The empress' new clothes - part 1

Men who have money need not talk excessively about love.

A man who has money will not try to use notion of eternal love to entrap women emotionally and sexually. If you have the money, there's no need to say, "I don't have much money but our love will sustain us". The mass media is controlled by men. It's no wonder we see so much about blind love and sexual love on television. We are influenced and led to believe that those are examples of "true love". People enjoy buying that notion of "true love" because it is dreamy, seductive and has a way of messing with your mind. We all know that reality is different from the movies.

Love is an illusion. It's like a religion - it's true only as long as you believe it. There is no evidence for or against it. For those desperate for an answer, it is a quick explanation for the unexplainable.

However, although science has shown that chemicals like pheromones , oxytocin and phenyl ethylamine are responsible for feelings of attraction and of being "in love", many people still refuse to believe that chemicals and hormones are responsible for the way we feel about others. Instead, they choose to believe in "love".

If you have anything for real, there won't be a need to sell illusions and dreams. Take multi-level marketing (MLM) for example. If they had something real to sell, they won't need to sell you dreams about being rich - they'd tell you exactly what they're selling.

Men cling on to love and sex because that's all they've got left to convince women to be with them. "Put on this new dress. It's all you'll ever need to wear. You look amazing in you." (Remember the story The Emperor's New Clothes?)

I'm reminded of a song by Bon Jovi in which a man, Tommy, is jobless and the woman, Gina, works to bring money home for him - for love. She thinks of leaving him but he convinces her to "hold on" and he swears that they'll make it. Great song. I think Gina should stick with Tommy if he sings like Jon Bon Jovi.

Once upon a time not so long ago:
Tommy used to work on the docks
union's been on strike

He's down on his luck - It's tough
so tough.
Gina works the diner all day
working for her man
She brings home her pay for love
for love.

She says: We've got to hold on to what we've got
'Cause it doesn't make a difference if we make it or not.
We've got each other and that's a lot for love -
We'll give it a shot.

We're half way there - Livin' on a prayer
Take my hand and we'll make it
I swear - livin' on a prayer.

Tommy got his six string in hock.
Now he's holding in what he used to make it talk -
So tough
it's tough.
Gina dreams of running away
when she cries in the night
Tommy whispers: Baby
it's okay

We've got to hold on to what we've got . . .
We're half way there - Livin' on a prayer

We've got to hold on ready or not
You live for the fight when it's all that you've got.
We're half way there - Livin' on a prayer...

[The empress' new clothes - Part 2]


Anonymous said...


Very ingenious! I agree with your carefully crafted opener "Men who have money need not talk excessively about love". lol

This is a "twisted" gem of a blog! Touche!

curious cat

David said...


A jaded and cynical view of men, money and love. Just about everything you reference has been chatted about and addressed
ad-nauseum in ladies magazines and blog.

IOW and great example of pop-social-physc.

No doubt you can present examples where rich men have bought their way into a women's heart, or perhaps just purchased her love. Likely you know women, or at least of the type of women who would happily marry a very wealthy man.

There many wealthy men who also conduct quiet romances, hoping to avoid the gold-diggers who lust after money, and will fake love and adoration for a wealthy man.

Regarding pheromones ,oxytocin and phenyl ethylamine. No doubt these play a role in the mating, courting and even dating scene.

WebMD, has multiple articles that detail the role of bio-chemistry in relationships and love.

I will share the conclusion:
"So it's difficult to put a percent or a number on the role of chemistry in a relationship. And like some of us, it can be fickle. "One moment chemistry rules and the next moment your upbringing will rule," Fisher says. As in: "I'm madly in love with this guy." to "What I am thinking? He's a different religion."

One thing's for sure. There's much more to discover about the biology of love, guaranteeing that relationship scientists will have jobs for years to come.

The one thing anyone can be sure of is that human's while influenced by our chemistry, are not slaves to that chemistry. Animals are, that instinctive hardwired DNA chemistry dictates when they can reproduce.

Men and women have the power of their minds. Influenced by bio-chemistry, surely. However own the addictive personality are slave this chemistry.

Yu-kym, you have shared with your readers far more disappointing, and unhappy relations with men than you have happy or lasting relations.

There is a deeper undercurrent in many of your posts where relations, love, friendship or marriage is your topic.

You value trust and honour, yet treat them as virtues that few practice.

I will even speculate that addict prone people will fall in love often, frequently with the wrong type simply because some people fall into addiction easily.

However the long term romantic love that binds a man and women is real! How else can one explain why the vast majority of marriages last?

When you state; ove is an illusion. It's like a religion - it's true only as long as you believe it. There is no evidence for or against it. I know this is more of a wish than reality.

You do not like marriage, you have made that abundantly clear. Yet you will not offer what can replace marriage without destroying society.

Something, event, series of events and other people have left you appearing very disillusioned with much of what societal norms for relationships.

