Men love high-maintenance women

A friend told me that he bought a designer wallet for the girl he likes. He seemed very happy about it. I noticed that some men enjoy buying expensive gifts for women even if they can't afford it. Maybe it's because they want to make the woman happy, maybe it's because they want to brag to their friends about the gifts they bought. I'm not saying that they shouldn't buy any gifts but that they should buy something they can afford. If the woman likes the man, she will be happy to receive the gift regardless of how much it costs.

A 57-year-old friend shared that many years ago he bought his wife a bracelet which cost less than $50 for their 25th wedding anniversary. Although his wife knows how little it cost, she regards it as treasure and still wears it all the time.

I was taught that frugality is a virtue that men appreciate in women. Now I realise that it only meant being frugal with one's own money, i.e. the woman should save her own money but spend alot of her man's money.

One strange observation I made about some men is: they only treasure women who request for or demand expensive gifts. It gives them a sense of purpose in life and presents a challenge - to work very hard to buy expensive things for women! On the other hand, the women who are willing to support their husbands during their career change when the man's income is zero or negative are usually not cherished by their husbands. When love and money come to easily, men have too much time to think about "bad" things to do. As the saying goes, an idle mind is the devil's workshop.

I've always thought that in a long-term relationship, I should not spend my partner's money on unnecessary things because we should be saving the money in case we want to purchase a home, for early retirement and in case we have children in the future. What a fool I've been! Now I know why I was not cherished. I shall change my ways from now on.

Perhaps it's true that a successful man is one who earns more than his wife/partner can spend, and a successful woman is one who can find and keep such a man!

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Anonymous said...


Your lessons you have learnt needs a little tweaking or you are heading the wrong direction. Now hear this...

If you are a smart wife, do not allow your husband to accumulate wealth and let it stay idle for too long. Put the wealth soonest possible to good use like buying a new or another house for your family. Such big ticket investments will run down his mountain of money and yet provide you with the comforts of a higher standard of living. lol

If you neglect to do that, a man with too much money in his hands is going to find ways to spend it which is not to your favour. And even to your detriment! keke These are wise words from a wise woman I know and admire. I subscribe to such wisdom!

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

I believe in investing the money into assets that can give passive income such as property and stocks.

David said...


Another in the many faceted fault's of males.

Really there are so many nuances between the extremes you describe.

I went through a prolonged period of under-employment and no employment, and my wife's wages carried us. Never did I waiver in my love for her, and in fact, as a result I am more devoted to her than before these events.

When my wife wants to be more girly I do try to indulge her. To excess and excessive expenditures? No!

We have found a balance between what she wants and we can afford.

Would I like to give her more goodies, of course.

There is also a great deal of difference between long term and short term relationships.

A provocative post indeed!


Happiness is natural; joy is spiritual.

-- Kenny Martin

The Bimbo said...

I think men are largely more afraid of the other kind. Men would rather spend money on women (which is easier) than have to deal with highly emotional women who are of less maintenance.

Which kinda explains the large number of sugar daddies who just spend and spend... rather than the very few hubbies who would stay at home and help with housework willingly. :)

Anonymous said...

Girls should be taught that virginity is a virtue then they can put away their masterbation toys, plastic toy-boys, and don't have to run wild looking for any thing that looks like a cucucmber!

No need to go dutch, any don't worry about the value of $1.00, or whether period is coming or not!

Anonymous said...

Yu-Kym, just make sure the property has your name in it and the stocks belong to you. keke

And you are into the stock market too huh? Local or other markets? For such a young lass, how long have you been speculating? Are you happy with the returns so far? hehe

curious cat

Anonymous said...


I dont understand why in this modern age virginity is still considered a virtue for girls?

One of the "miracles" our Designer did for us is so that we can have those exhilirating orgasms during sexual intercourse!

I dont remember being a virgin gives me that special kind of pleasure! The only thing that really comes close to my orgasm is when my bladder is so bloody full to bursting point. I am whincing, cringing and contorting my body and desperately trying to find the elusive toilet...and just in the nick of time, there is the urinal and the pleasure of the instantaneous release...gosh...and even then just only nearly as good as sex, not better! lol

So who wants to be a virgin?

curious cat

David said...


One more thought on high vs. low maintenance women.

Ultimatley whether a women is high or low maitenance is really in her mind. Some women can have a 5 minute or 15 minute morning routine and look great.

Other women take 30, 60 or more minutes fussing over tiny details, that in the end make little or no difference.

CC- stated;
I dont understand why in this modern age virginity is still considered a virtue for girls?

CC the question of viginity is a part of chastity. Why chastity? That’s really two questions in one.

First, why write on this subject just now? Violations of chastity bring about questions as to whether there are any sexual morality. But for just that reason it is more necessary, not less, to speak the truth about sexual morality. Right and wrong behaviors’ cry out for honest, truthful speaking.

