit here:

Not always an easy read.

Without going into some deep background the issue of right and wrong, and morality are age old issues. The fact is demonstrated by the willingness of so many here to simply throw marriage away and not be concerned about consequence's.

You do not know the answer so all morality and ability to determine right and wrong comes from Eunuch Cat.

Promoted yourself to deity!

No problem, that universe won't last long...

I am impressed,
sort of,
well maybe just a little impressed...


a very little impressed.

At least I am being honest!


The Christian life isn't difficult--it is impossible. If we don't know that, we will try to do things ourselves. Faith is
not necessary when we think we can do it ourselves. Faith comes along when we realize that we cannot do it on our own.

-- Joseph Garlingen

Anonymous said...


I really don't understand you this time! Never mind lol Best skip this topic, it's too abstract and philosophical. Sex is best! lol

curious cat

David said...

CC, to abstract and philosophical!

Indeed this topic is so!
A bit to deep at this end of the pool?

At least the world, and more importantly
Yu-Kym knows CCs world view on this topic.


The Christian has a great advantage over other men, not by being less fallen than they, nor less doomed to live in a fallen world, but by knowing that he is a fallen man in a fallen world.

-- C. S. Lewis

Anonymous said...

Yup David, lol I have a simple mind, so keep to that and I will cut and thrust with you. lol Anything more, it's beyond me to launch into a spirited exchange with you.

So you think Yu-Kym knows my views on this topic? Likely so, coz i am what i write. And I'm not immoral ok? I'm only slightly. keke

curious cat

Anonymous said...

Hi Yu-Kym

The saying "money is the root of all evil" is commonly expressed as a warning not to be greedy.

The want/desire/need/craving for money is almost universal in all human societies. This is because money is a universal exchange for goods, services and power. This makes money very convenient and by extension, very powerful!

It is extremely interesting why money motivates man to use unfair/illegal/cruel means to obtain it!

What is wrong with fair means?

Well, fair means less of the spoils, less exciting, slower gains, ......... So who wants fair !

Seeking and obtaining money need not necessary lead to happiness. Money attracts envy and a host of other negative vibes from others.

My observation of Christianity and the Church is this; they are another social instrument to provide psychological remedies for all the unknown fears assailing our still evolving species.

They are guided by their own divinity. So be it.

Regards, Leo

Anonymous said...


Well said, fair balanced agreeable comment! Nothing to pick to exchange with you about. Waiting for something controversial from you. keke

curious cat

sch said...

Yu Kym,

great blog and article, but I just need to correct something.

This is a very sensitive topic because it is always misquoted. The saying "Money is the root of all evil" is not right. 1Timothy 6.10 says, "... the love of money is the root of all evil". As rightly stated, money is an object, how can it be the root of all evil. It is really the love of money that is the root of all evil.

Similarly, "Blessed are the poor in spirit..." is different from "Blessed are the poor..."

God will only give us the amount of riches that will not control us.

Hope I set the record straight!