Miraculous disappearances of cars

A guy I met on the Internet wanted to meet me in person. During the course of our conversation, he mentioned that he drives a car. Initially, I didn't want to meet him but when I finally asked him to come meet me in my neighbourhood he said his car was in the workshop so he would have to take a taxi.

A guy who chatted me up said he had to take a bus because his friend dropped him off where he was and he left his car parked at his workplace.

A guy told my (gal) friend that he lent his car to his cousin and he's not used to travelling on public transport so he asked her to take a bus to his place instead.

Coincidences or omen?


Anonymous said...

Hehe...he lies because it's clearly mentioned in one of your articles, that guys with car definitely add some merits in your mind...so i think it's not coincidence...


cfm said...

hahaha... tats so farnie..

i would meet u and i will drive you out.. hehehee.. :)

David said...


Knowing the price of obtaining a car, and the license to drive in SG, I think both men are giving you LAME excuses.

If either had a car they should have offered to pick you up at your residence.

I suggest being highly suspicious of both fellow.

Interesting that there is no comment from CC, he must consider this post to pedestrian.


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-- Gaston Bachelard

Kent said...

LOL. I'll date you and drive you out. I've a driver take me to meet you up. I've him as my driver for long time, so that i waste no time and i can still work while i'm in the traffic. I hope you don't mind, because he is a bus driver, and i prefer huge car for safety reason. Unlike others personal drivers, my driver will always on time and if in any case he is on MC or vacation, he will get a replacement instantly. My bus will never goes into workshop as i've many of them. So no worry. You will be on time and safe when you date me. Wahaha...

Andrewcha said...

Seriously why they want to talk big bout themselves? If don't have then don't have la. What to shame about?

Anonymous said...


Haha yup! Yu-Kym scored nuts for this topic! She has and can do better. Her off day perhaps! lol

curious cat

Anonymous said...


You forgot that this is a date with not just your usual date. You are dating Yu-Kym and you know how difficult and critical she can be. You will be asking Yu-Kym to put up with the long wait for your bus at crowded, warm, fumy bus stops with no place to sit comfortably. You are asking her to withstand smelly passengers in the bus when she is dressed and perfumed to her best for you and worse are you going to protect her from the molesters? lol

Anyway if u dont own a car, its ok. But at least take her out in a cab rather than a bus! After you have wooed her over for sure, then switch to a bus! And see what she says! lol

She will condemn you as a cheat, a scam and a cheapo in this blog. And u will still lose her in the end after all the cab fares.

The lesson to you here is - go get a good job if you want to set yourself right with Yu-Kym. If not, you will have better luck with someone else.

curious cat

ArticFir3 said...

Doubt can seriously own a car in SG. Prices of petrol is way more expensive, and the price for license....totally different story here in Malaysia ;)


Anonymous said...

hey there. could u blog on "does it hurt for girls the first time they have sex?" maybe share with us your knowledge on that?

David said...


I the cost for obtianing a drivers license is around +/ - $3000.00 for classroom and practice driving.

What is the price range for typical average person cars and petrol (gas over here) prices, I will handle the liter to gallon conversion!



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enough to be worshiped.

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Anonymous said...


I'm giving u an off-the-cuff info here so the figures not completely accurate unless I look them up in car magazines but they will nevertheless give u some pretty good indications.

To buy a new car, one needs to bid to buy a piece of paper first - a certificate of entitlement (long story). This paper comes with a hefty price if there is enormous demand for new cars ...at its peak some years ago it was S$120,000 or more. At its lowest it could be a freak zero, but now it's about $35000 to S$40,000 per car certificate.

Then comes the price of the car itself. Because we have an equally hefty new car registration tax of about 120% of car's actual value, a typical Toyota Altis would cost about $70 to 80k currently including the pc of paper. A typical Mercedes Benz E230 would cost about $200 to $240K.

98 octane unleaded gas now costs $1.824 per litre. 95oct unleaded is about $1.76.

I paid S$220,000 for my car some years ago including the pc of paper which took up about $60,000.

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

Kent, yours is BMW - bus, mrt, walk!

Andrewcha, agree. There's no shame in not having a car.

Edward, indeed it's expensive to own a car in Singapore! I dare not even take a taxi to work.

David, the cost of buying a car is crazy - like curious cat mentioned. And that excludes parking and electronic road pricing (ERP) charges which are killers! ERP charges motorists for using particular roads at particular time of the day/week.

curious cat, I'm afraid you can't speak for me as to whether I would go out with "BMW" guys.

Anonymous said...

lol Yu-Kym,

You need not speak for yourself. Your blogs about your high standards spoke for you! lol

Yes of course you may go out with "BMWs" but the next day they will find themselves written about in your blogs - in bad light of course! lol

In such a short time, I know u so well already. And I am seldom wrong. lol

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

curious cat, you are wrong here.

Anonymous said...

hahaha Ok Yu-Kym, give way to you. I'm wrong lol

curious cat