Men lie to get sex

"I love you" is classic. I was at a guy's place. He got turned on while we were kissing. He unzipped his pants. He wanted me to give him a handjob. He placed my hand on his penis. I didn't want to give him a handjob. I pulled my hand away. He tried again. I pulled my hand away again. I was irritated. Then he said, "I love you." I knew it was a lie. Obviously, he meant: I (would) love you (to give me a handjob).

The things some men would lie about to get what they want! Sometimes what they come up with can be rather creative, for example:
- Semen is Good for Your Complexion
- Ogling Breasts Increases Men's Lifespans
- Fellatio may decrease risk of breast cancer

But the rest of the time, it's plain stupid.

(Women tell lies too but it's only to preserve men's ego!)


Clear Blue Skies said...

Lie as in they lie down?

David said...


100% correct!

That male was looking for one thing, and saw right through his very, very shallow ploy.

That explains my complete lack of sex when I was a much younger man, must have appeared too obvious.

Of course this male might have been attracted by your knowledge and apparent skill in the areas of shared pleasure.

Thanks for the reality post.


To love is to be vulnerable.

-- C.S. Lewis

Anonymous said...

Good one

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Good one so girls in love dun be fooled easily and i do agreed:-

- Semen is Good for Your Complexion (that's why ba-poks also like 'em + it increases your man's ego when u swallow :)

- Looking at beautiful things increases Men's Lifespans (that's a general saying i think, looking at beautiful stuff increases your lifespan becoz it makes u happy)

Anonymous said...

Men AND Women both lie to get what they want! It's not only in sex!

So what's new?

curious cat

Anonymous said...

what makes u 2 kissing? If come to tat situation man sometime think tat he got chance 2 get closer to u! So he just try. His kissing skill making u turned off? Or he is not sexy or handsome to u or he just small? I remember tat u prefer big tat u ever talk in ur blog. R u coming to rwmf?

Clear Blue Skies said...

Guys trade love for sex.
Gals trade sex for love.

Anonymous said...

There are women that says "I LOVE YOU" even when we only met each other for 1 hour or so, but of cos they are the special case as their objective is to get into my pant and eventually into my wallet.

Anonymous said...


Your complete lack of sex when you're young is likely to have something to do with your upbringing, religion, moral values and principles about teenage sex or sex at a young age, before marriage, etc.

Many at all ages do lie to get sex.

But for many too, sex at a young age need not necessarily come with lies. Young couples caught in extremely strong attraction towards each other experiment sex as part of their normal growth into adulthood. They do not have other factors to stop their private adventure. Theirs can be pure and innocent without deceit.

I'm glad that you are your own man. You do not get caught up with your contemporaries around you boasting that they are no longer virgins.

curious cat

Anonymous said...


It is likely a truism that when u experience pleasant things on a regular basis like pairs of beautiful boobs, beautiful faces and bodies, frequent fellatios or sex or whatever, then you tend to live happier and longer ....all other variables remaining constant.

Conversely, if you look at ugly ppl all the time, with ugly breasts, face and body, little or no sex ...then it is not illogical to conclude that u live a relatively shorter life.

curious cat

PS I wouldnt want to have anything sexual with an ugly woman...but i can imagine some do for their own reasons. I prefer a very short life if surrounded by ugliness. lol

Anonymous said...


I re-read your blog above. And this sentence intrigued me "He placed my hand on his penis".

I cannot fathom why a guy would need to do that? Bring your hand deliberately to him.

Dont guys know that if they are patient enough, girls will themselves bring their hands to him? I have never need to initiate such a move....and it was never in vain to leave it to the girl's own initiative when she too is aroused. Eventually she will bring her hands to you. You dont even need to touch her hands or tell her to do so.

tsk tsk! I think generally it detracts somewhat from the moment (even cheapens one or both parties) if one party has to deliberately direct another to perform such an act. Unless of course she is a goondu in hand jobs, then one has no choice lah. But so far i have yet to come across goondu gals who dont know to bring their hands to me when they are sufficiently excited or turned on!

curious cat

Anonymous said...

Good one!

The guy is a goondu indeed. No romance = no passion. Kiss and go loh.


Clear Blue Skies said...


I get this feeling that you have focused so much on sex until you no longer know what LOVE is.

What you NEED and want is LOVE. Otherwise, your life will just be totally meaningless. Without fulfillment. After a while it descends into emptiness.

Which might be the state you are in now.

Yu-Kym said...

David, it happened many years ago when I was a virgin :P

Pink Miu Miu, but those are myths leh.

curious cat, nothing in the world is that new... the guy just wants to try his luck.

Anon, he was small. What's rwmf?

Anon, some guys tell me that they love me and want to marry me before meeting me!

Clear Blue Skies,
- lie as in tell lies.
- can you tell me What is love?

Bobby, I think he was more interested in jerking off and go! I avoided him after the incident.

Anonymous said...

rwmf= rainforest world music festival.
are you going to the party?

Clear Blue Skies said...

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails.

Anonymous said...


Love Hurts too!

That's the foil to making all things about love so beautiful and desirable.

But love never fails? Im not so sure. How do you explain that?

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, I'm not going to the rainforest world music festival. I don't really enjoy parties.

Clear Blue Skies quoted from the Bible. Anyway, the meaning of love is out of topic here. Should post at:

Anonymous said...

Just replied to your email. Just for info. Do not post.


Anonymous said...

From the Bible? Gosh! No wonder i have something to say about that verse!

curious cat