Perhaps you are more of a rebel than Singaporean society will allow you to politely reveal. Maybe you have problems with authority figures.

This is pure speculation, (apologies to CEC for trampling on his turf here...).

However that undercurrent is present in your words.

I suppose I can be daring and ask you - what do you feel most often, happiness or sadness?

Only Yu-Kym can truly reveal why so much of society is unappealing and disliked by her so greatly!


Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person's ultimate good as far as it can be obtained.

-- C. S. Lewis

Anonymous said...

Re - "Love is an illusion. It's like a religion - it's true only as long as you believe it."

This statement is incorrect.

There is true love, but you need to find it.

And you can find it amongst your friends in people who may even lay down their lives for you!

I once had an intimate GF who always asked me to help her financially which I complied but I was wandering whether she was just an "underground prostitute"!

So one day, I altered my voice and rang her up pretending to be one of her BF, she said "I don't have a boy friend. Come and fcuk me".

Wow, that immediately added 10 more years of maturity into me!

Needless to say, I didn't marry her!

Anonymous said...


Like it or not, a woman takes a man for her husband in exchange for something she wants from him and vice versa. So Love has a "price". Wealth is one of them. There can be many other forms of "price" to pay in "exchange" for love. Once the "price" is paid and exhausted, love invariably fades away too.

Therefore you are right - humans are not slaves to their biological "love" chemistry. This chemistry will as soon turn itself off when there's no longer a worthwhile "price" in exchange.

Truly unconditional love is everlasting but is extremely rare too. But if one digs deep into it, I believe one can unrevel some hidden reasons or "conditions" too!

Base on Yu-Kym's occasional revelations about her past relationships, I can surmise that her views are shaped by her unhappy liaisons. It's quite understandable but may not be necessarily so in all situations.

Personally I have (and had) generally pretty happy relationships with my fair share of issues. But i'm fortunate not to have had disastrous calamitous ones. But I still hold a skeptical (perhaps even a little cynical) view of Love. Why is that so?

The main reason is that I'm a realist! I cherish the idea, the experience of love and the pleasures it brings. But I have also seen in others (and in mine too) it's shortfalls, it's potential to be shallow and superficial. It's not the same thing as not believing that love is positive and full of goodness....but only whilst it lasts! Because love is extremely fragile and fickle!

So by logical extension, so is marriage.

curious cat

Anonymous said...

Quite a fair bit of us have a dis-illusioned if not cynical view of our living environment till date.

Until recently, our newspaper articles seldom proclaim the joy of living in such a clean city.

It's a bit puzzling but I think this is brought about by the historical relationship with Malaysia;
(1)Singapore asked to leave the Malay federation in 1965,
(2)race riots in 1967,
(3)reminders our water supply can be cut,
(4)break-ups of various entities; Malaya Singapore Airlines, stock market,
(5)bad press by both sides,
(6)Malaysian PM Mahatir who closed down an unofficial stock market- CLOB,causing thousands of Singaporeans to lose their retirement funds overnight,
(7)disputes over land in Singapore owned by Malaysian Railways,
(8)disputes over replacement of a land-linked bridge - Causeway,
(9)disputes over ownership of Hornsburgh Lighthouse island off the Malaysian coast (10)unhappiness over a visit by an Isreali Prime Minister to Singapore,
(11)it goes on and on........

From 1965, our relationship with a close neighbour was far from friendly.

Their politicians are known to raise emotional temperatures; "see how rich their Chinese are in Singapore compared to their Malays". Said PM implemented A Bumiputra policy to ensure only Malays get first bite at the pie.

I suppose, Singapore's economic success bred a lot of resentment. As a business centre, we requires peace & a stable supply of water. These are compelling factors not to react to inflamatory issues.

We are constantly reminded; no one owes us a living, no nation would come to our aid if war breaks out, we cannot afford to fail even once.

So we allocated significant resources to build capabilities into our Armed Forces; to ensure outcomes to our liking.

What's the use of these capabilities,when the economy requires peace?

Oh, after the Tsunami, who had the heavy lift Chinooks AND logistical savy to support civil services hundreds of kilometers away. A bulldozer and an armoured tank weighs much the same.

Their Defence Minister said; "THEY know a fortress is always at an disadvantage against a hinterland. Right, I hope their politicians understand his point; whose turf shall we be playing?

We give subtle hints; of 'friends' who parked their Aircraft Carriers at our Naval port. When these are parked in a static spot, the amount of micro waves from satelites & radars can cook the birds in flight - over a big, ...... big horizon.

Think: our main airports are 300km away. At 600km/hr, only 30 minutes to target. An air-to-ship missile 150km range can be released 15 min. into take off, reach an aircraft carrier in less than 6 min. Only 15 minutes to determine & remove a hostile flight/s from the hundreds criss crossing the skies!