Second, why is chastity so important? Is this really a virtue for our times?
In fact, chastity is a virtue for our times, and it does take priority. That should be clear, for instance, in the wake of the scandalous events in many Churchs as well as those in secular society. (political scandal, actors misbehaving).

There is the God-given nature of our bodies and God’s purposes for sex.

Consider that fertility is the natural state of a healthy body. It’s not an illness or disorder for which you need to take a pill or alter the functioning of your body with physical devices or through surgery.

The sexual relationship between husband and wife has three natural purposes: Pro-creation, marital unity/bonding, and pleasure.

This discussion of natural law and the natural purposes of sex intrigued me. One article I read offered an analogy that really made me think. Here’s my summary of that analogy:

If I were to ask “why do we need to eat?” The number one reason given would be for nutrition and sustenance. It’s a law of nature that our bodies must take in calories in order to survive. Now as someone who enjoys good food my next answer would immediately be because food tastes good. Pleasure is indeed a natural part of eating (unless of course, we’re talking about Brussels sprouts!).

There are natural, God-given reasons for eating. So, what do we call it when we distort or try to deny the natural purposes and consequences of eating? For example:

What’s it called when someone who wants to enjoy food but deny their body the natural consequences of the calories they just took in by binging and purging? It’s called bulimia and it’s known as an eating ”disorder.

What’s it called when someone denies the body’s natural need for calories by not eating enough food in order to be thin? It’s called anorexia. It too is known as an eating ”disorder.”

Finally, what’s it called when someone takes in more calories than necessary by elevating the pleasure of eating above the natural limited number of calories needed in order to be healthy? It’s called gluttony and it too is “disordered” in relation to our nature and God’s purposes for our bodies.

I could go on longer, however this is really another topic for Ms. Loh to offer for discussion.


To have God in our life, doesn't mean saling on a boat with no
storms, it means having a boat that no storm can sink!

-- Author Unknown

Anonymous said...


The following may also be possible! What if sex is our Designer's gift to human kind to enjoy freely and naturally? Sexual moralities about virginity, chastity are all fabricated by man in his religious writings coz I know that God sure didnt write the ten commandments himself. Man did.

I say again that if God meant her virginity and chastity to be kept only for one man, HE would have made the keyhole only specific to the right key. But in our natural state, her keyhole and his key fits freely and naturally so that eventually one gender will find a completely compatible mate in the other. This I say is the natural order meant by HIM!

If virginity and chastity is such a virtue, God will ensure that only one man has the secret password to mate with her. And she will also have an authentication device to make sure it's not a scam! lol

curious cat

David said...



Take a deep breath,










...okay I have calmed down and can think again.

CC, while not answering any of the moral questions I presented; you are off on your version of god tangnet.

Your repsonse reads more like if what would CC do is he was god for a week.

Thankfully we share being the same specie, and that idea will only make for good
sci-fi or nightmares, but I am digressing.

Why not bestiality or pedophilia? What are the limits for moral behavior? IF there are moral absolutes, where do you think these limits have their origins?

Me thinks if you were god the four known fundamental interactions (forces) known as electromagnetism, strong interaction, weak interaction (also known as "strong" and "weak nuclear force") and gravitation, would not be quite the same and ....


No humans... Earth and likely no universe as we know it today.

Now here is as simple an explanation one can expect Yu-Kym to be posted.

Informed scientists now univerally recognise that the Universe is exquisitely finely tuned to allow the coming into being of intelligent life.

The only reasonable debate is whether this is due to:

A Loving Ultimate Creator (the universe was designed by God !)

An extraordinary coincidence (No self-repecting scientist champions this idea because the odds against this hypothesis makes winning the lotto like a sure thing...)

There exists an infinity of "other Universes" in which the constants are different (and we are so lucky to be living in the universe with the "right constants".

Your choice ?

Note that none of the choices 1, 2 and 3 are scientific - because science deals with observable and repeatable phenomenon.

Choice 2 is the least logical - it's like playing a mega lotto (something like picking 100 numbers between 1 and 1,000,000 and win with your first ticket)... Talking about "against all odds".... - further reading: "Just Six Numbers: The Deep Forces that Shape the Universe", Martin Rees - Here is a summary: click here

Choice 3 is an "onthological (a priori) argument" - since we already know the universe that we live in provides all the necessary molecules to support life, therefore there must be a "logical explanation" for it. And one of the possible logical explanation is the "theory" that there are infinite number of universes and we are so lucky to live in the right one.

The fallacy of this argument is that there is no way for us to visit the other universes. So if you believe this, your faith must be very great - in fact, just as great - if not greater than the faith needed to believe that there is a God!

Want to know more about the above:

Tag you turn...


One of Satan's ploys to retard spiritual productivity is getting Christians preoccupied with humanistic philosophy and otherbankrupt substitutes for God's truth.

-- John MacArthur

Yu-Kym said...

About virginity, can you please continue the discussion at another post:

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha lol Ok David, I read you but I'm too afraid to respond. lol

curious cat