A wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear

This is a common problem faced by women. It doesn't matter whether you've got a 2-door wardrobe or a walk-in wardrobe, there never seems to be anything in there that you can wear to important functions and hot dates!

For my friend's wedding last Saturday, I managed to pull out something pink and white from my wardrobe. I didn't manage to find anything suitable to wear to the Blog Awards so I had to go shop for a dress.

At times like these I miss having uniforms to wear like in school. Perhaps I should have a "uniform" for every function. E.g. for daytime weddings I will wear my white dress, for evening weddings I will wear my purple dress, for Chinese New Year I will wear my pink dress, for hot dates I will wear my red dress.

(Would guys mind if I always wear the same dress on hot dates??)

If there's no such thing as a camera, I would do that! But since there are cameras, I don't really want people to look at all my photos and point out that I wore the same dress at each function year after year. I suppose the only way to respond to that is: "At least I can still fit into my old clothes!"

I have much difficulty finding clothes that fit. Ready-made dresses are 3 sizes-fit-all (S M L). Size S usually fits my waist but not my hips and bust. Sometimes I can't zip up or can't pull the dress past my waist or shoulders. Not being able to get into the dress isn't as bad as not being able to get OUT of the dress! That's when I sweat and panic at the thought of calling the dressing room assistant to get a pair of scissors to cut the dress up to get me out out it! I have to stop for a moment, calm down and try to get as much air out of my lungs as possible so that I can wriggle out of the dress. Thankfully, that always worked.

I was relieved to finally find something that fits both my body and my pocket. Here's what I'll be wearing to the Blog Awards:

Sorry, it's blur. I told you my handphone camera isn't good...


Anonymous said...


David said...


Very pretty and alluring!

You will be NOTICED at the Blog awards!

I do not mind a women wearing a dress for more than one social activity.

My wife has only a couple outfits for holidays, parties and weddings. She uses accessories and shoes to mix things up.

The reality is few women can afford something new for every wedding, or every party.

Of course the above is IMHO.


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Anonymous said...

U have a full wardrobe and yet nothing to wear... so u go and buy yourself a new outfit? Hahaha well at least u fit into one aspect of the typical woman lol

That's more prerogatives i give to a woman....to ingeniously fabricate excuses to make further purchases and to have a wardrobe of shoes, clothes and jewellery way over what she will ever need or use! As long she still keeps her head to the ground as far as her finance is concerned.

Nice dress but i think u have a semblance of an impish japanese petite doll! keke

curious cat

Clear Blue Skies said...


Pastel or light colors make you look demure.

I noticed that you do not wear much make-up.

Anonymous said...

Replied to your email. Please do not post.


Anonymous said...

May this pretty dress brings you luck! :)
Do take more photos!

Joe said...

This dress from Forever 21? looks familar.

Yu-Kym said...

David, mix-and-match is the smart thing to do. Indeed "The reality is few women can afford something new for every wedding, or every party." But many still spend beyond their means!

curious cat, nothing to wear = must buy new clothes! I seldom go shopping so I didn't have anything up-to-date to wear. I do try to get rid of my old clothes to make way for new ones but somehow my wardrobe is still full!

Joe, you went shopping recently?

Anonymous said...


that's what all women say. lol

But somehow i believe you when you say you're wise in your expenditures and managing your wardrobe...so I give u the benefit of the doubt... keke

But the day you are a successful writer and blogger, do get a 2nd full wardrobe k? lol A pretty girl will not do justice to herself without new clothes! that's the wonder of being a woman!

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

curious cat, sometimes I feel "less of a woman" because I don't put on pretty clothes all the time, curl my hair and load up on the makeup.

Anonymous said...

No! you should not feel any more lesser of a woman. Do you feel the same if you have not been dating, or have a boyfriend, or have sex for some time? Surely not!

Why? Coz you know that when the occasion requires you to dress up, you jolly well can attract the bees! And boyfriends are a dime a dozen...it's whether you find them up to your billing or not! keke

But does a girl feel being "a lesser woman" if she has never kissed, never given birth? etc? Does a man feel he is a lesser man if he has a lower education level, income or couldnt provide for his family or has never had a woman?

curious cat