Ever wonder if Air Control Centre in the Carrier knows the flight path of every plane from here to Bangkok? And how fast their 'birds' aloof can deal with any unwelcome guest/s?
In 3 Air-control Centres, those guys are in a state-of-war.

Hopefully, we will command so much economic clout, we can do away the need for military option. As THAT arrives, there will be less noise & thus less stress for all.

I hope this will let every reader have an appreciation of the kind of environment we live.

Hopefully, it will empower citizens from both sides, to disregard statements that polarise and cause so much stress;

to an entire generation of Singaporeans, whose "sin"[efforts] resulted in an unbelievable first class City State - after 45 years of nationhood - with not a grain of sand & not a drop of water.

It's not just clean streets, you know.

Regards, Leo

Anonymous said...


1) I say those Singaporeans and foreigners who are "dis-illusioned if not cynical view of our living environment" are free to go find greener pastures elsewhere. Certainly they should find a place where they can be happy. Just dont come crawling back whatever the reasons.

2) "What's the use of these (military) capabilities,when the economy requires peace?"

To maximise and/or ensure peace so we have an economy!

3) They dont have their best in government (I'm putting it politely here lol), that's why they dont know that we will be playing in their backyard!

4) Economic clout requires the military option too. The two goes hand in hand because there will always be noise and stress. It's in the nature of international "neighbourly" politics.

5) No, it's not just clean streets, it's about having a street to come home to.

Leo, your heart still here in Singapore despite all our shortcomings?

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

David, We don't know for sure whether animals are actually smarter than human beings.
I don't have problems with authority. But maybe they see me as a problem!
I have many great relationships with people. But it's the bad ones that I learn from so I write about them.
I'm happy most of the time - probably 95% of the time. The other 5% when I'm not happy is when I get PMS or I have to do obligatory things.

Anon, how did you know the name of her other boyfriend?

Anonymous said...


That was my initial wonder too...but I think he didnt really know the name of the "boyfriend". He just called the two-timing girl pretending to be one of the many calls from men that she receives, and got her to incriminate herself. lol

He was right with the girl but I think he is wrong with his too idealistic notions about love, friends, etc

curious cat

Anonymous said...

Yu Kym

It’s the first time I come across your blog. Although I think it’s great that you write whatever you think, some of the conclusions you draw saddens me (like the one above). Hopefully it’s because you are still relatively young and are yet to experience some aspects of life.

Money and love are not related, although some people may convince themselves they are. Money does make things easier – including relationships. Some people might be drawn to wealth and all it that comes with it. But money can’t buy true love. (If you draw your conclusions based on song lyrics, I could come up with a few examples in this genre too).

Love is NOT to be confused with religion. Perhaps it is something you chose to believe in or not. But trust me, when it hits you, you have no choice – whether you were an ex-non-believer or not. I hope it happens to you too one day.


Yu-Kym said...

Hi Sarah, welcome to my blog :) Are you religious? I noticed that people who are tend to believe in a concept of "true love" which cannot be explained.

Anonymous said...


I too believe that money can't buy "true love". By extension therefore I can say I believe in the existence of true love. But true love is rare.

I believe too that money and love are not directly related but I believe both can be interlinked. Therefore in this case money can "buy" or "win" love.

Love too is not religion per se but it is an integral part of many religions. Therefore your religion may influence how you view and conduct love.

You seem to indicate that you have lived long enough to have experienced some aspects of life including personally coming across excellent examples of what true love is all about.

Pls enlighten this forum with one or two examples of "true love".

curious cat

David said...


You presented the limited evidence that bio-chemistry plays a role in why human's love.

Below is an excerpt from Maslow's hierarchy of human needs from:

Love and belonging
After physiological and safety needs are fulfilled, the third layer of human needs are social and involve feelings of belongingness. This aspect of Maslow's hierarchy involves emotionally based relationships in general, such as:


Humans need to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance, whether it comes from a large social group, such as clubs, office culture, religious groups, professional organizations, sports teams, gangs, or small social connections (family members, intimate partners, mentors, close colleagues, confidants).

They need to love and be loved (sexually and non-sexually) by others. In the absence of these elements, many people become susceptible to loneliness, social anxiety, and clinical depression. This need for belonging can often overcome the physiological and security needs, depending on the strength of the peer pressure; an anorexic, for example, may ignore the need to eat and the security of health for a feeling of control and belonging.

The factors mentioned above do play a role.

Religions, at least most, see love as at least a gift from our Creator.

A gift that offers great goodness when properly shared. Love can be a source of great pain when the people involved are not prepared or capable of sharing and growing into a loving relationship.

That is why many are satisfied with ONS, or FBs. Sexual satisfaction appears to drive many. CEC comes to mind here.

In post one of this series you state-
" We don't know for sure whether animals are actually smarter than human beings."

