"Mari kita" = erection?

Some people use the term "mari kita" for getting an erection.

If you're Singaporean, you'd probably understand why: the first 2 words of our national anthem are "mari kita" and you are supposed to stand to attention when the national anthem is played.

It's silly to use that term because:
1. The title of the national anthem is not "mari kita"; it is Majulah Singapura - which means Onward Singapore. [Click here for the national anthem and translation.]
2. mari kita are Malay words. Translated to English, they mean "let us" - which does not even remotely link to getting an erection.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry when people misuse and mispronounce Malay words, for example,
sekali becomes scully (agent Scully from The X-files),
tompang become longpang,
koyak which means ripped or torn is misused to describe anything that is spoilt when pecah should be used for things like vases that are broken instead of torn.

It is better not to use any Malay words at all if you don't know what they mean but do familiarise yourself with some Malay swear words just in case you get scolded in Malay. A Malay schoolmate used Malay bad words on my female classmate and my classmate thought the boy was flirting with her so she flirted back! She wasn't a good friend of mine so I tell her :D


cfm said...

hahaha... typically of us singaporean... to transform anything into singaporean style.. just like singlish.. so i suppose the malay wan is malay's singlish??


Anthony said...

another misused Malay word is "kallang guni" or "karang guni". The correct one is supposed to be karung guni. Karung guni is gunny sack which these ppl use to collect recycable products during the olden times.

Anonymous said...

if anything, the the misinterpreters suggest mass masturbation

sorry mari kita = "let us together", if may mean from both sexes unless the erection covers both penis and clitoris...

just a poor example of "borrowing" a language. the only culprit is lack of proper education on the language

Yu-Kym said...

Non-Malay Singaporeans are not required to learn Malay in school. I think the schools here do teach the languages "properly" but outside school or once people have graduated, everything gets thrown out the window. I don't think it's appropriate to constantly correct another person's use of language during conversations or in business emails though it can be difficult to understand what they are trying to say!

aaron said...

very good topic. this misuse of language is the result of Singapore being a multi racial society, and it dates back to the days when people were living in kangpongs. my grandparents were immigrants and to communicate with the indigenous Malays they had to pick up a little of their language. being Chinese i guess they had their own slang, like roti which is bread, my granma would pronounce as lor tee. my granma speaks cantonese n she would always ask if i wanted to eat "lor tee" so being a kid i picked it up thinking it was a cantonese word. just a few years ago when i was in hong kong i asked my hong kee friend if he had any "lor tee" and he was like wtf's that?

The Bimbo said...

But it's not just Malay that is misused.. English Chinese Tamil are all misused, all in the name of Singlish, which isn't half bad considering most people could speak proper if they wish to. :)

Interesting use for the word "Mari Kita" though...

Anonymous said...

I think Yu-Kym's take on some ppl's wrongful usage of "Mari-Kita to mean Erection" is mistaken.

I think these some ppl (including me) may be the wiser ones and the usage is correct. It is an apt title for our national anthem! Easy to pronounce, very meaningful too! As in "Stand up" for Singapore! lol

curious cat

Anonymous said...

Hey, just heard from the grapevine that a couple was just caught fornicating in public in an HDB block staircase. And get this! They were having sex laying on top of the Singapore flag!

Talk about "Mari-Kita synonymous with an erection"...this certainly proves it's not a misnomer. lol

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

aaron, haha... many Chinese can't pronounce "L" and many Indians and some Europeans can't pronounce "V".

curious cat, we do have a song titled "Stand up for Singapore". I wonder whether that couple made out to that tune.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Yu-Kym,

Of course I know and deliberately post the words lah.. coz it's so apt for the occasion with the flag below. After their fun, they should have their backsides rotanned. lol

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

Maybe they'll enjoy the rotan. To some people, pain is pleasure. http://yu-kym.blogspot.com/2009/09/pain-fetish-pain-is-pleasure.html

Anonymous said...


But I would bet that for every inmate that is being rotanned in Changi, no one would tell you he so enjoys it he yearns an extra stroke!

Of course for some after the fact, all that pain is forgotten! lol

curious cat