Review: Fujifilm FinePix J15fd

I sold this camera a year ago but I would like to note my thoughts about it so that I don't forgot my likes and dislikes. Unless there are drastic changes other than the number of megapixels that can be captured and minor software upgrades, I am likely to face the same problems in similar models.

This review is not meant to cover all aspects of the camera. I am only writing about the aspects that matter the most to me.

Start up time
Nothing is more irritating than having to wait for the camera to start up. Sometimes, by the time the camera is ready, whatever that you were hoping to capture is gone! Start up time was acceptable - about 1 second.

Shutter lag

Among all factors, this is the most important factor I look at: the delay from the time I press the button to the time the shutter opens and the picture gets captured. The shutter lag is terrible - about 1 second. 1 second might sound negligible but it is not when taking pictures of animals. It takes a fraction of a second for an animal to blink. Capturing their expression or movement at the right moment is important. I can't make them repeat what they did.

Switching between different modes
I don't like the way the software is designed. I have to go into the menu to switch between camera/video mode. Too many clicks to get the job done.

Battery life

I get about 1.5 days' usage on a single charge. As long as I charge it daily, I don't have to worry about the camera dying on me.

This camera hardly has any! I have shakey hands. Sometimes, I have to take the picture more than 3 times especially towards the end of the day when I'm tired. Pictures taken with 1 hand on the camera with no support turn out blurred more often than not.

Let's take a look at some pictures taken with this camera. These pictures have not been enhanced.

The picture is blurred because it was taken after I got home from work when I was tired. Even with both hands on the camera I couldn't get a sharp picture and gave up.

Close-up (no flash)
I was happy that this picture turned out well given that I was holding the camera with one hand only.
From Niah National Park Sep 2009

I had to take multiple photos to get this picture but I don't think it's as sharp as it can be. Thank goodness the butterfly was patient.
From Niah National Park Sep 2009

It was difficult to take this shot because the kitten kept moving around. I had to re-position one of the kittens several times so that its face could be captured.
From Labuan Sep 2009

Food photography is easy. The animal is dead.
From Miri Sep 2009

It was very bright and sunny when I took this picture. Lovely boat!
From Miri Sep 2009

From Miri Sep 2009

Indoor-no flash
From Labuan Sep 2009

The camera automatically adjusts the level of exposure as you can see in this video.

The colours in the video look good. The built-in microphone is not powerful but it managed to record what I was saying.

Overall, this camera should be suitable for steady-handed people who photograph adults and still objects like food but unsuitable for those with unsteady hands who want to photograph children, animals and wildlife. (I don't mean adults=objects and children=animals and wildlife but come to think of it, there are many similarities :D)


Fabby said...

Food photography is easy. The animal is dead. Hahaha!!!!

yu-kym! I just got a DSLR! You should get one too so we can see more fantastic photos of you on your blog! :D

David said...


Very good evaluation of your camera.

A small suggestion, battery life is most often referred to by how many photos that can be obtained before the battery is depleted. You could also leave the camera powered on and measure time to battery. depletion. This would be difficult because most cameras will shut down after a predetermined time.

Thank for the video featuring Yu-Kym! ! ;-)


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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you use cruelty free cosmetics! :) So do I!

Anonymous said...

Yu-Kym, if you were to buy your next camera, which particular model would you choose? I am getting one as well. So your recommendation would be my choice as seem to know your cameras.

Your blog helps to win one more customer for the camera!

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

Fabby, did you win the contest? If I buy a DSLR, it'll just be sitting in my drawer because I won't know how to use it!

David, I took videos and pictures with this camera so I couldn't note it by the number of pictures. I could spam pictures, videos and playback for more 1 day.

curious cat, I bought Canon Ixus. Am happy with that so far :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Ok Canon Ixus it shall be for me too. What is the model? And how much did it cost u incl GST?

Canon, here is an advert for your camera which costs u nothing! keke

curious cat.

Yu-Kym said...

I bought the Canon Ixus 105 for $319 at the PC Show last month. I shall write about it in another post :)