We know that on an intellectual level animals are not as smart. On the instinctive level DNA has programed animals with more tools for seeing the world and surviving.

Yet no animal species save ours, has built universities, great cities or voyaged to distant worlds. Homo-sapiens has the power to imagine.

There is no evidence of animal imagination.

You also state - "I don't have problems with authority. But maybe they see me as a problem!"

IF authorities have had problems with you then it works both ways. You do indeed have a problem with authority, and authority figures.

There are many levels and types of authority, you will have to elaborate on this so all of us can understand your background regarding interaction with authority & authority figures.

Leo appears to have a problem with the United States Navy aircraft carriers visiting, can Leo elaborate why?


If you find God with ease, perhaps it is not God you have found.

-- Thomas Merton

Anonymous said...

Yu Kym and curious cat;

No, I am not religious and my beliefs of love have nothing to do with ‘God’ (as I personally do not believe such things exist – doesn’t mean it doesn’t!). I have just been lucky enough to experience true love. Albeit rare, it does not mean it doesn’t exist. It’s a shame that people may think so.

Curious cat; I am not saying I’m ‘old and wise’ but I remember a time in my youth when I also had doubt and was ready to settle for ‘good enough’ as it provided companionship. Luckily I didn’t and got to experience being struck. It can happen to anyone – and FOR anyone (whether old/young/rich/poor).


Anonymous said...

I think a certain reader may have misunderstood the subtle meanings in my article.

(1)with due respect, was there any suggestion from me for "dis-illusioned" people to seek greener pastures? The writer would have my respect if he refrains from derisive comments about "not crawling back whatever the reasons"...
(2perhaps he did not understand the subtle meaning of "building" military capabilities ....... peace.
(3)when he stated "they dont have the best in their government". What makes him think THEY do NOT know we will be playing on THEIR turf? Why so arrogant?
Sometimes, it is more polite to imply a point.

Has the writer seen the "turf"?

Has he considered the cost in terms of human lives (both sides) to "play" on that turf?

Perhaps he does not understand my hope; "THEIR politicians understood THEIR Defence Minister's statement"

I do not think many Singaporeans feel comfortable with "playing"; much less on someone else turf.

(4)I was expressing a hope both sides would have a less stressful life, if one side (hopefully us?)attained sufficient economic clout to deter the other from provoking a military solution.

Economic clout that do not require military options, are preferable.

The "military options" availiable to all politicians are motivated primarily by FEAR. Acquiring them to address fear starts a never ending cycle of acquiring more military options by both. Is that "necesary"? Smart?

Regretably, the very nation who has the ABILITY to lead civilisation AWAY from military options; is so dependent on military production & hostile relations between nation states; in order to "manage" the world economic order; is the USA.
(5)a little care in crafting opinions would promote a pleasant exchange of views. I hope the writer is aware of an unpleasant insinuition contained in his words?

I was trying to make readers all over the world including David; understand some of the conditions of Living in Singpore.
As I said, Singapore is not about clean streets. We succeeded only after much toil & tribulation from everyone

Including our WOMAN folk. ESPECIALLY our woman folk.

Ever wonder why romance & true love is viewed so cynically by some?

So lamantable, to hear a description of our toils & tribulations as shortcomings.

Regards, Leo

(I hope the writer understand the meaning of a subtle telling-off?)

Anonymous said...

Hahahah Leo,

Looks like this "writer" misinterpreted everything that you have written! Even after you have "enlightened" him, he is still scratching his head! lol Your delicate nuances are beyond him. How stupid of this writer! lol

The only thing he understands is your "subtle" telling off! Such intelligence! lol

curious cat

Anonymous said...

lol David,

1) I can't disagree with you that sexual satisfaction is very much an integral part of my life...but to say it "drives" me??????....hmmmm well perhaps makes me calm, collected, happy and contented everyday. lol

But just so you dont think that I'm a sex maniac, ONS and multiple FBs are a no no! I'm into great sex with a single regular sex partner.

2) As for authorities, I too am a thorn to their backsides. But it's not what you think that I am a rebel, quick to pick a fight or anything. It has to do with they not doing things right that affects me.

3) As for Leo having a problem with the US or it's carriers visiting, I'm afraid to say anything less I'm being told off again for being unable to read his so-called "subtleties"! I just cant read his far too superior intellect! lol

curious cat

Anonymous said...

Not too sure if this will reach you but to answer David's query,

For 45 years; there has been tension between Singapore & our nearest neighbour.

Invariably, we point fingers at them for causing the tension. But is it?

An Carrier Group is an extremely aggressive force to reckon with. It's Commander is never happy when it's parked in a static position. A sitting duck target comes to mind.

