"Un-straight" is the straightest road to fame?

It seems to be fashionable to be bi-sexual, gay or lesbian nowadays. Lady Gaga claims to be bi-sexual, Adam Lambert is gay, Ellen Degenerous is a lesbian and Ricky Martin finally admitted to being gay.

Is being openly "un-straight" the straightest road to fame?

Why do people support those who are openly "un-straight"? Is the public intrigued by it or is the public anxious to prove that they are not homophobic? Or is it proof again that sex and sexuality sells?

I have a friend who is homophobic to the extent of bringing his own towels to the gym. He said the towels provided by the gym would have touched the penises of gay men and used to wipe their semen. He also layers two towels around his waist in the locker room - one on top of the other - in case a gay pulls the top towel off.

And there are people who are anxious to prove that they are not homophobic. They enjoy having un-straight friends. I think they think it's cool. It's like saying, "Hey, I'm cool with anything, I'm easy-going and everyone thinks I'm cool too so they like hanging out with me."

I think the majority of Singaporeans are not liberal enough to accept un-straightness. They frown on heterosexual sex, so how can they possibly accept gay or lesbian sex?

In Singapore, Kumar is openly gay, Chen Hanwei and Dick Lee are rumoured to be gay (although Lee was married for a period of time), Julian Hee is rumoured to be gay (he's handsome and hunky so people think he's gay?), Irene Ang and Michelle Chong were rumoured to be in a lesbian relationship. Have rumours about their sexual inclinations helped or harmed their popularity?

Say, if I told you I am bi-sexual would you still read my blog? :D

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t_neo@hotmail.com said...

I think it can attract more attention since they wanna know how u look like kissing another gal.

Anonymous said...

Yes I would..but i would be astonished at your sexual inclination but not disgusted. But if a man is bisexual i would be utterly apalled.

I have double standards. Its palatable to me for a woman to be bisexual but not a man. I will puke if i see a man one on one with each other...its so yukkkkks!

But a woman on woman can be a beautiful thing. keke

curious cat

David said...


Be careful in making this decision.

Many people follow those who make bi-sexual claims or appear to hide their preferences.

Such celebs appear to have big followings, but often it is from the same effect that driving past a car crash creates. Everyone wants to look, but the people looking are happy they are not in that crash.

You risk losing credibility with many readers.

Be true to yourself.

Please be honest with those who follow your words.


Somebody is waiting on the other side of your obedience.

-- Tim Storey

Charlie TT said...

Hi Yu-Kym

Yes, I will still read your blog if your are bi-sexual/lesbian for a simple reason - what you write are facts and real.

From what you write, one can tell you are straight.

BTW, do not be discouraged for not winning. I will continue to support your blog and your book when it is launched. I can see from your blog you have many followers. Don't worry about the criticism you received coz this world bound to have 'sour grapes'.

Charlie TT

Jeryc said...

My friend is a bi. I am okay with it. Occasionally, I did asked him whether he likes my butt.. But darn it, he said no. Sigh...

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

I think there's absolutely nothing wrong in being "un-straight" or 'crooked' as these are really individual choices.

A 'guy' friend ever told me that be it in a gay or les relationship, it's the same as a normal relationship.

On a side note, babe i think most of your topics are cool and original. I like that u dare to express every thought of yours without any inhibition :P. You are a winner already and whether anot u are onstage to get that acknowledgement is not impt. Having the substance then is :).

Yu-Kym said...

David, the last thing I want to do is to pretend. But some things might be better left unsaid ;)

Charlie, thanks :)

Jeryc, why would you want your friend to like your butt? Are you bi?

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to understand the purpose of blogging. Is it to fill a vacuum within oneself? is it to console an emotional need? is it a natural urge to tell all and brag or for want of publicity and attention? etc etc

Whatever the reasons, why should things be left unsaid? In a blog, tell all otherwise there's no point to blog be it for commercial benefits or otherwise.

In fact if you want to be a succesful blogger or win a blog award, you must be unashamed about yourself.

curious cat

Anonymous said...

Charlie TT

There's nothing I've read so far in Yu-Kym's blog that tells me that there is no possibility she can be a bi!

What makes u so sure she cant be inclined to a bisexual relationship if she really wants to?

For a girl who claims that she can dish out those gruesome tasks to her "slave"... i think a bisexual thing isnt a total write-off! keke

curious cat

Anonymous said...

David is too squeaky clean to the point of boredom! heh!

But he appears to be an awfully utterly good man! keke!

curious cat

Jeryc said...


Was told they were better lover... LOL!

Anonymous said...

Think about it logically, the satistics are that 1/10 people are LGBT or "un-straight" as you call them. If that's the case, think of all the celebrities you know, and chances are one in each group of 10 is LGBT. Now, the number of "out" celebs seems alot smaller, does it not?

Obviously, there could be a group with 4 out of 10 being LGBT.. And there could be a group with 0 out of 10. But satistically speaking..

Anonymous said...


be careful with statistics! Questionaires erroneously prepared, dishonest inputs or whatever will result in wrong collation and interpretion. These will give you different conclusions.

Ask those who handle figures everyday..they will tell you statistics can be manipulated if you are smart enough. keke

So I'm not too sure 1 in 10 is reliable, especially celebrities. lol

curious cat

Anonymous said...

I agreed with what pink miumiu said above :

"A 'guy' friend ever told me that be it in a gay or les relationship, it's the same as a normal relationship. "

It is true because i am les :)

Anonymous said...


Why is a gay or les relationship considered normal?

Eg Why is it normal in a gay relationship when the arse is not meant to be a point of entry?

curious cat

CharlieTT said...

Curious cat

It seems to me Yu-Kum is someone who writes boldly without reservations. I guess she would not hide if she is one.

Her blogs on sexuality were all about her and men, and what a straight woman would do. Guess I did not miss out her blog on her experience on les. Did I?

Yu-Kum, your comments?


Anonymous said...

Charlie TT

You may be right she may not be a bi right now..but who is to say that she does not already have the inclination to go into a bisexual relationship knowing how bold she is? She mostly detests lowly man but women...hmmmmm...she may not be so disincline.

Did you read about the way she will treat her "man-slave" just because she considers herself a "Goddess"? She has written that she will get the poor man who worship her to do "anything" she wants! And by this i leave it to your imagination what she can do to you if you were her sex slave. lol

There are late bi-bloomers here too you know? lol

curious cat