Calorie restriction diet

Some people mock me for the quantity I eat, saying that it is too little or ask why I am making myself miserable by not eating more. Most people eat too much. The mass media supports gluttony and over-eating. There are many places of food interest to visit as featured on TV and in print. Is there really so much great food in Singapore? I can tell you that some of the food featured are nothing special. Food reviewers and producers have to find something to review and to feature. I'm not saying we shouldn't eat and shouldn't enjoy our food but too many food reviews are an overkill - literally.

Have you heard of the calorie restriction diet? Experiments on animals have shown that reduction in calorie intake without malnutrition has anti-aging effect. Animals on calorie restricted diets live longer and remain healthier. Consuming excess calories make you age not normally but faster. I won't attempt to explain the whole science behind it. I'm sure you'll be able to find books and articles about this finding that has been supported by research and experiments over the past 75 years. Even if you don't understand the science, have you noticed that people who are overweight tend to look older than people who are in a healthy weight range? (scrawny people may also look malnourished and older.)

The calorie restriction diet is not some crash diet. There are people who have been on the calorie-restriction diet for years. For the average person who doesn't want to go to the extreme, a modest reduction in calorie intake would already be beneficial.

I don't count my calorie intake or completely cut out certain types of food from my diet. I reduce my intake of fats and carbs. I enjoy my food and usually eat what I want. E.g. I eat chicken rice without eating the chicken skin, Mee Poh without added oil, Starbucks coffee without whipped cream, but I love potatoes so I finished a baked potato and mashed potato with half a slab of baby back ribs at Tony Romas last week. But I would never eat more than I want to just to please anyone (some people will nag at me about food wastage or getting more "nutrition".)

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JAPB said...

I love potatoes too!

Anonymous said...


You are someone who is very well-ordered, behaving and doing each task with deliberate thought and reason in almost every facet of your lifestyle, every hour, each day without fail. Not obsessively so, but almost to the point of near perfection or military like discipline, control and regimentation.

And yet you remain very happy with your fairly discipline and thoughtful daily lifestyle! I'm glad for you. But when did this all begin? When you decided to be a recluse to write your book? Or have you been as self controlled and ordered all along?

If I want to murder you, you would be a very easy target to predict your habits and schedule. lol

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

curious cat, what makes you think I live to that degree of discipline? If I do, I would have written 5 books by now!

Anonymous said...

hahaha lol Perhaps Yu-Kym, your well-ordered life has only just recently begun? Since your blogs started appearing? lol So 5 books in the foreseeable future is not such a dream after all? keke

In anycase with the amount of material you have written plus a little more creative extensions to them, I say you may already have 5 pocket books of interesting stuff. heh!

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

Lots of effort for the extensions and heavy editing for the stuff that I've already written will be required though. It's seriously boring to keep reading my own work!

Anonymous said...

Yes Yu-Kym I can imagine the tediousness of it all. Especially to compile them into several pocket books. Gosh the boredom of it all! lol

But you realise the goldmine of interesting material that you have right in your hands? Are you going to let them go to waste? You just have to take advantage of them and timing is critical. You will be foolish if you dont after all the effort you have put in it.

Especially if you are writing about sex in your latest book, you could incorporate a selection of your best blogs on the subject?Cant they be at least appropriately incorporated as anecdotes or in a detached form....somewhere in your book (after every chapter perhaps) or future books without too much extensions and/or just some critical editing to maintain its originality?

Sorry, I'm not trying to mess up your new book, just trying to help with some ideas.... like this title to your book perhaps?

"Is there any reason why you dont like Sex?"

Dont worry I wont demand a cent from you! lol

curious cat

Anonymous said...

aiya pls la. she just dun like/likes to eat certain thgs. incredible how you all can action bedek SO MANY assumptions.

Anonymous said...

It's true, i read in the Economist, there was a study done w/ monkeys, those that ate to 75% full lived an average of 12 years more than the monkeys that ate until they were full. But another thing i gotta point out, you cannot cut carbohydrates from the diet because that's the ONLY fuel that your Brain and your central nervous system can use. Also, you cannot burn fat without carbohydrates, so you would just be burning protein (i.e. losing muscle mass). Thus, I would recommend just restricting fat intake because fats contain 9 cal/gram, alcohol=7cal/gram, while protein and carbs only contain 4cal/gram each.


Yu-Kym said...

If anyone's interested to read more:
- Book "The CR Way: Using the Secrets of Calorie Restriction for a Longer, Healthier Life" by Paul Mcglothin
- Life extension magazine (Feb 2010 edition)

GENE said...

Resveratrol plays a major role as polyphenol for activating the 'calorie restriction' gene in animals and plants. For instance, if there is fungus on the grape skin, it will sense that danger lurks and the fungus could kill the plant, thus, the grape makes resveratrol to stay alive. In animals, resveratrol is used to turn on the same gene as the grape plant, to enforced 'calorie restriction'. Why? When this gene is turned on, it will tell the animal that food supply is endangered, don't die or your species will be gone. Thats what keeping the starving animals alive for weeks and months. Why do certain people drink red wine? One of the main reason is because of this substance which could prevent us from diseases. I will upload a post about 'calorie restriction' in my blog soon. Pls do check it out