An Air-to-ship missile with supersonic velocity & 150km range take less than 3 minutes to strike the Carrier. One of the most effective platforms for launching this missile would be an aircraft. An aircraft can attack from any direction whereas a ground missile site is a fixed location. Flying at a low attitude below radar coverage; it is hard to locate & hence, difficult to intercept & destroy.
3, 6 or 15 minutes is not a lot of time for tracking & ascertaining an aircraft has hostile intent. The repercussions of shooting down a non-hostile civilian aircraft would be terrible.
The Air Wing Commander would normally keep 2 "birds" in the air with very long range Phoenix missiles. And an AWAC airborne radar to detect low flying aircraft.
Place a compass and draw a circle of 600 km radius with Singapore - port of call, in the centre and you pretty well know which nation is inside that circle.
Any non RSAF military aircraft taking off from their air fields would be tracked and politely "told" to keep their distance. "Told" as in their pilots being acutely aware of a radar constantly tracking them & a Phoenix missile finishing them within 12 seconds.
How's that for comfort?
Hey, I'm minding my own business in my airspace but I cannot fly in the direction of Singappore because there is a Carrier parked there!
Fine, if the Carrier Group is steaming away in the South China Sea.
Pretty provocative if the Carrier is parked in Singapore & for the next 3 days, my air space is being dictated by a foreign power.
Who let that Carrier in?
Actually, I suspect all this military posturing is just to intimidate those with less perceptive minds.
The RSAF was never intended to intimidate immediate neighbours. The RSAF has already acquired the capability to perform a regional policing role. The Straits of Malacca is one of the most important shipping routes for Singapore's well being. It seems that only we can afford and have the means to play this role.
Initially, the "threat" was from an immediate nieghbour. Next would be an assertive China?
We are always dancing to someone's tune.
Now do you understand why the tension can never go away?

Regards, Leo

David said...


There will always be tension in Asian waters. I was not aware that SG had strained relations with Malaysia.

The USS Kitty Hawk, in 2002, took part in Malabar, a six-day exercise that took place in the Bay of Bengal, involving more than 20,000 personnel on 28 ships and 150 aircraft from the United States Navy, Indian navy, Royal Australian navy, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, and the Republic of Singapore navy.

Recently the USS George Washington (CVN 73) welcomed aboard Singapore residents for public tours of the aircraft carrier Aug. 14 as part of the ship's port visit to Singapore.

The tours provided people a chance to experience a small portion of life aboard an aircraft carrier.

Among the visitors were local families and students, youths from the Jamiya Children's Home and members of the Navy League, the Singapore military and other various organizations.

Did the visits from the carriers cause problems between SG and neighboring nations?

The USS George Washington upset the PRC when she visited South Korea and Vietnam.

Think about the response to disasters that American forces have participated in recent years. After the 2006 tsunami the first large amount of aid was delivered by U.S. Marine amphibious support vessels and later a Navy carrier. The U.S.A. delivered food, shelter, and medical care throughout the affected areas. More recently American's came to aid of the Philippine's
after recent typhoons. Currently my nation is delivering aid to Pakistan. BTW the majority of aid to Haiti is still being managed, brought in and distributed by the United States, I will not mention the names of several prominent nations that promised aid, delivered little or none, and then backed-out of their promises.

Singapore needs strong friends beyond the Asian region. The United States has not dictated what policies SG should follow, and we remain committed to supporting the people of Singapore.


We never become truly spiritual by sitting down and wishing to become so. You must undertake something so great that you cannot accomplish it unaided.

-- Phillips Brooks

Anonymous said...

Leo and behold,

An extremely active mind! keke

curious "clueless" cat

Anonymous said...

Jezz, you boys like to yak politics or what? Another fax from my boss (CC, you have a sick mind) who's my UNCLE. He wrote -
"David, you didn't know the 'problems' Singapore had with Malaysia?
Before 1965 - SG independence, Lee Kuan Yew joined SG into the Federation of Malayan states called Malaysia. At the Federal Parliament, LKY advocated Malaysia should be for Malaysians; not just Malays.
This riled the Malay Leaders - including the Sultans who are kings in their individual states.
Their Malay Leaders feared LKY's policies would end Malay dominance in a country where Malays form the majority. They branded LKY a traitor & said his policies would split Malaysia.
LKY was told to take Singapore out of Malaysia.
Those were scary days for a young chap with an island crowded with jobless people, dependent on a Malaysian State Johore for water, his party allied with Communist elements hell bent on taking over, ... etc.
However, he out-maneuvered his foes & got elected to form a government.

Initially, the Malaysian Leaders tolerated the small 'frog' in a small pond. However when Mahatir became PM of Malaysia he knew he needed to prod his people to industrialise too.

Easier said than done when his country has abundant natural resources; eg, natural rubber. But irritating because all their natural resources had to be exported via port of Singapore.

SG became Mahatir's bogey man. To get Malay votes, he invited comparisons between Malays in SG vs. Malays in Malaysia.

