Do women like virgin men?

"I'm saving my virginity for marriage."

In this day and age, it's still common to hear gals say that but if a guy says it I'd think it's weird... very weird.

How about a fresh pink lolly, ladies?
Oh boy, oh boy! What a sweet-looking lolly!
And I'm so excited to be the first to taste it!

If men can be virgins plus have great sex skills and staying power, then yes. But chances are, as with most things in life, great skills come with practice. Whether it should be practised with one partner or previous partners really depends on the man. Some men are fast learners; other men never learn. Women want to enjoy great sex too. Whether it's the wild kind that they love or gentle love making, skills matter.

Though great sex is also the responsibility of the woman, men are expected to know what they are doing. There was a case in China where a couple said they could not get pregnant. Their fertility tests came back fine. Upon further consultation, the doctor found out that the reason why they'd been unable to get pregnant was that the man had been making sweet love to the woman's belly button! I have a friend who was a virgin when she married her also-virgin husband. She said neither of them knew what to do on their wedding night. Because her husband didn't know what to do or how to do it, sex was unpleasant and painful for her.

There are women who prefer male virgins out of fetish, fear of diseases and for religious reasons. Without the psychological barriers or considerations, women would most definitely prefer experienced men.

Guys, don't worry, your lolly isn't going to shrink after consumption.

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Anonymous said...

Kym would you take on a virgin?

Yu-Kym said...

I would think twice...

David said...


You response to anon was surprising.

Then of course marrying a virgin would not allow you to test drive the lucky man.

I would be totally surprised if you did not take the effort to talk about everything from finances, expectations, career path, whether he will stand with you as long as what you do is legal, and you and this lucky male would have to share a complete history of previous relationships.

I know that you are careful and thoughtful when making decisions. ;-)


Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not.

-- Samuel Johnson

Anonymous said...

Re- "Making sweet love to the woman's belly button! I"

That is biologically impossible!

Anonymous said...

Virgin men learn all the sex techniques they need by watching porn. After all, their can't be over a thousand techniques in having sex! So long practice is not required.

Should re-phrase the question:-

"Does girls like to marry men who have been sleeping around and will not be faithful after marriage like Tiger Woods especially he will NOT have the billion dollars for a divorce settlement?"

If the answer is YES, then both parties can enter into an OPEN marriage ( i.e. the marriage you have when you are NOT having a marriage) then both parties can screw around as much as they like and sire different people's offsprings.

Anonymous said...

flyboy prefer a non-virgin wife than a virgin one. with a experience woman she can teach me wat she likes and share her knowledge and experience to make sex better....

virginity is overrated. both male and female should enjoy sex with people they fancy until decide to settle down

previous generates married and have sex by 14 or why at this age we should suppress our natural instinct while fulfilling our education and economic needs?

if boys can have wed dreams and girls have period by early teens, it means that they are physically ready for sex

virginity for marriage is some trap set by sexually deprived party poppers long time ago (and who masturbate in privte)

Anonymous said...

Yu-Kym does not want to "hit and miss" anymore! But if you turned out to be an exceptional virgin after 3 mths probation, then perhaps she may just be tempted! Never say never a chance!

After all she is no longer a virgin herself. To take on an incredibly attractive virgin could be an awesome experience! keke

curious cat

Anonymous said...

You don’t buy the car before you take it for a test run... Notwithstanding all religious reason etc – sex before marriage is a must!


Anonymous said...

vice versa guys would also prefer experience gals too

Anonymous said...

erm..i prefer gal who hav experience coz they r better in sex..they noe wt to do,hw to make guy feel comfort n nice..


Anonymous said...

To the ladies!

I say if you have already tested that particular make of a car before and found it wanting, what's the point of testing it again? Even a so-called new or virgin model is very likely to be a waste of time.

Whatever make of the car, be it continental, japanese or whatever...they are generally the same...old or new.....some overrated, most its capabilities already known, many not up to your mark, some even infamous!

And I say too men are like cars. Experienced or virgin....mostly a disappointment in some or more aspects. You test a few, you likely test them all.

But once in a while, you will surely come across a gem of a car (or man!) And this time you must surely test! How to know when you come across this treasure, that's another "Men and Cars 101". lol

Ahhhh..but Women! they are not exactly the same as men! Why? Coz they are not as predictable as men! They are fickle, they are complicated and complex. Men are straight and less cunning!

So I say with women you just have gotta test a lot more! They are much more varied and exciting. You wont regret it if you are discerning and know who to test and who not! lol

curious cat

lefe said...

Virgin man even without watching porn before has no problem in penetrating the love hole. They sexual organs are build to suit perfectly. The only thing that matter i skills and knowledge.
So in the end, the virgin woman and man may not enjoy their first sexual encounter.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Wonder Cat. I am with you. Agree.........


Anonymous said...

i lost my V to a Vguy as well but the outcome was painful. my current bf was also a V. Vguy couldnt really control their excitement and always end up with a quick release. Even give him oral also will done in a minute. I have spent time to taught my V bf and now he is doing quite well on bed.

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, sounds ridiculous and stupid but it happened!

Anon, open relationships is another topic. I have not written about it so far.

flyboy, ya! Who knows what the party poopers do behind closed doors? Mass orgy?

curious cat, haaa - hit on the belly button!

lefe, I agree that watching porn isn't exactly a good way to learn. It gives people the wrong impression and unrealistic expectations.

Anon, so you are a faster learner than your boyfriend? You were a virgin too but you had to teach him.

Anonymous said...

Breastsfeeding a virgin man is just like breastfeeding a baby. He will keep sucking it rather than flirting it unlike the experienced man. But it is fun to look at the "found new world" face.:P I found beastfeeding a virgin man (as well as experienced man) is a good way to lead him into "vaginaling". Oral him will teach him on controlling his excitement.