Large ones are useful, small ones are useless

The weather in Singapore is literally unpredictable. It's been pouring in Singapore the past few weeks. Anyone could find themselves stranded. Even if you think you can take shelter in the safety of your car, you could get stranded in the middle of Orchard Road! [See pictures]

I always carry an umbrella when it looks like it's going to rain. Back then when I was working, I kept an umbrella in my office drawer so that the rain would not hold me back from going home.

Most guys in Singapore don't carry umbrellas because it's troublesome and there's a strange perception that men carrying umbrellas is unmanly.

My (male) friend carries a large umbrella whenever it looks like it's going to rain. He's no sissy though. I asked him why he would carry a large umbrella. He said that one thing his father taught him was that having a large umbrella is a great way to meet girls. A man with a large umbrella could offer to shelter a lady, or he could get chatted up by a lady who needs some sheltering. Now, a small umbrella would not work because women would rather wait around than share a small one with a guy and get wet. My friend has had many good times with his large umbrella.

In other countries summer time is the time for romance; in Singapore, the rainy season is the time for romance ;)

Sorry, too small to share.

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dan said...

for someone in her late 40s you are in great shape!

David said...


You do indeed look fabulous in both photos.

So are you offering to share or not?


There was no "before" the beginning of our universe, because once upon a time there was no time.

-- John D. Barrow

andrewcha said...

Late 40s?

Anonymous said...

Why do you need to unbutton yr blouse ? It does not make you more sexy. It just makes you appear slutty.

Anonymous said...

you are absolutely right about the large umbrella! i once forgot mine and a guy offered to shelter me to the bus interchange. it happened that we were from the same school. he looked quite well built but i was too shy and merely thanked him after that.

shy girl

Anonymous said...

Yu-Kym aint slutty....she's trying to be slutty but she is failing miserably....which to me is good coz it shows what a nice hot girl she is to bring home to mommy!

But first she has to rid of her demons from the past. keke

curious cat

Anonymous said...

There are exceptions of course....but these days large umbrellas must be followed up by large car, large house, large income, large penis... not necessarily in that order of course haahahaha

The matter of small brains is a different subject. lol

curious cat

David said...


Yu-Kym is very sensual in these photos!

Slutty is not appropriate.


Anonymous said...

Compared with Sumiko Tan, Yu-Kym is the better choice!

Bring on the brolly.


Anonymous said...

with no disrespect to sumiko tan, are u sure you got it right comparing her to yu-kym? lol

curious cat

Anonymous said...

hey i am 18 turning 19 this year, care to let me try satisfying you?

Jeryc said...

Brolly joy in the pouring rain. Sounds like a good recipe for a tearjerker.. ;-)

Yu-Kym said...

I thought actors always do no brolly in the pouring rain for tearjerkers.

Anonymous said...

hahaha Yu-Kym, that's a good one! u watched too many tearjerkers lol

curious cat