Who holds political power in SG, he asked. Chinese.
In Malaysia? Malays.

He knew the Chinese would take over economic wealth & thereafter political power. So, he implemented a "bumiputra" policy where only Malays get first bite at the pie.

He decried the cheap price SG paid for the water sourced from Johore. RSAF planes can no longer fly over Malaysian airspace, he decreed. Malayan Railway tracks and station in SG belongs to Malaysia, not SG. After signing a Points of Agreement on these subjects, he tore it up saying that it was still not fair.

All these noise was for his political agenda of SG bad guy, Malaysia good guy.

Fine, two can play same game. It assisted the ruling parties of both sides to justify policies and therein, a monopoly over political power.

Things got so bad at one stage, they asked why no Malay pilots in RSAF? We said, are RSAF pilots training for combat against Canada? Why buy Phoenix missiles, they asked? To welcome folks who flew into SG without invitation, was the reply.

David speaks of the humanitarian missions performed by US naval assets. I say, if you've the kit, use it to earn brownie points. A Carrier Group's prime mission is NEVER humanitarian.
As one US General told Sadam Hussein before Operation Desert Storm, "we are coming here to kill you, make no mistake about it!"

And I do not even want to discuss the undercurrents of distrust; if you factor in religion!

A good segment of our people are in the business of protecting SG. As such, we are always reminded of our potential threats - military, from the immediate vicinity, economic, from the whole world!

It's been a long winded discussion; I hope readers will now understand why SG guys & girls are not so well informed/prepared/encouraged in the art of love; & probably one of the factors contributing to cynicism in our younger generation.

David, your nation's economic wealth and global influence rest on military assets and "tension" between nations.

Do Americans feel comfortable with this fact?

Regards, Leo

Anonymous said...

- Now US and Vietcong are friends - then why sacrificed millions of US military for nothing at all. Stupid Americans, that is why they go bankrupt!

" U.S.A. delivered food, shelter, and medical care throughout the affected areas"
- and fcuk those suffering disasters in US mainland!

" The United States has not dictated what policies SG should follow, and we remain committed to supporting the people of Singapore."
- Crap! US is more interested in selling "flying coffin" F15 at exorbitant prices to SG and to whoever else to make money. Nowadays with 15% unemployment in the US, they only industry making money is the US weapons industry! Give it another 20 years, the coloured people in US will take up arms to start a revolution.

David said...


I am aware of SGs history during the short period of confederation with Malaysia, and some of the problems that led to SG going its own way. You provide more details than I knew from my research.

You are also correct pointing out the a Carrier task force is primarily a weapon of war designed to kill the enemy and break things.

During most of recorded history weapons systems were meant only for destructive purposes. Starting early in the 20th century and done more so after WW II, the United States found that the same platforms that project power to an enemy can be used to quickly deliver aid to a nation in midst of an emergency. Make no doubt regarding America's willingness to stand by its friends. Vietnam is one of the few exampled where national leadership failed to address the battlefield issues realistically so the U.S.A. withdrew and left far to many Vietnamese to horrible fates.

The U.S.A. is far from the perfect nation, we make mistakes, and the world knows about those failures. Little is hidden from the public.

Tensions are at times avoidable and at times the result of mis-handled diplomacy.
The current administration if nothing else
while full of good intentions, lacks vision, and sufficient wisdom to do more than modify most of President's Bush's policies.

American's are vocal critics of those in power when we disagree. Never take that as a sign of weakness, other have at great peril, and regretted misreading the United States resolve.


'Difficulty' is not a word to be found in the dictionary of heaven. Nothing can be impossible with God.

-- Charles H. Spurgeon

David said...


A little pissed at the U.S.A. are you!

Look back at history, and many nations the United States has fought in war are now friends and allies. Out of WWII, Japan and German;y were rebuilt. In both nations existing political systems were outlawed, and democracy was introduced. Yes both nations had problems. Now however Japan and Germany are decent places to live, economic powerhouses and role players on the world scene.

The F15 has had problems. Any aircraft of that performance level will have growth and aging problems. The majority if not have been fixed. Ground crews are vitally important to keeping such aircraft safe and flight worthy. Pilot's must practice in order to know their aircraft and get most out of it.

Search regarding China's J10 aircraft. China's supposed equal to the F16. The Chinese J10 has had a history of crashes far worse than any American airframe in use by our friends.

As for that revolution you predict, I do believe you are reading some very extremist blogs and news groups from my nation. The level of freedom of speech enjoyed here allows small groups the ability to print just about anything, without having to substantiate information for accuracy and honesty.

Many Stateside news and blogs sights are full of non-sense and outright lies.


Time is too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love -- time is eternity.

-- Henry van Dyke

Anonymous said...

