The empress' new clothes - part 2

My posts about men and money have angered some people and led others to misunderstand that I look down on men who are not rich. I come from a poor family myself so I do know better than to look down on others because of their financial status.

My friends asked me why people would get angry over such a topic.

This was how I explained it to them.

I said to my bodybuilder friend, "Singaporean men are skinny and weak. Are you angry?"
"No," he replied. "Because I'm not."

I said to my good-looking friend, "Singaporean men are ugly. Are you angry?"
He wasn't angry either.

People get angry when there is some element of truth in the statement. Not everyone would get angry though. Some people accept the truth and do something to improve the situation or make the most of their other abilities.

People who get angry are those who are in denial about their situation. Denial doesn't earn anyone anything good. Remember the story: The Emperor's New Clothes? If a woman marries a man who has little money, even if he treats her like a queen the only empress she'll ever be is one without clothes.

People should stop pretending that money isn't important and that love is all that they need to clothe themselves with.

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charles chua said...

totally agree

Anonymous said...

The Emperor's New Clothes reminds me of a play I watched long ago....The Magic Fundoshi...a comical Japanese tale about humans in-denial!

curious cat

Anonymous said...

take with a pinch of salt.