SBA2010 - Commentary on Finalists' Reader Demographics

If you own a blog, you'd probably know that you can check your blog ranking at I checked mine and look what I found:
Finalist for Most Insightful Blog 2009 and 2010.

I'm not surprised to find that most readers (yes, you!) are educated men who have no children. (I know there are women who read my blog - modern women. By modern, I do not mean promiscuous or easy. I mean women who don't need anyone's approval to do what they enjoy, e.g. pole-dancing.) I don't know how to explain the browsing location: if you don't access my blog from home or at work, do you access my blog from your mobile device?

I also checked the breakdown by gender and age group for my Facebook page. The chart shows that 40% of readers are male age 25-34.

Out of curiosity to find out whether the demographics are accurate, I checked that for a few other finalists' blogs. (For the sake of discussion, I shall assume that the demographics are accurate.)
Finalist for Best Lifestyle Blog 2010

This is a travel blog.
From the demographics, I conclude that:
- people in the 25-44 age group have the time and money to travel
- people who are highly educated tend to travel more than those with less education
- people who have children travel less frequently than those who don't
- people use office resources to plan for their travel.
Finalist for Best Modeling Blog 2010. Winner for this category in 2009.

A cam-whoring blog.
- People who are not highly educated enjoy reading her blog the most, followed by those who are highly educated. (The more educated you are the more sex you need?)
- People read her blog mostly from home (because the men need to masturbate to the pictures?)

Finalist for Best What-the-Hell Blog in 2009 and 2010.

Aussie Pete is a Caucasian man who lives in Singapore.
- Educated ladies over 35 years of age love him! :D

The following 2 blogs - by a transgender and another by a "male bitch" - don't rank high. Apparently, not many Singaporeans like reading blogs by people who aren't heterosexual. "Blog of a Singapore Transgender"
Finalist for Best What-the-Hell Blog 2010. Winner for this category in 2009. "Singapore's Only Male Bitch"
Finalist for Best What-the-Hell Blog 2010.
Finalist for Most Insightful Blog 2010.

Violet Lim runs a dating agency. I checked the statistics of her dating agency, There seems to be almost equal number of male and female readers. Most of them are under 35 years old, 66% do not have college education and 33% have post-graduate education.

This is interesting. For her blog, most of her readers are female age 25-34, have children and access her blog from home. (Strange. If they have children already, why are they accessing her blog... and from work? Plan on leaving their husbands?)

So, do you think the demographics are accurate?

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Clear Blue Skies said...

The data is unmolested and unadulterated.

Yu-Kym said...

Thanks for verifying :)

David said...


I look forward to the results!

Of course you have won the hearts of your readers!


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