"A little pissed at the U.S.A. are you!" - Because
- Americans are the greatest perpetuators of lies!
- Americans entice SG girls to marry them and then turn them into prostitutes - one of them hold the 500 men gangbang world record. The porn industry is the one of the great industry in the USA!
- Americans make money by bring war to nations, selling weapons and bombs, killing millions of babies and women.
- They use depleted uranium munitions throughout the world, bringing deformed births to the whole world! But the world is fighting back, bringing the war to USA, just look at 9/11
- They are the world's worst con man, just look at all the collateral-debt-obligations (CDO) they sold to the world , creating the GFC, and their Ponzi schemes.

"Japan and Germany were rebuilt" - Because
- they are used to contain New China and Russia
- USA made most money by supplying war materials, in that all the re-building has to be paid for by the nations concerned buying American made stuff at exorbitant prices. Most of the US cities were built during the inter- and post-war years testify to the money made in this way.

"Japan and Germany are decent places to live"
- and they are economically better than USA and safer too!

"The F15 has had problems" - yes and they are the most expensive outdated second-hand junk sold to Singapore!

"J10 has had a history of crashes far worse than any American airframe" - that is a lie. Show us the references!

"As for that revolution you predict" - why don't you just wait and see.
Already there is a Black president, something no one can imagine that 5 years ago.
Already USA economy has collapsed, the Great Financial Crisis GFC is still continuing - again no one can imagine that 6 years ago.
Look at most US cities, over 15% unemployment, more than one in ten home owner expect foreclosure, lots of streets has half of the houses boarded up - these are horrors which SGers just cannot even imagine! Look at the Steel Belt cities, many of them are ghost towns! Look at Detriot, once a proud Motor Industry Motown of over 1 million people, now it is hard even to find 100,000 people living there and the city centre is just an abandoned concrete waste land! Can anyone imagine that 15 years ago, NO!

So are you one of them receiving food rations (meal tickets, something that you won't find even in communist countries!) in the USA?

As professor Neil Ferguson said "The end of Empire can come quickly and suddenly!"

Anonymous said...

Dear Yu-kymie, our girl talk got taken over or what. What boring stuff guys talk! Ok, I got fax from Boss in PNG. Sorry 1st para not clear but he say must send.

"David, there's no reply about my last question - are US citizens comfortable about US economic wealth & influence rest...g on ...ilitary assets ... 'tension' betweeb nations?

I think it's fair to judge that Leaders od USA done a good job in preventing major wars after WW2.

They realised that preventing nations from grabbing raw materials from someone else turf creates wars; eg look at what US embargo on strategic goods against Japan did - preWW2?

If pre-WW2 Japan did NOT have the guts to bomb Pearl Harbour, people of SE Asia will still be saying 'yes sir' to the British. Japan was compelled to initiate hostilities on other nations "turf" (CC, I hope you are reading this). The Dutch ALREADY grabbed Indonesia, French - Indo China, German - ShangDong province in China, Yanks - Philippines & the biggest hypocrite of all, British - HongKong.

Without EXCEPTION, it was military power that emboldened Europeans & Yanks to do it. The economic benefits extracted/sucked from these colonies ENABLED your economies to established dominance in Global Order.

Without EXCEPTION, China will follow the precedent set.
Without EXCEPTION, your political leadership will pit Japan against China - for raw resources.

Furthermore, US sells advanced weapons to Taiwan, Isreal sell advance Drones to China!

You Yanks have perversed ideas of Human Rights;

(1)tese arms created tension so millions of Chinese on 2 sides die if someone mis-calulates,
(2)to resolve the nuclear impasse, one bullet or cruise missile to the 'Great Leader' would end the human misery in N. Korea.

Come on! NOBODY can use nuclear weapons, period. (Except the US)

Sorry to say this David, it serves the interests of US Armed forces & US economy to have a little "game" on the Korean penisular.

Not difficult to Think : if 'G. Leader' has primitive rockets pointed at Worls's No. 2 or 3 economy, eventually Japan, S.Korea, Taiwan will acquire nuclear weapons. Folks who haven't got natural uranium, build 'peaceful' nuclear power stations!

Nuclear power station contractors - Westinghouse, General Electric, Nippon Electric, Daewoo Corp CEOs will be basking on decks of their Yatches decorated with silicon breasted blondes! See how many folks got jobs from just one guy with weird hairdo in N. Korea?
My fellow human beings; Wars are NOT inevitable.
The ONE nation whose economic wealth depends on selling weapons in exchange for Toyota Camrys is USA.
Soon, when Camrys are built in China, all the Europrean nations -if they are still populated by white people (no racist intentions meant) will follow USA.
Who will they sell weapons to? Hopefully the Middle East folks still have oil & someone to irritate them.
The US budget deficit? Chicken Feed. Just prod Iran to test fire a long range Shahab missile, or some stupid US marine to load an 'old' map into a cruise missile that ran smack into China's embassy, etc, etc. Watch, the price of oil will rise 2 x. In US dollars.
The entire world's economy suddenly needs to find 2x the amount of US dollars; everyday for ? days x ? years.
If US owes the world US$10 yesterday, how much does she owe the world if we need US$100 tomorrow to pay for oil? Or iron?

Who are the idoilts in this world.


Whose political leaders frowned and despaired over fears of the latest military hardware acquired by a neighbouring country?


Errrr, sorry to Anon who wrote that piss off article about USA. This is a more polite form of conveying the same thing. Let them digest it for a while.

To all the Human Rights Advocates in the USA - the world is not going to remain stupid forever.

Regards, Leo

David said...


I can agree that the United States is not perfect, then no nation is.

The idea of maintaining tensions is folly, wars ultimately cost far to much.

China is coming to grips with the very old and poor, and the new rich. That society is in great imbalance.

Your stereotypical portrayal of rich corporate CEO's is right out of movies or popular novels. No doubt there a some CEOs concerned with nothing more than profit and pleasure.

Most however are concerned about their workers, and these days that means workers in many nations.

China and the United States are tied economically together. If either nation makes a major mistake, both will suffer greatly, and along with neighboring nations.

The people here do not see themselves superior, as the U.S.A. is composed of immigrants from more than 100 other nations.

Yu-Kym thank you for allowing this diversion of your post!!!!


The duty of the church is to comfort the disturbed and to disturb the comfortable.

-- Michael Ramsey

Anonymous said...

Dear Yu-kymie, another post from my Boss.

Hi David & all Americans. Thank you for reading these articles. To clarify my intentions; please note,
(1)I'm grateful for the brilliant policies implemented by succeesive US Governments. These policies supported the economies of newly independent nations like Singapore. Without them, Singapore would not have attained the standard of living we enjoy today. I would like to thank all Americans for this.

(2)Yu-kym's blog caught my attention because her articles are reasonably well-thought out. She speaks of the angst of her generation. With the advent of the internet, these views aid our understanding of the world. So long as we respect the views of fellow bloggers, there is much to learn by everyone.

It is my hope mankind would make some progress towards a world with much of the violence inherent in humankind; removed. It's difficult, almost impossible. Almost is only almost; not impossible.

The one nation with the global leadership to lead humankind out of the misery, fear, threat, etc, of war is United States.
(3)Unfortunately,.. unfortunately, your Government has been dictated by your oil corporations & industry leaders. Your situation is somewhat alike the situation faced by the Emporer of Japan prior to WW2. Japan witnessed a China, so economically & politically emfeebled by colonial powers, Japan knew she would be sidelined if she failed to act. Japan has refused to apologise for attrocities committed by her in WW2 because in her culture, to have subcumbed to an outside race was a fate worse than death. All the nations under her conquest were subcumbed races. Put it in another perspective, have the British apologised for the deaths of millions of Chinese who smoked opium?
Is it not hypocritical to expect Japan to apologise for waging war when the British inflicted on the Chinese - fates worse than death throughout the 80 years she sold opium to China? To date, China has treated India with disdain because opium was grown & harvested in India for sale in China. By a British entity called the East India Company.
SG being a former British colony & part of the British Commonwealth, our books do not even have the courage to report these facts. This has aided the ignorance of my generation.
We cannot turn back the clock of time. We can however, learn from our mistakes.
Coutesy begets courtesy; war begets war.
Sailing an Aircraft Carrier Group through the Straights of Taiwan is a provocation, pure & simple. Would Americans feel comfortable if China's Navy hold joint naval exercises with Russian & Cuban navy off the coast of New York? By an aircraft carrier armed with nuclear weapons? Taking soundings of water depth by a 'civilian' ship off the coast of Hainan Island, is insulting the intelligence of many folks.
David says the US & China are tied economically together. He states CEOs are more concerned about workers - in US & in the world. < My bit about CEOs & blondes was indeed stereo-typing - i just wanted to humour USA (my apologies if it caused offence) >. I say the reason why General Motors did not fully robotised their car assembly lines is due to fear of alienating voters including GM workers & families!! So as the world's goods & services are priced in US dollars, US is getting a free ride (almost) for all her debts.

The US is practising a form of Monetary colonialism - on the whole world. At another insidous & sinister level, the US is practising Intellectual colonialism on the whole world.


She has no choice! She thinks she has to do this role for world order and peace. Regretably, there is some truth in it.

Should we allow it?

Regards, Leo

David said...


Criticism is easy to deliver.

The United States has been the major world power since the end of WWII.

Some of what you state is true, much is half-truths and opinion.

For the problems you mention the U.S.A. causing in the world, what would you offer as a solution?


God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say 'thank you?'

-- William A. Ward

Yu-Kym said...

Sarah, could you please contribute to my previous post : What is love?
I would like to know your definition of true love.